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May 10, 2019

Arizonas Top 15 Most Expensive Zip Codes

Arizona's Top 15 Most expensive Zip Codes are not surprisingly are almost all in one the most beautiful cities in Arizona and one of the most desirable. If you are looking for homes for sale in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley Arizona... you have excellent taste. Both those cities ranked #1 and #2 for most expensive home buying zip codes. Homes for sale in various parts of Scottsdale dominated the list of top 15 most expensive zip codes. There is no price you can put on living in a community that is not only beautiful but offers every amenity & comfort under the sun .. allowing you to live a lifestyle second to none. Below is a chart showing the median price for homes in Arizona's top 15 most expensive zip codes. As you can see from the chart; Homes for sale in Scottsdale are still affordable. If you are looking for a home in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or any city in the Phoenix area...and purchasing the right home at the correct market value is important to you then... it is absolutely critical for you to work with an honest, experienced Realtor. This cannot be emphasized enough. Buying a home is a huge investment. I have seen home buyers lose thousands working with the friendly faced Real Estate agent they loved having over for a barbecue. For the very best in honest - experienced Real Estate/ Realtor services you can call or text me 7 days a week at 480-450-4632.   Below is the graph of Arizona Top 15 most expensive zip codes.

May 8, 2019

How to Sell Your Scottsdale Home for More



How to Sell Your Scottsdale Home for 10-percent More and 50-percent Faster. 

If you want to sell your home in the shortest possible time frame and earn top dollar, especially in Scottsdale, Top Realtors suggest, “hiring a professional home stager is an absolute essential “

“There’s not a home at any price point that is not benefited by staging,” said luxury Realtor, Michael Chaisson with RL- Sotheby’s International Realty in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Office.

“However, in the Scottsdale real estate market, staging and the elements involved in staging is especially important because you’re dealing with primarily higher price point home and more sophisticated and selective homebuyers. Every detail is scrutinized to a greater degree than homes selling at a lower price. There are selective buyers in every price range but with years of experience as a Realtor, the luxury buyer is by far the more discriminating client.”

 Homeowners in Scottsdale own some of the most valuable homes in  Arizona. “As of November 2018, the average per square foot sale price of properties in Scottsdale was $253.29, the second highest per square foot city selling price in the Phoenix metropolitan area, said Sotheby’s Realtor Michael Chaisson.

Mr. Chaisson said when you’re dealing with high-end buyers, all of the detail in the house has to appeal to a more sophisticated clientele, to that end…

“In Scottsdale, I work with stagers who use more expensive, designer and contemporary furniture, art and décor items,” I personally work with the stagers to hand select more expensive items that are distinctive pieces and/or notable for the quality, design and the comfort they project;  to appeal to a more sophisticated buyer.”

Many of these homebuyers want to be in Scottsdale because of the amazing lifestyle and culture according to Chaisson who says, “Scottsdale is clearly one of the ten best cities in the world for quality of living and that is the draw to those all over the world looking to relocate or to have a second home here”

 In order to appeal to home buyers, who are more in touch with design trends and savvier to what’s happening In the luxury market,

 Chaisson will also often times work with a staging team including color consultants and have clients repaint the house to a more contemporary color, corresponding to the style of the home and neighborhood, something he doesn’t always do in all communities. It’s also not unusual to request the home seller to enhance curtains, blinds. flooring and more, all within reason and in direct relation to goal sale price of home.

“The #1 most important thing a seller can do to sell their home faster and for more money is to create the most visually appealing product possible,” said Chaisson.  This is marketing #101, “This will allow the home to stand out.”  The better, the product appears, the faster it moves and the more it sells for! “

 Trends are also changing.

 “One of the biggest new trends in staging is 'virtual staging' where a home buyer searching the internet can see the home empty and on the next image of the same room, the home has been staged, virtually,” said Chaisson.

He said, virtual staging is an interesting concept and a useful tool for home sellers who simply can’t afford to properly stage the home. However, virtual staging does not qualify as a substitute for staging.

 “Most importantly because the sale of a home happens when the home buyer sees the home and is actually in the home,” explained Chaisson.

“I think one of the other trends I am seeing from more home sellers is the understanding of the value of home staging and the creatively talented home sellers are taking staging to the next level and doing more than furniture, art and painting. They’re also changing cabinets and countertops, for example, to maximize the profit on the home.” I am seeing some Scottsdale home buyers making over a quarter million dollars and more by taking home staging to the next level.

“It’s been well documented that doing certain home decor improvements can have a substantial improvement on price,” added Chaisson.

“However, I strongly caution. Home sellers alone should not make the creative decisions. Always call an experienced professional before doing any of these improvements.”

There is no one formula that works ideally for every home. Recently, Chaisson sold a home another agent was not able to sell. By doing additional home staging enhancing the look of the home and strategic painting, the home sold in 45 days for an additional $50,000.

“Staged homes absolutely sell faster and for more money than equally un-staged homes,” said Chaisson. Statistics are well documented. “According to a survey from The National Association of Realtors, almost 30% of buyer's agent indicated staged homes sold for between 5% and 20% over equally non-staged homes. In my experience, properly, well-staged homes typically sell for between 4% and 10% over equally non-staged homes depending on the price point. In addition, according to the survey by the NAR, almost 40% of seller’s agents surveyed said staging a home greatly decreases time on the market.”

“For example, given two equal homes, both priced similarly with one staged and the other not staged, the staged home 95% of the time sells for a higher dollar amount and in a shorter time,” Chaisson added. 

The cost of home staging usually depends on the number of rooms staged and to what degree the home will be staged. Some home buyers will elect to only do staging in the living room and master bedroom with light staging in the rest of the home but will not do any painting or freshening up.

“Staging in Scottsdale for a small townhome at 1,400 square feet, starts at about $1,200,” said Chaisson. “The stager will provide all of the items and home sellers are not required to buy any furniture. On occasion, if the sellers or seller’s agent feels something is necessary outside the scope of the stager than they will likely charge an additional fee. Some home stagers will also offer color consultations for a fee and even design tips on lighting fixtures or design sources may be employed.”

As far as things you can do yourself, Chaisson says especially in Scottsdale, less is more and the old rule of de-cluttering is as apparent today as when home selling began. It’s also important to have the home look fresh, clean and bright.

“For example, clean the windows, clean tile grout, carpets, leave the curtains open, when showing, open the blinds, turn on the lights, bright homes sell” said Chaisson. “If you are handy with a brush, a new fresh color of a light neutral color can add thousands to the value of a home.” Keep the front of the home clean, racked and trees trimmed.

Case study #2,

Chaisson gives an example of a former client who was insistent on keeping old furniture and was not open to painting any rooms in the house. Five Realtors later, Chaisson persuaded the client into making a few changes. The seller spent $3,500 painting the interior and did proper staging and the home sold for $65,000 more within 60 days.

“There are certain items you need a professional for that are relatively inexpensive but can add thousands to the resale value,” said Chaisson.

For more information on marketing and selling a home at the highest value, contact Michael Chaisson at "







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May 4, 2019

Scottsdale - Phoenix Zip Code Home Search

Searching for homes for sale by zip code in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area is an extremely useful tool.


Let’s get right to it.  You can start your zip code home search on this web site. For example, if you are looking for homes for sale in Paradise Valley, the zip code for Paradise Valley homes is 85253. The 85253 zip code is as famous in Scottsdale as the 90210 Zip code is in Beverly Hills. 


Please note that although Paradise Valley is in a beautiful, highly desirable community, Paradise Valley has essentially 5 different sections; however, they are all in the same zip code. Portions of Paradise Valley are more lush, beautiful and potentially more desirable than others. 


For more information on homes for sale in Paradise Valley and specifics on the various sections of Paradise Valley, please call me, 480-450-4632. I specialize in Luxury Homes in Paradise Valley, Phoenix and in Scottsdale. 


Scottsdale is a city with an incredibly fun and vibrant lifestyle. Homes for sale in Scottsdale allow you the flexibility to enjoy whatever lifestyle you choose. For example, if you want a beautiful Scottsdale home with only the sound of chirping birds and total privacy, you can have it. Or do you prefer the “in town” lifestyle close to great restaurants, shopping galore and only a walking distance to a great gym? 


One of the nice things about Scottsdale is although it is technically a fairly large city it often feels like a homey community. A distinctive difference from Phoenix.  Let’s explore a bit of homes for sale in Scottsdale’s different zip codes. North Scottsdale Zip codes include, (see map at the bottom of this article) 85331, 85266, 85262, 85255, 85054. Two of the most popular zip codes for North Scottsdale are 85255 and 85262. 


Interested in Central Scottsdale? A popular zip code for homes for sale in Central Scottsdale is 85258. 


South Scottsdale is where it all began in the very popular “Old Town Scottsdale.” Don’t move here if you are shy. Everyone is friendly and they will say “hi.” Lots of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and minutes to the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. 



Interested in the Rockwellian community? It’s otherwise known as a VERY popular community in Phoenix called “Arcadia.” Arcadia is partially known for its charming ranch style homes but bring your checkbook. The charm of this Arcadia community comes at a price. Take a look at homes for sale in 85018. 


Feel like living in a beautiful community but not breaking the bank? Consider beautiful Gilbert, Arizona, 20 minutes from Scottsdale and truly a lovely community. Homes for sale in Gilbert can be found on the zip code search on this site in 85298 or 85297 and more. 


Another city that has some great values but not often mentioned is Litchfield Park. Homes for sale in Litchfield park can be found in zip code 85340. Chandler, Arizona is another awesome community in the Phoenix Metro area. Take a peak in 85249 and/or how about viewing Chandler homes for sale in 85286?  


Have you heard of Tempe, AZ? That is the home of Arizona State University (ASU). If you feel like dusting off your letterman jacket, you can look at homes for sale in Tempe in zip code 85284. 


There are so many interesting and diverse ways to search for a home in Phoenix. I am here to help you not just search but most importantly negotiate; provide counsel on multiple inspections and contract items; help with neighborhood value assessments, including values of homes based on location, site orientation, amenities, floor plans, lots, size, age; and review contract issues, escrow holdings and multiple other facets of the home purchase. 




I am an Award Winning Realtor because of my services. My clients range from top international celebrities, business executives and doctors to every home-buyer under the sun. One thing they have in common is, they have all given me 5-star reviews because I have humbly and honorably listened and served each of them as I will you.


Locals often refer to different portions of Phoenix as being in different parts of the valley. Below is an easy reference map.




Hear what clients are saying about me: 




            "We have worked with the biggest name Realtors in the business and Michael Chaisson was by far the most committed, dedicated and talented Realtor we have ever worked with.” Rod & Karen


      "He is patient, knowledgeable, personable at the risk of sounding redundant, the hardest and most honest Realtor we’ve ever met.” Carol & Harry    


            "We can’t thank you enough for the incredible job you did in getting us our dream home, your patience and insight was a gift.”  Richard & Ann        


          "You far exceeded any of our expectations, absolutely the best Realtor we’ve ever worked with.” Christine & Rick       



Michael Chaisson, Realtor


Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty

Premier Client Services

Ranked Top 1% Nationally

Circle of 26 Excellence Award Recipient 


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Feb. 18, 2019

Why Californians are choosing Scottsdale to buy a home

It's no secret that homes for sale in Scottsdale and Phoenix are typically less than half the price of comparable homes in almost any city in California... but there are 8 more important reasons why living in Scottsdale and /or Phoenix is superior to living in any part of California....I wrote the letter below to a very nice gentleman who has joined this site who is considering Scottsdale as a place to buy a home.

"I moved from California myself about 14 years ago.. here is my top 8 reasons to move to either Scottsdale, Phoenix or Paradise Valley from California. 
1 Low Taxes.. property taxes are typically less than 1% of a homes value.
2. Cost of living is half..including gas is approx. 20% less here in Scottsdale
3. It is FUN to live here!  The lifestyle is vibrant and energetic for people ages 20 to 90
or if you want to be secluded... there are beautiful homes for sale is Scottsdale literally 20 minutes away from the center of the city on quiet dirt roads.
4. It's only 1.15 hours to the beach via Southwest Airlines... and Phoenix may someday be beachfront property.
Beaches can be reached by car to beautiful resort beaches in Mexico.... Essentially the same amount of time it take to get to Malibu Beach from most places in Los Angeles.
5. People are SUPER friendly in Scottsdale and Phoenix.. it's because most of the people who live here moved from states where you wave to everyone who drives by.
6. Winters are beautiful  summers are warm...but not humid and great for those people wanting to save on paying for a tanning booth.
7. The traffic is 80% less intense than in the large metropolitan cities in California especially Los Angeles.
8. Waiters in Scottsdale are waiters ... and/or students doing great jobs as waiters... not actors (as in Los Angeles) annoyed by your food order because they are really are supposed to be preparing for a acting scene. Sorry inside joke .. I am originally from Beverly Hills.
9. Scottsdale consistently ranks in the TOP TEN best places to live in the US ... and recently ranked in TOP TEN for Happiest cities in the US and By CNBC NEWS as having one of Top Ten Best Job markets in the entire US !!

If Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or Phoenix is your preferred home buying destinations... The most important person you can have in your corner is an honest, experienced and professional Realtor. There truly is a DIFFERENCE in real estate professionals. My 5 star reviews, numerous awards, and #1 Client ratings speak volumes. Please call me direct at 480-450-4632 to discuss your home buying goals.


Michael Chaisson, Realtor
Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty
Premier Client Services
Ranked Top 1% Nationally
Circle of 26 Excellence Award Recipient

Feb. 17, 2019

Scottsdale Schools Rankings

Image result for non-copyrighted images of scottsdale schools


When it comes to buying a home in Scottsdale, finding a home in a good school district or near an excellent public, charter, or private school is important to those with children. The good news is Scottsdale has some of the highest ranked schools in the state. Highly ranked Scottsdale schools are not only prized by families with children but ‘good schools’ create demand and therefore help create good resale for home sellers. 




The Scottsdale Unified School District is ranked above average in Arizona. “Niche” rankings put Scottsdale schools at #9 in AZ with a B+ The public school district has almost 24,000 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1.




Desert Mountain High School 


At Desert Mountain High School, grades 9-12, 12575 E. Via Linda, Scottsdale, students have the chance to take Advanced Placement courses and exams. Fifty-three percent of students participate. 


Ranked at #19 in Arizona, there’s a 23-to-1 teacher to student ratio with over 2,200 students enrolled. Graduation rate is 89-percent equal to Chaparral High School. The boundaries for Desert Mountain High go from Pima Rd east to Eagle Ridge and from Bell Rd south to Doubletree.

The boundaries for Desert Mountain High go from Pima Rd east to Eagle Ridge and from Bell Rd south to Doubletree.


For more facts and sense of Desert Mountain High School check out these two links: and


There are two middles schools nearby: Desert Canyon and Mountainside, both 6-8; one traditional school, Cheyenne, serving grades K-8; four elementary schools, K-5,  Anasazi, Desert Canyon, Laguna and Redfield.


Desert Canyon Middle School


Desert Canyon Middle School is located at 10203 E. McDowell Mountain Ranch Road, Scottsdale. SchoolDigger ranks Desert Canyon Middle School 111th of 700 Arizona public middle schools. In 2018, Desert Canyon Middle School ranked better than 84.1% of middle schools in Arizona. It also ranked 3rd among 5 ranked middle schools in the Scottsdale Unified District.


The school has a picturesque backdrop at McDowell Mountain Ranch which has 3,200 acres of undisturbed Sonoran Preserve. It’s a uniquely conformed Master Planned Community nestled in the midst of abundant desert wildlife, desert flora with extensive hiking trails.   


Two well-developed parks, the Community Center and the Recreation Center, provide extensive amenities including children's playgrounds and splash pads plus tennis and basketball courts, pools and spas.  


Mountainside Middle School


Mountainside Middle School, 11256 N 128th St, Scottsdale, is ranked   56th of 700 Arizona public middle schools by SchoolDigger.


The school offers several languages: French, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish plus classes in Advanced Engineering and Design. 


There are plenty of homes for sale in this great school district. Be sure and call me at 480-450-4632 if you’d like to learn more about homes for sale in the mountain side school district. 


Cheyenne Traditional School


The goal at Cheyenne Traditional School, 13636 N 100th St, Scottsdale, is to guide and challenge learning for all students through an environment that gives priority to basic traditional skills and values. The school has an elevated grading scale and expects parental commitment, involvement and support. School Digger ranks Cheyenne Traditional School 10th of 1,104 Arizona public elementary schools.


Here’s what parents are saying:


“Awesome K-8!... Great balance for well-rounded student with 7:40 am to 2:15 pm schedule allows time for homework and sports.”


“The Students, Parents,Teachers and Staff have higher standards and expectations of achievement at Cheyenne Traditional School. The Roadrunners community is very tight-knit and cares about the well being of the students. I would highly recommend this school to students and their families who want an excellent start in life.”


More info at


Anasazi Elementary


At Anasazi Elementary, 12121 N. 124th Street, Scottsdale, their vision statement is to “Empower and inspire each child within a culture of academic excellence, creativity and critical thinking.”


The school offers Before and After-School Programs and Academic Enrichment that includes Word Masters, Math Olympiad, Continental Math, News Crew and Zaner-Bloser Handwriting.


Desert Canyon Elementary


You probably notice that Desert Canyon Elementary, 10203 East McDowell Mountain Ranch Road St. A, Scottsdale, shares the same address as Desert Canyon Middle School. That’s a plus when buying a home in close proximity to the school. 


Desert Canyon Elementary has a kindergarten mandarin immersion program, gifted programs and a robotics and chess club. That could be a contributing factor in SchoolDigger ranking the school 27th out of 1104 Arizona public elementary schools. 


Laguna Elementary


Laguna Elementary, 10475 E. Lakeview Drive, Scottsdale, offers Lego, Robotics, Engineering, Coding and Fine Arts.


This parent gives the school a rave review: “The teachers and administration are completely vested in the kids. My three children are so different from each other and yet they all get exactly what they need on an individual basis. The school has a very close and inclusive community. They have had only 3 principals in 30 years and has been and is A+ rated. I love it.”


Learn more at


Redfield Elementary


Redield Elementary, 9181 East Redfield Road, Scottsdale, offers a gifted Pre-K Academy along with a comprehensive gifted program. The school is also known for its outstanding fine arts program.


SchoolDigger ranks Redfield Elementary School 143rd of 1104 Arizona public elementary schools.


You can follow on Facebook and on Twitter at @RedfieldSUSD 


Horizon High School 


While Horizon High School is in North Scottsdale, 5601 E. Greenway, it’s part of the Paradise Unified School District. The boundaries go from Cactus Rd north to the Loop 101 and from Tatum east to Pima Rd. The school is ranked #47 in Arizona. 


Students can take Advanced Placement course work and exams. The school offers AP classes in 18 areas, 23 dual college credit classes and a humanities program, blending drama with English and social students. The participation rate of AP classes at Horizon High is 29-percent. 


In national rankings, Horizon High earns a silver medal based on performance on state-required tests and preparation for college. 


Over 2,200 students attend Horizon High. Graduation rate is 97-percent. 




Arcadia High School


Arcadia High School, 4703 E. Indian School Rd., is part of the Scottsdale Unified School District even though it’s in a Phoenix community called “Arcadia” that borders Scottsdale just to the west of Old Town Scottsdale.


Arcadia is a highly popular school serving students in grades 9-12. The school is ranked a Top 50 High School by U.S. News and World Report; Silver Award. The boundaries go from 40th St east to 68th St and from Lincoln south to Thomas.


The school offers Creative Musical Arts & Sciences (CMAS), Advanced Placement (AP), Honors & Dual and free, after-school tutoring. More info can be found on the school’s website at


There’s one middle school, Ingleside, grades 6-8 in the district along with Echo Canyon School, preschool - 8. The two elementary schools in the area are Hopi and Tavan, K-5.


Ingleside Middle School


Ingleside Middle School, grades 6-8, 5402 E. Osborn Road, is about a 1/2 mile away from Arcadia High. It offers a full year of physical education, has a comprehensive gifted program, math lab and interactive media center plus offers band, strings, choir, visual arts & video production. 


Languages & Exploratory Courses: Spanish & French plus Japanese & Spanish for Heritage Speakers. 


Go to the school’s website,, for more information. 


Echo Canyon School 


Echo Canyon School, 4330 N 62nd St, Scottsdale, used to be Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center. Echo Canyon is a preschool-8th-grade school with gifted services, an honor program and offers art integration.


Learn more at


Hopi Elementary


Hopi elementary, 5110 E Lafayette Blvd, Phoenix, believes learning is a continuous process that involves the entire community. The academic learning environment, based on Arizona State Standards, is designed to meet the needs of all students with the belief that all children can learn.


In addition to a self-contained comprehensive gifted program, the school has two computer labs, Chromebooks and iPads. 


Right now, the school is being rebuilt. Follow the progress at @HopiSUSD. 


To assist you and your family when looking for a home for sale in Scottsdale Paradise Valley and Phoenix. We have compiled some helpful information for homebuyers looking for information on schools in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Please feel free to call us anytime for more information on schools, homes, events, restaurants in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

We are here to be of service to you with not just real estate but all your moving or relocation needs. Michael Chaisson – Realtor Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix 480-450-4632


Tavan Elementary 


Tavan Elementary, 4610 E. Osborn Road, Phoenix, has an all-day preschool and is ranked by the Arizona Educational Foundation 2017 as an A+ School of Excellence. The school also offers free all-day kindergarten and free summer school. 


A gifted program is also offered along with computer labs, mobile Chromebooks labs and iPads. 


Hear what parents are saying:


“I have three children that attend this school. The teachers are passionate and well educated when it comes to working with students at all different levels.”


“Amazing teachers and staff. The teachers and administration go out of their way to keep parents informed and motivate students to excel.”


Chaparral High School 


Chaparral High School is ranked #18 in AZ by U.S. World News Report. Students in grades 9-12 at Chaparral High School, 6935 E. Gold Dust, have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement course work and exams. The AP participation rate at Chaparral High School is 48 percent.    


Almost 2,100 students attend Chaparral High. Graduation rate is 89-percent. The boundaries for Chaparral High go from 40th St east to Pima Rd and from Cactus south to Northern/Via De Ventura. There’s also another school admittance zone from Bell Rd north to Pinnacle Peak, east of Pima. Within these boundaries are portions of the town of Paradise Valley.  


Chaparral comes with some high credentials in addition to being ranked #18 in Arizona. Chaparral High School has consistently ranked

in Newsweek’s list of Best High Schools in America. Chaparral high school holds the state record for having the most National Merit Scholars in one year (37 in 2014). Additionally, the school has also earned the record most in-state Presidential Scholars in Arizona.


There’s one middle school, Cocopah, 6-8, and a K-8 school, Copper Ridge in the area. The three elementary schools are Cherokee, Cochise and Sequoya. 


Cocopah Middle School


Cocopah Middle School, 6615 E Cholla St, Scottsdale, has a National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Honors Programming. The school also has a   World Language program that includes French, Mandarin and Spanish. 


The school also offers STEM Applications; Advanced Engineering & Design Visual Arts; Band; Choir; Orchestra; Drama Award-Winning Science; Olympiad Spelling and Geography Bees plus Physical Education.


Learn more at


Copper Ridge School 


Copper Ridge School is a K-8 school located in North Scottsdale at 10101 E Thompson Peak Pkwy. 


The school requires students to wear uniforms. They offer a Gifted Services Honors Programming; World Language (Spanish); 4th - 8th Grade Band, Strings and Choir Music; Art and Physical Education; Bring Your Own Technology STEM Focus School; Middle School Athletics Robotics; and Before and After-School Programs


Cherokee Elementary


Cherokee Elementary, 8801 N 56th St Paradise Valley, was named the state’s first literary landmark in memory of children’s series “Junie B. Jones” author, Barbara Park. The Junie B. Jones series, published from 1992 to 2013, focused around a young girl who is “almost six years old” starting her first day of kindergarten.


The series included over 20 books and sold over 60 million copies in North America alone, states. The series was consistently a No. 1 New York Times bestseller, spending over 180 weeks on the list.

SchoolDigger ranks Cherokee Elementary School 38th of 1104 Arizona public elementary schools.


Arizona Educational Foundation gives Cherokee an A+ School of Excellence™in 2013 & 2017. It’s also ranked as the13th Best Elementary School in the Nation by, ranked #2 based on AZMerit testing by the Phoenix Business Journal, in 2016 ranked as the #4 School in the Valley by The Arizona Republic.


Hear what parents are saying:


The majority of parents are giving it 5 stars:


"Great school and great community. Teachers, staff, parents, and APT all work hard to make this a real success. Couldn't be happier with the choice we made for our two kids.”


“Excellent public school great and dedicated teachers.”


To assist you and your family when looking for a home for sale in Scottsdale Paradise Valley and Phoenix. We have complied some helpful information for homebuyers looking for information on schools in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Please feel free to call us anytime for more information on schools, homes, events, restaurants in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. We are here to be of service to you with not just real estate but all your moving or relocation needs.


Cochise Elementary


Students at Cochise Elementary, 451 N. 84th Street Scottsdale, do well on test scores. In fact, A recent report stated, test scores at this school are far above the state average, suggesting that most students at this school are performing at or above grade level.


Students at this school are making more academic progress from one grade to the next compared to students at other schools in the state.


Strong progress with high test scores means students have strong academic skills and are making bigger gains than their peers at other schools in the state.

The mission of Cochise Elementary School, in alignment with the mission of the Scottsdale Unified School District, is to ensure that each student achieves academic and personal excellence by nurturing a culture that celebrates diversity, encourages creativity, instills thoughtful traditions, and supports continuous growth and lifelong learning. Their motto is CATS: 


C - Caring Community - To achieve excellence is the shared responsibility of the student, school, family and community. 


A - Academic Excellence - To establish high expectations for students through a commitment to academic rigor and lifelong learning. 


T - Tomorrow’s Thinkers - To be future-ready by providing students the tools and materials that will help them problem solve and apply critical thinking skills. 


S - Students First - To promote a safe, structured and supportive learning environment which enables students to grow and succeed. 


Sequoya Elementary 


Sequoya Elementary, 11808 N. 64th Street, Scottsdale, believes in Character High Expectations, Outstanding Academics, One United Community and Lifelong Learning 


Test scores at this school are far above the state average, according to A recent report suggested that most students at this school are performing at or above grade level.


Sequoya has achieved the Arizona Educational Foundation 2014 A+ School of Excellence™ and offers a Gifted Services/Honors Approach;  World Language Program (Language of Choice); Science - Engineering Integration 5th Grade Leadership; Clubs; 4th - 5th Grade Band and Strings; Music; Art; and Physical Education Enrichment Programs. 


The school is actively posting on Facebook. Follow them at Sequoya Elementary Association Of Parents and Teachers (APT)


Saguaro High School


Saguaro High School is at 6250 N 82nd St, Scottsdale. The boundaries go from 40th St east to Pima Rd and from Northern/Via De Ventura south to Osborn.


U.S. News and World Report say the school is recognized by Niche® as a    2017 Top 100 Public High School in Arizona. Saguaro High has a Nursing Program, Biotechnology and Engineering Advanced Placement (AP), Honors & Dual Enrollment, Career & Technical Education Programs, an Award-Winning Performing Arts & Visual Arts division and an Award-Winning Robotics team. 


In sports, Saguaro High is proud of the following honors:

— 2016 Football State Champions

— 10-Time Football State Champions

— 2016 Football Coach of the Year

— 2016 Girls and Boys Cross Country Section Champions

— 2016 Boys Soccer Semifinalist & Section Coach of the Year 

— 2016 State Champions and 2015 Regional Champions 


The nearby schools are Mohave Middle School, grades 6-8, and three elementary schools, K-5: Kiva, Navajo and Pueblo. 


Mohave Middle School 6-8


Mohave Middle School, 490 E Jackrabbit Rd, Scottsdale, has a STEM program, Robotics Program and Future Cities, an Honors English Language Arts Comprehensive Gifted Program, Fine Arts Program (Band, Strings, Choir, Drama and Art), Clubs and After-School Activities, College & Career-Readiness Program plus Clubs and After-School Activities.


SchoolDigger ranks Mohave Middle School 168th of 700 Arizona public middle schools.


Get the latest updates on Twitter @MohaveSUSD


Kiva Elementary  


Students at Kiva Elementary, 6911 E. McDonald Drive, Paradise Valley,  are making average academic progress from one grade to the next compared to students at other schools in the state according to a recent report.

Kiva’s mission statement is to create “a foundation for lifelong learning by providing meaningful learning opportunities that support critical thinking, embrace unique talents, encourage collaboration, and empower students and staff to persevere towards excellence in an evolving world.”

There are plenty of updates on school activities/events listed on the “Kiva Community” Facebook page. 


Navajo Elementary


Navajo Elementary, 4525 N Granite Reef, Scottsdale, is closed for the entire school year after a fire broke out in a storage room on August 22, 2018. The fire did not extend to the rest of the building but the principal decided to close the school for the remainder of the school year. 


Students have been relocated to Oak Learning Academy, 7501 E. Oak street until further notice.  


Pueblo Elementary 


Pueblo Elementary, 6320 N 82nd St, Scottsdale, offers Computer Coding and Robotics, Gifted Services and Music, Art & Physical Education. 

A  recent report indicated test scores at this school are far above the state average, suggesting that most students at this school are performing at or above grade level. Students at Pueblo are also making more academic progress from one grade to the next compared to students at other schools in the state.


Be sure and follow the school on Facebook. 




Coronado High School 

Coronado High School, 7501 E Virginia Ave, Scottsdale, is located in one of Scottsdale’s more established neighborhoods. The area has more options for families looking to live and buy a home in Scottsdale. The boundaries go from McKellips north to about Indian School and Pima west to 64th St. 


The school is proud to be the 2017 Boys State Soccer Champions, home to Award-Winning Performing Arts and Visual Arts Programs, Award-Winning Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates (JAG) Program and offer Advanced Placement (AP), Honors and Dual Enrollment.


The nearby middle school is Tonalea, K-8, and three elementary schools: Hohokam Traditional School, Pima Elementary and Yavapai Elementary, all K-5. 


To assist you and your family when looking for a home for sale in Scottsdale Paradise Valley and Phoenix. We have complied some helpful information for homebuyers looking for information on schools in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Please feel free to call us anytime for more information on schools, homes, events, restaurants in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. We are here to be of service to you with not just real estate but all your moving or relocation needs. Michael Chaisson – Realtor Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix 480-450-4632 




Tonalea Middle School, 6720 E. Continental, Scottsdale, offers a 6th - 8th Grade Gifted Program and STEM electives; Rigorous Academics; 4th – 8th Grade Band, Strings and Choir and Video Broadcasting. 


SchoolDigger ranks Tonalea 821st of 1,109 Arizona public elementary schools in Arizona. However, at least one parent gives the school a five-star review saying “Tonalea is a great school.” 


Hohokam Traditional School  


Hohokam Traditional School, 8451 E. Oak St., Scottsdale, received the Arizona Educational Foundation 2016 A+ School of Excellence award and is recognized as a “Top School” by the Education Equality Index. 


A recent report stated test scores at this school are above the state average.  


Here’s what parents are saying:


“His teachers are AMAZING!!!!! No nonsense, won't let him get away with anything and he LOVES them! They never give up on him and he is progressing very well.”


“A decent amount of homework... it has forced me to take a more hands-on approach to my son's education and has made me into a better mom. By the time my son is done with this school, he'll be very prepared.”


Pima Elementary  


Pima Elementary, 8330 E. Osborn Road., Scottsdale, offers rigorous academics, gifted services and music, art and physical education. 


When students returned for the 2018 school year, they were greeted with a new campus and new school model that includes a traditional school philosophy. In November 2016, Scottsdale Unified School District voters approved a $229 million bond to rebuild and replace needed infrastructure within the schools. Pima Elementary School — in addition to Hopi, Hohokam and Cheyenne — was at the top of the list for rebuilding. A recent report stated test scores at this school are above the state average.


Learn more about the school at


Yavapai Elementary  


Yavapai Elementary, 701 N Miller Rd, Scottsdale, core values include improving students’ success in language arts and math; to provide quality programs in the fine arts and supporting areas as well as integrate state-of-the-art technology into all areas of student learning. 


The school has an award-winning robotics team and rigorous academics along with gifted services. 


SchoolDigger ranks Yavapai Elementary School 577th of 1109 Arizona public elementary schools.




BASIS Scottsdale 


In addition to a great public school system, Scottsdale has the #1 school in the country! U.S. World News ranks BASIS Scottsdale, a tuition-free charter school in Northeast Scottsdale, 11440 N. 136th Street, as the top in the nation! 


The liberal arts curriculum school has over 700 students enrolled and scores 100 on the College Readiness Index with a 100% graduation rate. 


BASIS Scottsdale is part of a public charter school system serving fourth through 12th graders with locations across the country. In or before 10th grade, BASIS Scottsdale students begin taking Advanced Placement courses. 


BASIS Scottsdale, and all BASIS Curriculum Schools feature a top-ranked STEM-inspired liberal arts curriculum that inspires students to love learning; to develop a fascination for critical inquiry; to be independent and formulate their own goals and to graduate prepared for top-tier colleges.


In their senior year, qualified students may take BASIS Capstone courses, set up to be equivalent to 200 or 300 level college classes. These seniors may produce an off-campus research project during their last trimester. BASIS Scottsdale offers more than 70 extracurricular activities that include sports teams, honor societies and clubs. 


You must fill out an application form in order. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of openings, your name will be entered in a lottery. 


To assist you and your family when looking for a home for sale in Scottsdale Paradise Valley and Phoenix. We have compiled some helpful information for homebuyers looking for information on schools in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Please feel free to call us anytime for more information on schools, homes, events, restaurants in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

We are here to be of service to you with not just real estate but all your moving or relocation needs. Michael Chaisson – Realtor Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix 480-450-4632 

Jan. 3, 2019

Home Prices First Part of 2019 -Phoenix

Interested in homes prices in the Phoenix - Scottsdale area for the first quarter of 2019 -

Below is a graph of where we start the year- Based on ' price per square foot home sale prices" across the Phoenix Metro area. Dec- 2018 to Jan 2019

home prices phoenix 2019



If Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or Phoenix is your preferred home buying destinations... The most important person you can have in your corner is an honest, experienced and professional Realtor. There truly is a DIFFERENCE in real estate professionals. My 5 star reviews, numerous awards, and #1 Client
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Dec. 26, 2018

101 FUN Things to do in Phoenix

101 Fun things to do in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area.

One of my beloved clients asked... "What is there to do in Phoenix???" Well, I wanted their family to have a great time while in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, so I put together a little list - with some help from some contributing writers.

Enjoy the list and please feel free to send suggestions for more fun things to do in this wonderful city.

COURTESY of REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— For over 15 years I have been recommended to help singles, couples and families enjoy the best of life! To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call me for 5 STAR Realtor services-Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 Note: Join the Scottsdale AZ Community page on Facebook.


Family Fun

Dining Adventures & Wine Adventures – Including Theme Restaurants and Dinner Theater

Art and Culture- Architecture Tours

Concerts and Big Events - Home shows – Are always here in Phoenix see- Ticketmaster

Car Buffs- Shows and Activities

Get Out and Play at Night- Nightlife – 18 to 65 including 

On-Going Scottsdale activity events- 

Beat The Heat Activities-

Staycations Top Picks

Resort Pool Parties

Patio Bars  

Adventure Seekers

Clubs and meet up groups 



Happy Hours 

Hiking Biking And Fitness 

Parks and Recreation 

Lakes and Boating- Kayak 

Nearby Travel Destinations 

Spa Days -  

Education Opportunities Including From World Renown Ballet Instructors to Popular cooking Classes. 

Yearly events and Festivals Calendar 




Scottsdale is full of fun things to do with the family. One of the hot-spots for family fun is Cracker Jax. From go-kart tracks and a bungee dome to water wars and bumper boat lagoon, your family will have a blast at Cracker Jax. You can even have a more relaxing visit by playing miniature golf, checking out the arcade, or a family lunch at the restaurant. It's a fun day to be had by all.



Davis Circus of Illusion Master illusionist Craig Davis and renowned, award-winning dancer Myryka combine the artistry of grand illusion with the spectacle of the circus in this acclaimed show. On Saturday's CALL for times and days. Wonders of the World Theater @ Cattle Track, Scottsdale, AZ    FIVE Star reviews from Google 


SKYDIVING INDOORS - I Flight – Indoor Skydiving

Yes… feel like Skydiving but only 5 feet off the ground? iFLY Flight School Summer Academy Flight School is the most rewarding way for kids ages 4-16 to experience the power of flight. Through one-on-one coaching, each Flight School student learns a progression of flying skills in a fun group setting. 9206 Talking Stick Way Scottsdale, AZ  $249.95 Check for new prices but this looks like BIG fun!



Phat Rides USA - Electric Bike Rental - Enjoy Scottsdale's landscapes and sights that give you a rush without breaking a sweat! If you're looking for adventure, there's no better way to tour Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas, then with Phat Rides USA. It is the only electric bike and scooter rental company in Scottsdale that offers the RadRover, RadMini and Phat Scooter. 3616 N. Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ

(480) 431-2230  Mon-Sat 9:30 am-5: 30 pm. Call first.



At Scottsdale Fashion Square shoppers can enjoy upscale amenities, luxury brands, exclusive entertainment & quality of service. Visit our shops today!

Tempe Marketplace is an open-air shopping center located in Tempe, Arizona.

All the big stores are in and several boutique shops and lots of play areas for the kids and
movie theaters.

DISCOUNT FASHION SHOPPING. CALL ME – Michael Chaisson Realtor 480-450-4632
for the best Outlet shopping bargains. 

Stylish outdoor shopping center with upscale designer shops, restaurants & bars.


Grab a friend or a creative family member and go vintage shopping, Scottsdale and Phoenix have over a hundred fun, cool and unique vintage retail and consignment stores. The Melrose District at 7th Ave and Indian School is hopping and the BEST area for vintage shopping in the Phoenix area.. 





Go for a ride on the Chew-Chew Train plus enjoy many other fun  activities such as the Carousel rides. To learn more see the website

There are several great water parks in Arizona and these water adventure parks are FUN.

Below are the top two. Please Google to fully explore water parks near you.


The Oasis Water Park at the Arizona Grand Resort has been voted as one of the “Top 10 Water Parks” in the country by the Travel Channel. The fun, wild, and expansive water park offers something for guests of any age, making the resort a great choice for a family vacation. Spreading across seven acres, the park features giant water slides, a 25-seat hot tub, a huge wave pool, the Wild Cat Springs kiddie area, a side-by-side active river and more. The Slide Canyon eight-story tower is one of the most thrilling attractions at the Oasis, consisting of three exciting water slides. 8000 S. Arizona Grand Parkway Phoenix, Arizona 85044, Phone: 602-438-9000 


The Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix, Arizona is home to the River Ranch Water Park. The resort offers fun in the sun, a relaxing spa and Coyote Camp, an award-winning kids camp. The River Ranch includes pools encompassing four acres, water slides, a lazy river, tennis courts, and miniature golf. The mountainside resort provides activities for visitors of all ages, making sure the entire family is entertained. Refreshments and poolside activities are offered, as well. All accommodations at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak are suites, offering an abundant amount of space for families or groups. 7677 N. 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020, Phone: 602-997-2626

NIGHTTIME WATER PARKS - Skip the sunscreen and hit the slides after dark at Night Splash on select days of the week. INCLUDING AT  155 W Hampton Ave, Mesa 85210  480-834-8319  Several water parks offer nigh time play so check around for all the great options.


There are so many fun things going on in Old Town Scottsdale, here is another fun Old Town Scottsdale excursion, ... If you are not in the walking mood, you can feel the wind in your hair, not exactly in a Ferrari comfort but you can pretend; and go visit a number of old town fun spots with Joy Rides AZ..which is a fun and inexpensive way to get around! Two of the biggest are and Joy Rides AZ Check it out!


****If you are out and about please feel share those awesome places with us ****



Looking for a fun and informative thing to do and Scottsdale Arizona? Try taking the Scottsdale trolley. The Scottsdale trolley is a free transportation system for residents and visitors to downtown Scottsdale, entertainment venues, restaurants, events, schools, parks, hospital/medical facilities shopping and other locations. There are 5 routes in the Scottsdale trolley offers the option to transfer between the various routes. There is also a Tempe orbit Earth and Valley Metro routes.To plan your trip visit Valley or

ATV – DESERT TRAIL TOURS. When it comes to outdoor activities, Desert Trail Tours leads the pack as it boasts amazing packages and outdoor activities that both locals and visitors will find it hard to find somewhere else. Desert Wolf Tours have been ranked the Best Off-Road ATV Adventure Tour for six years in a row, Hit the OFF, off road riding in Tomcars/Atv  surrounded by beautiful natural Sonoran Desert with Tomcars. You can expand the adventure by participating in shooting competition or teaming up with others on a rescue mission and to pin down a hostage courier. All fun check out


Here are a couple of highly reviewed spots for more, please check with our friend Google

CAVE CREEK Outfitters has something for everyone: guided horseback rides, cowboy cookouts, authentic cowboy games, old west entertainment, corporate events, private parties and so much more! Our fantastic location is conveniently located in North Scottsdale near most Arizona resorts, hotels, shopping and airports. We are open all year long, so join us today!

MACDONALD Ranch Horseback Riding. This group has it all, stagecoach rides, cowboy cookouts, Hayrides, a petting zoo and wedding ceremonies Yeehaw !!

TOP GOLF VENUE. Fun for the whole family and based on all the photos I have seen great for date nights too. Players get to hit the balls or as they describe it, "Sprawling entertainment venue with a high-tech driving range & swanky lounge with drinks & game"


Here’s a place you’ll really get cooled off at. The Ice Den Scottsdale offers public ice skating and youth/adult hockey! Private lessons are offered. You can try your skills at figure skating or speed skating. Ballet classes are even offered since this technique helps in learning to figure skate.


OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale is a marine aquarium, and the largest aquarium in the Southwest United States, It holds more than 2,000,000 US gallons (7,600,000 l; 1,700,000 imp gal) of water and spans over 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2). There are over 30,000 animals and 500 different species in 50 exhibits. The aquarium offers an educational, interactive and entertaining experiences for guests of all ages. The aquarium offers a 3D movie, SeaTREK underwater ocean walking, and a Living Sea Carousel which takes guests through the Open Ocean, Sea Turtle, Sea Lion/Seal and Shark exhibits. Its features include 9 massive globe-shaped aquariums suspended from the lobby ceiling, a giant martini glass shaped aquarium, and a submerged escalator allowing guests to descend deep into the ocean while surrounded by thousands of aquatic animals. The restrooms are notable for have viewing windows into the shark habitat.

ESCAPE ROOM- Challenge Game

Yes,there are escape games and the reviews sound like they are fun.. Here are two you may want to check out.   4.9 stars and with 4.7 stars at last check. What is “Escape Room” ? It is a FUN game concept designed for small groups of friends, families, co-workers or strangers to test their problem-solving skills in a fun themed escape room.  Each Escape The Room AZ experience has its own setting, secrets, storyline, and escape route. It’s filled with hidden objects and clues to help you find your way out, You have 60 minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape the room to find your freedom!

BATTING CAGES - Batting cages are a blast for the whole family. There are over 25 in the Scottsdale -Phoenix area. You can Google to find a highly rated one near you.

GLOW  KAYAKING at Tempe Town Lake   Get your glow-sticks...err, glow paddles ready!. The City of Tempe offers kayaking with glow-in-the-dark accessories on select Friday nights throughout the summer. 550 East Tempe Town Lake, Tempe 85281 480-350-8069  AND There are a number of other options for Kayaking by moonlight including on the beautiful Lake Pleasant.

GONDOLA RIDES - This night just be a romantic adventure for mom and dad but ...maybe the whole family can fit
Transport yourself to the romantic waterways of Venice aboard four authentically handcrafted Italian Gondola boats steered through the beautiful waterways of our resort by professional Gondoliers-  These classically trained singers will provide an Italian serenade as you cruise through the resort's seven-acre lake. Celebrate special events such as weddings, anniversaries, engagements, romantic dates or just FUN  This is available at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale resort.  Call for prices. Address: 7500 E Doubletree Ranch Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Phone: (480) 444-1234

MOVIESIn Luxury settings
Scottsdale and Phoenix have some of the most beautiful theaters in the country, huge recliner seats, bar and food service and so much more here are just a few picks. Google .

IPIC Movie Theater in Scottsdale.  Luxury reclining seats, dine and beverage service.

ROADHOUSE Cinemas Welcome to RoadHouse Cinemas, Arizona’s only locally-owned and operated, first-run, dine-in movie theatre! We would like to invite you to a movie and dining experience found nowhere else in the state! Open 365 days a year, RoadHouse offers an extraordinary restaurant menu created by an award-winning chef and restaurateur, an impressively creative full bar featuring high quality wines and Arizona craft beers, and overwhelmingly comfortable recliners, all to be enjoyed while experiencing state-of-the-art digital projection and 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound!


Private Movie Theatre. The ultimate Movie Experience. Harkins Movie Theatre – Scottsdale AZ-  it's a movie experience like no other. With 16 luxury reclining movie seats, a total of 24 people can be inside the theater and watch any movie you'd like, even live television.  The theater will cost you $900 for three hours but includes popcorn, non-alcoholic drinks, your own personal attendant and whatever you'd like to watch. Guests can purchase alcoholic beverages along with additional hot and snack food items for extra. The screening room is so luxurious, it's the most expensive theater on a per-foot basis ever built by Harkins Theaters and is the only one in the company located at the Harkins Scottsdale Camelview Theater at Fashion Square location. To book this luxurious theater known as the "The Freezer," call (480) 285-1347 or visit Reservations are required.  See the video at

MORE Favorite Theatres

The Harkins Theater in the fashion square

The AMC Theatres at Desert Ridge

We are here to give you a taste of the best of the Scottsdale living experience. For more ideas movie theaters near you Google is a friend.

TALK CINEMA - Independent Movie Previews with Discussion.
Be first to be entertained! Preview yet-to-be-released indie films curated by film critic Harlan Jacobson and discuss with some of our nation's best scholars and critics. See films as industry insiders - without preconceived ideas - then discuss with your host and other special guests.  And join us as we explore exclusive destinations for some of the world's most exciting international film festivals.

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 


Scottsdale Community News- Our Park is Awesome

Scottsdale ranks high in a nonprofit report on national parks and amenities. Every year, the Trust for Public Land publishes a report on parks in the nation's 100 largest cities. The data includes information on the best park amenities like playgrounds, splash pads and dog parks, in addition to trends on park investment, access and quality. According to the report, Scottsdale claims five top-ten rankings. They are: having the largest city park, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve; tying for sixth for parkland percentage with 25 percent; and ranking second in trail miles, sixth in volleyball nets and seventh in golf courses. The mission of the organization is to create parks and protect lands for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Get more information about city park


Dining Adventures Scottsdale -Paradise Valley


Treat yourself to Weekend Brunch at Mowry & Cotton. Swing by this Saturday or Sunday with at least a party of three, and choose your favorites from our Porch Party menu while enjoying 50% off select brunch beverages. Kick back, take a sip and savor everyone’s favorite meal of the summer.  From post Aug.18th

SUNDAY SUPPER CLUB Offered By Mountain Shadows

Resort. One Sunday a month, The mountain shadows resort features an incredible winery, distillery or local purveyor. Savor four courses thoughtfully paired with beverages and enjoy conversation from Chef Charles Wiley and the special guest. We are teaming up with Long Meadow Ranch, a California family-owned-and-operated winery that believes in organic, sustainable farming. Every Sunday- Call first for Reservations update Mountain Shadows5445 E. Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ   $$$$ per person, plus tax & gratuity

Best restaurants include;

I just had the pleasure of dining at Rusconi's American Kitchen. Although not technically in Scottsdale, Rusconi's has really excellent food. I may be a bit biased because the chef's first name is "Michael"

If you have any favorite spots please feel free to share. I Love letting others know about the "Best of Scottsdale" .

I love the food at Richardson's Restaurant in Phoenix near 16th St & Bethany Home Rd! EXCELLENT! Every menu item is delish.. Hope you get a chance to visit. I only wish Richardson's would open a second location in Scottsdale. BTW.. If you have a favorite place(s) in Phoenix or anywhere.. that you wish were in Scottsdale, please share.

2107 North 24th Street  Pa'La is a temple of simple and elegant wood-fired cooking, highlighting impeccably sourced ingredients. The casual counter-service restaurant, a collaboration between veteran chef Claudio Urciuoli and Tortas Paquime's Omar Alvarez, delivers a menu that is relatively modest in scope: just Spanish tapas, wood-fired Italian schiacciata flatbread, salads, and Urciuoli's signature Navarro bowl, made with heirloom grains and topped with responsibly sourced ultra-fresh seafood.

BINKLEY’S - Binkley's Restaurant feels like a worthy risk. Binkley works closely with his small culinary team to prepare elaborate, 20-plus-course dinners, which are crafted using optimal ingredients and served in a highly intimate setting. The chef pulls out all the stops, offering diners a direct view into the kitchen and mingling with guests throughout the three- to four-hour dinner service.


Check out the Scottsdale Wine Trail! For all the wine lovers more fun excursions! Please feel free to share your Scottsdale News and events. Downtown Scottsdale is a destination for Arizona wine tasting! Four Arizona wineries with tasting rooms within walking distance in downtown have joined forces to launch the first ever “Scottsdale Wine Trail.” Get the map and more info at the website:


Sorso Wine Room 15323 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste. 150   Scottsdale, AZ Every Wednesday enjoy a flight of 3 wines from our Wine Emotion dispensing system along with any salad or sandwich for only $20! August 8 @ 11:00 am - 10:00 pm CALL to check schedule and cost.

TOP TEN BREAKFAST Spots in SCOTTSDALE and a shout out to our neighbors’ BEST breakfast.

Here we go everyone.. Top restaurants depending on your mood.

Best outdoor patio and lively vibe inside

1. OLIVE and IVY near fashion square has it! Watch the world go by from their awesome patio overlooking this beautiful waterfront location, pretty to enjoy with family and friends. A very nice setting.…/olive-ivy-restaurant-marketplace/

2. EGGSTASY in Scottsdale has a fun outdoor patio with lots of comfortable lounge seating. Think big cushions with a BIG breakfast SOOO you will not leave hungry.

3. ARCADIA FARMS in Old Town is as charming as it gets for patio dining. Bring a new love interest or a lucky steady. (  serves breakfast 7:45 to 10:45 )

4. BREAKFAST CLUB.  Feeling like a big breakfast in a place that’s always busy with a great staff and hearty breakfast? If so, you’ll love the Breakfast Club in Old Town Scottsdale. Always rated in top the ten and usually busy!

5. BUTTERS CAFE. How about keeping Butters Pancakes and Cafe on the list of the Top Ten as always serving old time favorites with a smile. Always a 45-minute wait on weekends. A standard looking diner, nothing fancy but consistently a pleasant breakfast.

6. DAILY DOSE in Old Town Scottsdale also makes our top ten a really comfortable place in Scottsdale. It’s a busy, almost bar style atmosphere that’s worth a visit.

7. SUGAR JAM BAKERY. How about some baked goods with your tasty breakfast? A super small place but yum! Try the Sugar Jam Bakery and Bistro.

8. HASH KITCHEN - Want a combination of fun, music and great food? Hash Kitchen is the place. Catch the DJ on weekends and "beyond the regular fair menu.” Good food and fun. If you have friends visiting from out of town this would be enjoyable.

9. LA GRANDE ORANGE. How about celebrating the tasty foods from our TWO great neighboring cities. The VOTE for best breakfast from a great close neighbor is a tie between the awesome breakfast at La Grande Orange or lovingly known by the Arcadia neighborhood as LGO, an eclectic menu of healthy, tasty creations served in a casual fun atmosphere.   

9B CHELSEA'S KITCHEN - Best Breakfast from a neighbor also goes to Chelsea’s Kitchen in Arcadia, Food is Scrumptious and patio wonderful.

10. MIMI'S Café - Best Breakfast for our North Scottsdale family is Mimi's Cafe located near the Loop 101 and Shea and in North Phoenix in the Desert Ridge shopping center. Oh, so delicious.
YES.. It's a chain but it is tasty.

11. CHEZ VOUS  And let's not forget the 'French breakfast cafes' in Scottsdale. Both Chez Vouz (central Scottsdale) and Merci (south Scottsdale) serves tasty, fresh breakfast in quaint spaces. Twelve or less tables.

12. JEWELS CAFE -BONUS Breakfast spot- Best Pancake Syrup in the southwest and Bottomless Mimosa with an Entrée order at Jewels Café in Arcadia, AZ. I do not give reviews here..but FYI.. the kitchen is suuuuuupper slow.
So be prepared to enjoy chatting with whomever you go with.

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 


KALE AND CLOVER - I'm always looking for ways to eat more healthy, and that includes eating at and supporting great Scottsdale restaurants. Kale & Clover in Scottsdale was recommended, especially for breakfast. Enjoy! Great place to take a group of friends

Enjoy all of these and please tell us your favorites spots in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Courtesy Of Phoenix New Times (online and Print)  And a great source for reviews and activities
in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area.

The DUCE  525 South Central Avenue

The Duce is the perfect place to take friends or family who can’t seem to make up their minds. The downtown restaurant is a veritable shopping mall of different food and drink options, stores, and even exercise areas. The menu ranges from home-cooked Southern favorites like mac-and-cheese muffins to brisket sliders. At night, the spot turns into a Prohibition-era themed bar complete with discount beverages and activities for all. Like food, drinks range from affordable cans to intricate cocktails. There's also a boxing gym right in the middle of the space. Perhaps even more enticing (and dangerous) than the boxing ring after a few drinks in the shop in the corner of the place which offers clothing and home decor at surprisingly reasonable prices. BY SARA WEBER


1149 East Southern Avenue, Mesa

Production of the Mighty Wurlitzer organ ceased in 1943, but one restaurant in the Valley boasts an original model and treats guests to a concert each night. At Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, you can enjoy a side of music with your meal. The musicians play on an elevated stage that even transforms into a light show on occasion. Tunes include classics for adults and familiar tunes for the kids — and for the little ones with short attention spans, there’s also an arcade. The family-style dining experience carries into the kitchen, where staff creates pizzas of your choosing. There are also pastas and gluten-free options. Organ Stop's roster of musicians play a mixture of classic and kids' songs throughout the evening.


7213 East First Avenue, Scottsdale

4700 North Central Avenue (for now)

Hula's Modern Tiki is a fun take on '50s Polynesian restaurants you won't find elsewhere in the stateMad Men fans would be remiss to skip Hulas Modern Tike '50s Hawaiian-inspired restaurant serves Polynesian fare and creative cocktails that appeal to every taste. Patrons of all age are welcome, as the menu caters to kids and adults looking to branch out of the ordinary. A sleek dining room and bar create a luau vibe that's anything but kitschy. Tiki masks decorate the walls, but don't expect grass skirts or "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on repeat in the background. Hula’s currently has two locations, one in Old Town Scottsdale and a midtown Phoenix location. Hours vary depending on location, but both are open for lunch, dinner, and after-dinner drinks, as well as weekend brunches. (Note: The current Phoenix location of Hula's will be open through Saturday, September 8. The restaurant will then close, and reopen at 5114 North Seventh Street later in the month.)

The Stockyards Restaurant and 1889 Saloon 5009 East Washington Street, #115

Enjoy a cold one in The Stockyards' warmly decorated and mural-covered saloon. The Stockyard is an embodiment of the classy cowboy joint, meaning you'll want to shine your boots a bit before visiting this one. Locally known as Arizona’s original steakhouse, The Stockyards has served classic Western dishes since 1947. Listed in the state's Historical Register, The Stockyards was built on the famous Tovrea Land and Cattle Company's property. After a fire in the 1950s and a renovation in the early aughts, the restaurant has remained a staple in the local scene. The kitchen covers everything you would expect from a steakhouse but ups the ante with some more exciting options including elk, buffalo, and boar. And if you like Rocky Mountain oysters, you might try the "calf fries," which follow the same recipe but come from younger cattle. BY SARA WEBER

Rustlers Roost   8383 South 48th Street

Rustler's Rooste is likely the most carefree cowboy bar you'll ever visit. The massive restaurant offers steak dinners, fish options, ribs, and rattlesnake, plus, every table gets a hearty post-dinner serving of cotton candy. Inside the restaurant, you can wander around two stories and slide down the famous slide. Outside, you can hang out on the balcony, where you will catch a nice view of Arizona's mountains and — if you time it right — a breathtaking sunset. It's a family-friendly spot and can be reserved for private parties or receptions. The saloon opens at 4 p.m. and stays open late; the steakhouse serves from 5 to 10 p.m. Oh, and don't forget to say "Hi" to Horney the Bull at some point while you're there. You can't miss him. AND...There's plenty of room for two-stepping at Rustler's Rooste.  BY SARA WEBER.

MacAlpine’s Soda Fountain and Espresso Bar 2303 North Seventh Street

For those looking to step back in time and enjoy an ice cream soda or homemade Cherry Coke, MacAlpine's in central Phoenix is the place to go. The small restaurant, flanked by a vintage clothing shop and home decor store, serves an array of old-school meals ranging from hot sandwiches to comfort food-based meals.  But it truly excels in its construction of dessert-based drinks. Guests can get the full experience by playing the shop's old jukebox, which carries all the biggest hits from the '50s and '60s. Pin curls are encouraged, but not required. MacAlpine's in Phoenix is the perfect spot to grab a milkshake or malt and do a little vintage shopping.

Islamorada Fish Company 1133 North Dobson Road, Mesa

This quirky and cavernous seafood-themed restaurant is attached to the Bass Pro Shop in Mesa. From the outside, Islamorada Fish Company resembles a grand sportsman’s lodge, complete with log-cabin siding, an impressive wraparound patio, and nautical motifs at every turn. The entrance is flanked by oversize, ornamental fishing net floats, and inside, there is a large and hypnotic 13,000-gallon aquarium tank stocked with a bright array of tropical fish. The menu, naturally, includes seafood options like Atlantic salmon, shrimp, tilapia, catfish, and grouper, along with a stable of chain restaurant staples, including pasta, steak, sandwiches, and salads. More interestingly, the menu features a selection of wild game, including alligator, venison, and wild boar. Islamorada's bar and fish tank.  Written by Jackie Mercandetti

Harolds Coral     6935 East Cave Creek Road, Cave Creek

As you drive up Cave Creek Road and pass through the arid desert landscape, you’ll eventually find yourself in a town full of colorful vintage shops and cafes. You’ll also eventually become surrounded by dive bars, each one boasting the best food and strongest drinks. It’s very important that you drive past them and turn right into Harold’s Cave Creek Coral You can’t miss it; it has the biggest sign out front and looks the most authentic. The drive out to Harold’s Corral is a clue to the atmosphere you’ll find at the cowboy bar and restaurant. Harrold's usually houses a relaxed but colorful crowd who seem to know each other and yet accept everyone as a family — especially if you’re a Steelers fan. You can get traditional cowboy dishes (meaning countless types of steaks and other various red meats). There's also an in-house popcorn machine. After dark, Harold’s turns into a haven for those looking to two-step their troubles away. Lonely bar guests at Harold's Corral always have the option of sitting next to the realistic, definitely-not-terrifying model of Willie Nelson. BY SARA WEBER

Culinary Drop Out at the Yard  

5632 North Seventh Street, #150 

Culinary Dropout provides guests with all kinds of yard games such as cornhole, giant Jenga, and ping pong, plus drink deals that’ll make you feel like you're drinking at home. During the day, you can find charcuterie boards and loaded sandwiches, while the dinner menu incorporates hearty classics like 36-hour pork ribs and rainbow trout. Over the weekend, you can start your day with dishes like Captain Crunch French toast and a little hair of the dog. There’s live music on weekends. Culinary Dropout's kitchen staff cooks up comfortable tailgating favorites. Cocktail and drink prices are reasonable. Be a good sport at Culinary Dropout BY SARA WEBER

Rawhide Steakhouse  5700 West North Loop Road, Chandler

Rawhide isn't just a theme restaurant; it's a theme town. Relocated to Chandler from north Scottsdale in 2006, the little Western town has everything you could need for a night of cowboy fun and flair. There are bars, a jailhouse, and gift shops, but what really stands out is the massive steakhouse. The Rawhide Steakhouse and Saloon is decorated with vintage instruments and hunting trophies, wagon wheels and spurs. Full disclosure: the portions are big. Steak sizes range from six to 16 ounces and, for those who live to compete, there's the Ultimate Cowboy Challenge. Hopefuls for the challenge should anticipate eating three pounds of steak in 45 minutes or less. Other menu favorites include the Rawhide Rattlesnake (it tastes like chicken) and the bacon-wrapped meatloaf. Though there are honky-tonk bars and saloons inside the restaurant, Rawhide is family friendly, and kids menus are available. Rawhide is a step back into the wild west that the whole family can enjoy. BY SARA WEBER

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 




#1 Monarch Cafe in Old Town Scottsdale.. if you are NOT already married when arrive.. you may be by dinner's end🙂.
#2 Elements Restaurant in Paradise Valley.. This is a beautiful setting and beautiful views! After dinner enjoy the music in the bar.. Bartender Hurley is a prince and will make you feel a King and Queen !
# 2 Lons Restaurant at Hermosa Inn.. Beautiful setting.. very romantic!  but.. I have to share.. in the three times I have been there, food as always been below average... but who needs food?... when you have love, a beautiful setting and great wine.
#3 El Chorro .. wowsa !!  Such a lovely setting you almost feel transported to a beautiful vacation spot. Snuggle up and enjoy..
#4 Prado Restaurant at the Montelucia resort.. From their web site, it is well described "Prado is a picturesque restaurant reminiscent of an old world dining room. Guests are invited to embrace the engaging ambiance indoor and outdoor seating w/ views of Camelback Mountain, Mbar lounge, two private rooms including Ferdinand’s Wine Cellar.
#5 Binkleys Restaurant .. widely known for it's taste world class taste. $$$$$. 
#6 Citizen Public... a pretty setting with a contemporary vibe.
#7 A Different Pointe of View...NOW  for those of you who LOVE views this may be number #1 .. One of my dear friends and clients recommended it. A Different Pointe of View is AAA Four Diamond award winning restaurant with spectacular views. See their web site for more accolades.


Deadly Housewives: Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre With a "Desperate" Twist
Read Google reviews before going and check group on for savings coupons.
Fridays Call for schedule (602) 845-0503 / 7:30pm (Doors Open at 7:00pm)
Orange Tree Golf Club 10601 North 56th Street Scottsdale, Arizona
Post From Aug. 15th




SCOTTSDALE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. Dive into this immersive experience at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art for a limited time only. Who doesn't love new art installations? Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art 

7374 E 2nd St  Scottsdale, AZ  $10 admission, FREE on Thursdays- Verify Prices and Schedule

Hours and more info:

SCOTTSDALE'S MUSEUM OF THE WEST-The artwork reflects how contemporary artists continue to push the boundaries of their work, while also staying true to time-honored methods.Western Spirit: Scottsdale's Museum of the West  3830 N. Marshall Way Scottsdale, AZ 85251 

Admission and hours:

SCOTTSDALE PUBLIC LIBRARY-  Feel Like a reading adventure, Pop into the Scottsdale Public library. Books and Computers available for locals and Guest.

ART WALK – Old town Scottsdale _ Every Thursday Evening 6pm and On.  Tour Many of Scottsdale

best galleries in Old Town Scottsdale

The popular First Fridays Art Walk in downtown Phoenix is in the summer with more than 70 art galleries and venues open for touring. Google for more details

ARCHITECTURE TALIESIN WEST - Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home- Tours Available – See more at

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MUSEUM. This is WAAAY  cooler than you might think. Check it out at

SCOTTSDALE CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS- Music, Dance, Artistic Readings and more. Always something creative and experiential going on here. Call for latest and greatest in performances.

SCOTTSDALE PHILHARMONIC-  Yes, You can enjoy the Symphony in Scottsdale. This is an incredible musical experience -

ART AND CULTURE TOURS – Hop aboard the trolley and experience a tour of arts area of Scottsdale and many more tours to win you over . See

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 

TOP TEN NEIGHBORHOOD TOURS - Midtown Urban Living Tour 

The Midtown Urban Living Tour is for the hip Phoenician, the one who rides bikes and loves high-rises that offer spectacular views of those Arizona sunsets. The third annual Urban Living Tour will be held on Saturday, November 7, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. and will cost $15 to attend. The self-guided tour will meet at the Regency at 2323 North Central Avenue and then explore seven buildings that haven't been featured previously. So even if you went last year it will be worth checking out again. This year's stops will include the Artisan Lofts on Central, Phoenix Towers, One Lexington, and Chateau on Central, among others. You can buy your ticket on the tour's Eventbrite page, or call 480-292-5083 for more information.

Attendants of the Phoenix Home and Garden Home Tour will get exclusive access to luxury custom homes.

Phoenix Home & Garden Home Tour

When it comes to the Valley's luxury homes and outdoor spaces, Phoenix Home & Garden's tour has the market cornered. The magazine will host its annual Tour of Homes on Sunday, November 8, from noon to 4:30 p.m. For $75, attendees will see some of the most epic gardens and a number of the most beautiful homes in the state. Those interested in an extended experience can pay $150 to add a 9 a.m. brunch and tours of additional homes to their day. Visit Phoenix Home & Garden's website for more information

Learn all about the first suburb of Phoenix at the Roosevelt Home Tour.

Roosevelt Home Tour - Roosevelt Historic Neighborhood

The Roosevelt District has truly flourished in the past few years as Roosevelt Row grows into one of the most artistic and active areas in the city. Its history proves it's always been a beautiful area, and you can experience it firsthand at the Roosevelt Home Tour. Luckily, you can still grab tickets to this month's tour of the most iconic homes in the area. On Sunday, November 15, The Historic Roosevelt Neighborhood will conduct a series of guided home tours between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Marshall Shore will lead two of the tours, and undoubtedly provide attendees with obscure bits of trivia. There will also be food trucks and a craft fair to occupy you between tours. Tickets are $11 online and $14 if you purchase them at the event. Proceeds go to neighborhood preservation efforts. Visit the tour's website for more information and to purchase tickets. 

The Sunnyslope Historic Tour visits homes in Deer Valley and Paradise Valley

Sunnyslope Historical Society Home Tour

The 10th annual Sunnyslope Historical Society's Home Tour will take attendants through the town's history by way of bus and home tours. Stops on the this year's round include four Phoenix homes and one Santa Fe-style office building. The home tours are led by the owners themselves, who can share stories of past residents and architectural trivia. Tours will be held at the Sunnyslope Historical Society Museum at 737 East Hatcher Road on Saturday, November 21, and Sunday, November 22, between 9 a.m. and noon. Busses leave every hour, and the tours usually last around two hours each. Tickets are $35, can be purchased on site, and will benefit the museum. Visit the Historical Society's website for more information. 

F.Q. Story Historic District Home Tour.

The F.Q. Story Historic Home Tour will look at homes between Portland and Latham streets that sit to the west of 7th Avenue. Though the namesake of the F.Q. Story Historic District never actually lived in Arizona, his successful California business ventures extended into the Valley of the Sun and earned him a spot in the history books. Tour Francis Quarles Story's old hood on Saturday, December 5 and Sunday, December 6 with one of the most charitable tours in Phoenix. You can buy your tickets the day of or online for $15, or $14 if you bring a nonperishable canned food with you to donate. Alternatively, if you can spare a few hours to chip in and help prepare the homes for the big tour, you will be rewarded with a free tour ticket. The tour will visit eight to 12 homes built between the 1920s and 1940s and ranging in style from Spanish Colonial Revival to English Tudor to transitional ranch and beyond. The Saturday evening tour will run from 6 to 9 p.m., and the Sunday tour and street festival last from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Meet at the corner of 11th Avenue and Portland Street. See the tour's website for more details and specifics. 

Willo Home Tour- The Willo Historic District is the largest historic district in Phoenix with more than 900 homes in the area.

The Willo Neighborhood is the definition of quaint. Though Willo is the largest historic district in Phoenix, the cottage-style homes look like something out of a storybook and are a nice optical break from the impending cluster of industrial dwellings sprouting up around town. The upcoming Willo Home Tour on Sunday, February 14 will take ticket holders to numerous homes in the area by way of a trolley. There will also be a small fair with food and local vendors at the beginning of the tour, which will take place up and down Monte Vista and Holly Roads. Tickets are $15 until midnight on December 31, after which the price will go up. You can purchase tickets and find more information about the tour here. 

Coronado Home Tour - This past year's Coronado Home Tour included 13 homes, more than 80 food trucks and vendors, and had more than 2,500

Each year, the Coronado District throws a huge community picnic in conjunction with its famed home tour. This year, the neighborhood will celebrate the Country Club Historic District — one of three subdistricts within Coronado — on Sunday, February 28. The stylish homes being featured are located on the blocks between Edgemere Street to 14th Street and Virginia Avenue to Monte Vista Road. Meet at Circle Park at 826 East Windsor Avenue before 11 a.m. to partake in the picnic festivities. The tour will last until about 4 p.m. Tickets are $13. Visit the Coronado Home Tour's website for tickets and more information.

Encanto Palmcroft Home Tour - The Encanto Palmcroft neighborhood boasts homes of many different styles, including Mediterranean, Tudor, French Cottage, and more.

Anticipation is the key to the Encanto Palmcroft Home Tour. It only happens every two years, but if you like riding on trolleys, local food fairs, and raffles with your home tour, it's definitely worth the wait. The next one will happen on Sunday, March 26, 2017. It costs $20 to attend and runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Expect to see plenty of romantic, 18th-century English-style homes on this tour. You can never be too ready for these types of things, so remember you'll want to park at Phoenix College and then head over to the block northwest of 7th Avenue and McDowell Road. Visit for more information. 

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 

Docomomo Tours - Phoenix's Beth Hebrew Synagogue was one of the modern architecture stops on this past year's Docomomo Tour. 

For the past nine years, Docomomo has worked diligently to bring attention to under-appreciated modern architecture. The organization's annual Tour Day brings participants to historic modern buildings in their city and provide historical context with each one. This past year, more than 50 cities nationwide recognized Docomomo's Tour Day, and the movement shows no sign of slowing down. No word on when the next Docomomo Tour is yet, but we would recommend going the next time it comes around. The most recent tour taught our staff about the hidden history in various office buildings and a downtown synagogue. Visit the organization's tour website for more information and to stay updated on the next Tour Day

Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour - Catch a glimpse at true extravagance with the Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour

Even if you can't necessarily afford the homes featured on the Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour right now, going and admiring will still give you a good opportunity to plan for the future. Or you could just go and marvel at how extravagant some of the properties in Scottsdale can get. There's a tour the third Thursday of every month, and for $10 you can enjoy a nice breakfast, see a few homes, and network with Scottsdale's finest realtors and homeowners. Home tourists meet for breakfast at the Ancala Country Club at 11700 East Via Linda Drive at 8:45 a.m., and then begin the tour shortly before 10 a.m. The event wraps up with lunch at the final home. No preregistration is required. Visit the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors website for more information.

Windsor Square Home Tour -  Find out why CNN loves Windsor Square so much on the district's next home tour

Windsor Square is known for being one of the original suburbs here in Phoenix and was recently deemed one of the "10 best big city neighborhoods to live in" by CNN. The Windsor Square Home Tour allows you to see about 12 of the district's 260 homes for $15. It's a self-guided walking tour, so wear comfortable shoes. The next tour will Sunday, April 3 and will last from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets aren't available until December 1, but you can get more information on the tour's website. By Becky Bartkowski

Modern Phoenix Home Tour - The Modern Phoenix Home Tour will show you the works of numerous local architects.

The Modern Phoenix Home Tour sells out every year, so you may want to bookmark the tour's website to stay ahead of the game. Though 2016's neighborhood has not yet been revealed, the tour looks at some of the mid-century masterpieces across the Valley. Past tours have included the homes of Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins, a house designed by architect Paolo Soleri, and Ryan and Kylie Durkin's home. Tickets are $40 and usually become available in early February. By Becky Bartkowski

Mesa Historic Home Tour  - Check out the FHA Demonstration Home — the first home in the area to be built with the government-granted loan — on the Mesa Historic Home Tour.

The city of Mesa has a diverse and complicated history, and its reflected in the architecture and homes you'll see on the Mesa Historical Society's Home Tour. Past stops have included the Fitch Farm House, the Antique Wedding House, and the Queen of Peace Church. The next tour hasn't been announced yet, but tickets usually cost around $20 and go toward museum upkeep. Find more information at the museum's website or by calling (480) 835-2286. 

Estrella Tour of Homes - Catch a sneak peek at new properties in the West Valley with the Estrella Tour of Homes.

Every few months, the Estrella community shows off some of the newest homes in the Goodyear area. It's not for the faint of heart, however. The March tour featured more than 100 homes for guests to see. You'll see houses that vary in design and style on the Estrella Tour, but most will feature mountainous views and ample landscape for those who like to garden. Past tours have been free and open to the public. Check Estrella's blog to keep up on when the next tour is. 

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 

Wickenburg Tour of Homes - The Wickenburg Home Tour includes some of the most historic homes in the state.


Wild West buffs can tour the historic homes of one of Arizona's most Western towns on the classic Wickenburg Tour of Homes. On Saturday, November 7, the annual event will tour iconic buildings of the small town that demonstrate just how much it's grown. Participants can see bits of the town's history like The Little Red School House, which now hosts musical concerts and good ol' Henry Wickenburg's home. You can also see the former home of George B. Upton, of the Upton Oil Co., and more on the tour, all for $25. The tour lasts from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and meets at the Desert Caballeros Museum. Coffee and a light breakfast are provided. You can find more information and reserve a spot at the museum's website. By Ron Reiring

Car Buffs


This is the perfect destination to see classic cars and motorcycles. This free open-air event is complete with 50's era music provided by "Party Time DJ's." An average night showcases 250-500 cars and up to 150 motorcycles. Saturdays – CALL to verify times 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM 

The Pavilions at Talking Stick Shopping Center  8800-9199 E. Talking Stick Way

Scottsdale, AZ 85250  Admission FREE   (480) 443-0080


One of my favorites is the Octane Raceway at Indian Bend and 101. You’ll find Kart Racing with a 1/3 mile track that’s the only full-time Indoor/Outdoor track in the entire United States! The track layout is unique in that each lap begins indoors then winds through an outdoor section of the course before returning inside.


One Saturday a month, this is the spot to see some of the coolest rides in Scottsdale. Enjoy 

See site for latest updates and calendar

INTERNATIONAL CAR SHOWS AND EVENTS - Check the Calendar – Scottsdale and Phoenix have large car shows throughout the year. Including Barret Jackson and MORE..

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 



Best Party/Dance Spots for the over 30 – 40 and plus crowd

SCOTTSDALE'S Best Party Spots with dancing for the over 30 over 40 and plus crowd. Let's say ages 30 to young 60+.

You’re never too old to party! You can still enjoy nightlife like a rockstar if you’re over 30, 40 or 50. Here are some of our top picks. AND ...Please feel free to let us know what your favorite Scottsdale night-life spots i.e best fun & dance places along with lounges.

Casablanca Rooftop Lounge “An Elegant Cocktail Heaven” is how Casablanca Rooftop Lounge describes the experience of having a drink with them. It’s a mix of the past and future, as they put it, with barrel-aged beverages and exotic cocktails. I describe more as a cool rooftop patio with a widely mixed crowd. Bar with a great DJ often live music playing Motown and Contemporary hits.

Dakota's club Now, this is not for the faint of heart ..over 35 is fine, over 40 you are still in the mix! But be ready to remember dance clubs like when you were in your twenties. The club is located in old town Scottsdale and it has “cemented itself as the top club for the people who want an elevated dance party experience.” The Dakota club attracts a more mixed aged crowd from 21 to 61 .  Everyone looks great! Saturday night is packed. It is also popular place for drinks and for sports fans to meet.

Ocean Club - Mastros  at Kierland and Old Town “Masterful,” “high end,” and one of the “top 10 steakhouses in the U.S.” is how critics describe Ocean Club. It attracts the upscale crowd. Dining - Bar and small dance floor. If in South Scottsdale you will want to visit Mastro’s City Hall both these $$$$ , but worth it for mix, mingle and food.

Blue Martini is known as an upscale and contemporary, ‘locals bar,’ offering Happy Hour 7 days a week, Live Entertainment and themed nights such as “Industry Night” and “Ladies Night.” Reviews for Blue Martini are great from dancing to the food.

Rusty Spur Saloon  This place is a plain blast if you like Country or even if you don't ….but want to meet all sorts of super fun people. Celebrities like Clint Eastwood, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston have all visited. It’s a saloon so, not for the prudish. The band ‘s lyrics will sometimes make you wonder if you just heard what you thought you did.

AZ88  Great place for "BEST martini in Scottsdale and cool contemporary vibe always new art exhibits. Dj in thehouse on the weekends. And the food here is really good !

ZuZu at Valley Ho Hotel  This is a fun place for the over 35, 40 and 50 plus crowd featuring live bands. It’s a nice place to meet friends and have fun. Live bands on weekends; call for schedule.

Rock Bar.  You never know what you will get at the Rock bar.. I used to love Wasted Grain for Old school 80tys live rock but since the remodel it's standard dj music. Soooo If you want to get your live rock fix on, Rock bar may just be the spot. Call for band schedules.

Kazimierz World Wine Bar   This is a dark, enter-through-the-back-door live music lounging place that is a cool meet-up for a good time. Bands on the weekends, Low light so you can definitely go Incognito, Call it Kaz-meer-ehz, Kashmere or Kazbar — any of these names are acceptable. The bar offers over 2,000 wines plus classic and craft cocktails.

W Hotel Bar- Scottsdale - The bar downstairs has live music on the weekends and the pool patio and dance floor have live DJ . Dress to impress and ready to dance. Very comfortable lounge seating upstairs and cool, eclectic upscale crowd. Only your Lamborghini or Ferrari's will be parked out front.

Handlebar Jays - " A really fun place to dance and listen to live music - Handlebar Jays in Scottsdale" and they have barbecue... Nice !! - Word is a little lots of folks mostly from 30tys to 70ty's have a good ol time at Handle Bar Jays.. Let me know what you think ..

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 

UBER... don't drink and drive be safe


Karaoke  - The Grapevine restaurant and Bar is not your normal Karaoke bar.. this is party central with everyone signing along and some of the best pours in town. - UBER... don't drink and drive be safe

Bar - Party on a bike  Put a unique twist on partying in Old Town Scottsdale with Arizona Party Bikes! Party on a bike with drinks see site www. This is a ‘Mini bus bike” with about seven seats on either side of a LARGE bike with a bar in-between. I have never been… but every time I see the bike bar go bye everyone seems to be having a blast.


SCOTTSDALE AND PHOENIX –  Have a vibrant nightlife.. if it’s in New York, Los Angeles or Paris, we probably have it here.




ART WALK – Old town Scottsdale _ Every Thursday Evening 6pm and On.  Tour Many of Scottsdale

best galleries in Old Town Scottsdale .Everyone this is soooo much fun... either as a family activity (ages14 – 99) date night or to meet super great Scottsdale locals, Enjoy

Description: Celebrate an American original – the Scottsdale ArtWalk. This free event takes place every Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. in Downtown Scottsdale. Restaurants, museums and free trolley and/or horse-drawn carriage rides are available during ArtWalk to transport folks from numerous free parking areas throughout the Scottsdale Arts District and Scottsdale Downtown.

Locations include Main Street from Scottsdale Road west to Goldwater Boulevard, and on Marshall Way north of Indian School Road to 5th Avenue. Oct 2018 Check schedule



If you love singing in the car... and dreamt of singing in a choir ... well here is your big chance and of course you can make some talented new friends.

You can participate in Choir Tonight at Sanctuary Choir- no audition needed, just a will and brave spirit. Everyone gets to participate. BTW, this is every Wednesday and for all ages. Call for more details (480) 948-1234 Music Rehearsal Room, 6300 E Bell Road  Scottsdale, AZ 85254.



Enjoy Happy Hour Fridays Poolside at Hotel Valley Ho. I have to share, this is a fun place to relax on a Saturday. Call ahead but the open the pool is typically open to the public on Saturday and they have a really nice staff that will bring beverages and food poolside.

FARMERS MARKET - Old Town Scottsdale – Every Saturday Morning Fresh Produce and sundries for the whole family. 3806 N. Brown Ave – see website for dates and Times

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 




HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES - Up for How Air Balloon ride at Sunrise. Or at another time of date. Enjoy the beauty of the desert from high above.  Take a look at all the options at these sites. And   5 star rated


ATV – DESERT TRAILS TOURS. When it comes to outdoor activities, Desert Trail Tours leads the pack as it boasts amazing packages and outdoor activities that both locals and visitors will find it hard to find somewhere else. Desert Wolf Tours have been ranked the Best Off-Road ATV Adventure Tour for six years in a row, Hit the OFF, off-road riding in Tomcars/Atv  surrounded by beautiful natural Sonoran Desert with Tomcars. You can expand the adventure by participating in shooting competition or teaming up with others on a rescue mission and to pin down a hostage courier. All fun check out


SCENIC FLIGHTS -Desert Splash Adventures offers scenic flights over the Sonoran Desert, Roosevelt Lake, and Lake Powell. Operated by Island Air Express, Desert Splash Adventures provides discerning guests with an exclusive and unique desert adventure experience from the comfortable cockpit of a Cessna Caravan Amphibious Seaplane.  Highly experienced commercial bush pilots, who are based in Alaska in the offseason, fly the planes, and they guarantee absolute safety throughout the journey. Conveniently located near the Scottsdale Airport, an executive lounge provides a luxurious space to relax before the flight, which takes you over some of Arizona’s most dramatic, breathtaking landscapes, ending in exhilarating water landing on Roosevelt Lake or Lake Powell.

Desert Splash Adventures also offers a range of other adventures ranging from gourmet brunches on a private island to canyoneering in the magnificent rock formations of the Sonoran wilderness. 15115 N Airport Drive, Landmark Aviation (FBO), Scottsdale, AZ, Phone: 877-588-8819  Check out their you tube video looks FUN !!


VIP AIRSOFT   A indoor shooting pellet game excursion; Described in part by one guest as, “Once you are in the staging area, the staff divide you into two teams and explain the rules of the games that you will be playing. As each session lasts 4 hours, you get the chance to play quite a few games. Some games just involve shooting at the other team, while some have an objective such as capturing an ammunition case or controlling a "bomb" for the most time.”  For more information on this adventure

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 

ESCAPE ROOM- Challenge Game

Yes,there are escape games and the reviews sound like they are fun.. Here are two you may want to check out.   4.9 stars and with 4.7 stars at last check. What is “Escape Room” ? It is a FUN game concept designed for small groups of friends, families, co-workers or strangers to test their problem-solving skills in a fun themed escape room.  Each Escape The Room AZ experience has its own setting, secrets, storyline, and escape route. It’s filled with hidden objects and clues to help you find your way out, You have 60 minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape the room to find your freedom!


HELICOPTER TOURS – You guessed it, a view from above to all your favorite places..



In the summer, the heat is on along with the humidity and monsoon storms making it just not quite as fun to play outside. So if you do not want to unpack the 'slip and slide' or sprinklers; there are still plenty of fun things you can do in Scottsdale and stay cool!

OCTANE RACEWAY One of my favorites is the Octane Raceway at Talking Stick. You’ll find Kart Racing with a 1/3 mile track that’s the only full-time Indoor/Outdoor track in the entire United States! The track layout is unique in that each lap begins indoors then winds through an outdoor section of the course before returning inside.You’ll also find mini bowling at the Octane Raceway. Mini-pins combined with a mini bowling ball equals Mini-Bowling! You’ve got to try it!

VELOCITY VR is another fun activity at Octane Raceway. Imagine a game that doesn’t feel like a game. You’re not wired to a console and your body becomes your controller. It’s the real world and a digital one meshed together. You can choose from Zombie Outbreak Origins or Singularity.  In addition, there’s an amazing arcade, outdoor activities and the new Brickyard Grill restaurant. Could be fun on a date, date night with the Mrs. or the whole family!

ICE DEN - Here’s a place you’ll really get cooled off at. The Ice Den Scottsdale offers public ice skating and youth/adult hockey! Private lessons are offered. You can try your skills at figure skating or speed skating. Ballet classes are even offered since this technique helps in learning to figure skate.  You’ll also find a Pro Shop at the Ice Den along with a Health and Fitness Center and a couple of casual dining options. Check hours of operation.

ODYSEA AQUARIUM The Odysea Aquarium, in Scottsdale, is fun for the whole family or even you single folks. They’re offering a couple of great deals right now. They’re offering 10-dollars off each ticket if you buy online. Also, during the summer months, if you go between 5 pm and 8 pm, a general admission ticket is only $25! Adult tickets are normally $37.95 with kid tickets priced at $27.95.

SCOTTSDALE’S MCDOWELL MOUNTAIN RANCH AQUATIC CENTER Enjoy the Arizonian sun and sparkling waters at McDowell Mountain Ranch Park & Aquatic Center. You’ll find a skatepark, four soccer fields and two ball fields. The aquatic center is a magnet for swimmers and divers, both young and old, and has several pools and play areas. The water slides, lazy river and spray pad are favorite spots for the kids and adults. Besides the park and aquatic center, the facility also has a state-of-the-art fitness center where fitness classes are offered. (Google latest hours and location)

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MUSEUM Nothing like going to an air-conditioned museum in the heat of the day to stay cool. Get your culture on. The Musical Instrument Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but also offers a variety of concerts in the evenings. Admission is $20. Concert admission is extra.  (Google latest hours and location)

BIG SURF  Just a little bit south of Scottsdale, in Tempe, is the Big Surf Waterpark. This is the closest thing you’re going to get to an ocean. Built in 1969, Big Surf Waterpark is America’s Original Waterpark boasting one of the largest wave pools in the world, Waikiki Beach. Nestled on 20 acres, Big Surf has remained an Arizona icon for over 40 years and features dozens of other thrilling water features.

DIVE-IN MOVIES, YES.. like a movie watching at the POOLYep, you heard right. A big screen by the pool where you can, in most cases, have a cool beverage, food nearby and enjoy a movie!!

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 


If you’re planning a staycation one of these weekends, a select few of these resorts are offering dive-in movies. And some of the most amazing amenities you can imagine from water parks to gourmet dining. 


The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort

Spa at Gainey Ranch

The Phoenician

Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

Sanctuary Hotel Paradise Valley

Hotel Valley Ho


Here are a few more options to consider...





Talking Stick

W Scottsdale

Valley Ho

Lustre Bar at Hotel Palomar

The Saguaro Hotel




The Vig

Pedal Haus

The Yard


El Chorro

Timo Wine Bar

Different Point of View

The Windsor

The Montauk





RUTH CHRIS STEAK HOUSE First on our list is the world Famous "Ruth Chris Steak House" featuring a Prime Burger with Fries ONLY $9.00 Crab Beignets and Seared Ahi Tuna. YUMM.. One of the best parts of the Ruth Chris Happy Hour is the beautiful second-floor patio with outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy the sunset.


Wednesday Happy Hour. Feel Like a snack or glass of Wine after work.

Hump day - Wednesday- Happy Hour at Ancala Country Club 

480-391-1000 3pm - 5 pm

Have a question for the Scottsdale Community or fun event or news, Please feel free to share.

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 


KONA GRILL has got to be one of the Best Happy Hours in Scottsdale. Kona Grill has a huge Happy Hour menu with tasty treats from fresh sushi, delicious pizzas and.... the ever famous two hamburger sliders and fries meal...frozen margaritas and more !. Of course, there's great atmosphere on the big patio and it's located right at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, just in case you're in dire need of retail therapy. Enjoy! Share your favs in Scottsdale! We live in an amazing city. I hope you're getting out and enjoying it. Check out Kona Grill and great , fun staff , great opportunity to get out and make new friends.




YARDHOUSE Happy hours are a great place to meet and make new friends at the same time getting a nice inexpensive meal. For example Yard House at Scottsdale Fashion Square is another great place to go for Happy Hour! It has an extensive menu of drink and food specials. HUGE 16 inch platter of loaded Nachos for 7.95; big enough for 2 to 4 and On Monday's, Happy Hour runs all night long! There's also a location in the North Phoenix at Desert Ridge Marketplace.Enjoy and have an awesome day ! Please SHARE your favorite places and activities !!


TOP HAPPY HOURS IN SCOTTSDALE #4 More events, "best places" and activities posted daily.


THE LIVING ROOM has been nominated as one of the TOP TEN Happy hours in Scottsdale for a super fun eclectic group of people, great food and for being cool and comfortable place to go. The Gainey Ranch Scottsdale location gets all 5 stars from visitors. We live in one of the nicest places in the world get out and enjoy!




FLEMINGS You wouldn't think a high-end steak restaurant would have a happy hour with great prices, however Fleming's does. From an amazing cocktail and beer list to amazing appetizers and small plates, you can't go wrong with this happy hour served in the bar. Oh, did I mention the dessert menu is equally long and inviting? Get out and mingle.


THE BLUE MARTINI falls in the category of "It's soooo close to Scottsdale.. and so good we are making an exception in including it in our Best Of Scottsdale Happy Hours.

Lots of fun, fun music and a cool crowd makes it the perfect place for all of us living in North Scottsdale. Have fun everyone, remember to Uber if drinking.


HULAS MODERN TIKI in Old Town is a stylish take on the classic tiki restaurants and bars of the 50s and 60s. Situated in a newly renovated building on First Avenue in the heart of Scottsdale, Hula's Modern Tiki is locally owned and operated and super fun– Call for specials


Please Share your favorite happy hour spot! Many more – please feel free to google.





Yep, we have rock climbing. A variety of climbing courses will be available at the event lead by REI Outdoor School Instructors and popular top rope climbs of various levels will be set up throughout the event. There will also be a rappelling station and an anchors class. Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day.

Registration is encouraged and available on REI’s website -…/climb-fest-2-mcdowe…/scottsdale/193310. The $20 registration fee includes all the equipment you will need: harness, shoes, helmet and chalk. Participants are welcome to bring their own shoes and harness. Water and sunscreen will be provided as well. For more information about ClimbFest, contact AZ on the Rocks at or call 480-502-9777. For more information and schedule. These are previous post.

MUD RUN TRAINING- If you are ready for a physical challenge and not afraid of getting a little dust on your tuxedo this may be for you. PLEASE Google opportunities closest to you with the highest review and ratings. The ideas below are simply to inspire you and remind you of nearby opportunities. The link added here is a training guide and they may be a good resource for additional information.



When the weather is cool, it is an especially GREAT time to hit the trails. Scottsdale has some beautiful trailheads you might want to go and enjoy our beautiful desert.

Many of them are found at Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve that offers a beautiful backdrop of mountains and desert brush. The preserve offers five major trailheads with over 180 miles of trails.

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 

Sunrise Trail East - One of the more difficult hikes on the preserve, the 4-mile hike features steep sections and over a 1,100 foot elevation change. The trail goes right to the top for an amazing view of the McDowell Mountains in all directions along with gorgeous granite formations. 12101 N. 145th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Tom’s Thumb Trailhead - This Trailhead features three hiking paths: Lookout Viewpoint (5.7 mi. / 1100 ft. elevation gain), Tom’s Thumb/East End Loop (11.1 mi. / 2500 ft. elevation gain) and Marcus Landslide (3.7 mi. / 300 ft. elevation gain). These trails are on the north side of the McDowell Mountains. 23015 N 128th St, Scottsdale, AZ, 85255

Lost Dog Wash - The Lost Dog Wash Trailhead is just past Anasazi Elementary School and is one of the major access points for the Preserve. It features shorter and easier trails that go around a desert wash: Ringtail Trail (2.4 mi. / 250 ft. elevation gain), Taliesin Overlook (4 mi. / 350 ft. elevation gain), Sunrise Trail East (4 mi. / 1150 ft. elevation gain), and Old Jeep Trail (4.1 mi. / 450 ft. elevation gain). 12601 N 124th St, Scottsdale, AZ, 85259

Gateway Trailhead - Located on the east side of Thompson Peak Rd. between Legacy Blvd. and Bell Rd is the Gateway Trailhead. It’s the access point to many unique Scottsdale trails. Featured at this trailhead are Horseshoe Loop (1.7 mi. / 100 ft. elevation gain), Bajada Nature Trail (0.5 mi. / 0 ft. elevation gain) and Gateway Loop (4.5 mi. / 650 ft. elevation gain).18333 N. Thompson Peak Rd, Scottsdale, AZ, 85255.

Pinnacle Peak Park

Another Trail in Scottsdale is the Pinnacle Peak Park Trail starting near 102nd and Jomax Here is the link

There is a lot of great hiking in and near Scottsdale another popular trail in Camelback Mountain here is a link to this popular trail near the center of the city



BIKING PATHS – Check out these in Scottsdale (link below) and Google bike paths and trails for endless opportunities.




THE WEATHER HAS been Beautiful! So how about checking out the great parks in Scottsdale? The parks here are much more than green grass and blue skies. We have everything from volleyball to watersides and fishing, so grab a friend and enjoy!


The weather is beautiful unlike so many parts of the country and that lends itself to getting out and enjoying some great parks in our own backyard! Scottsdale is home to some of the nicest parks around that are great for taking a walk or bringing the family for a picnic. Below are just a few we recommend. Please feel free to chime in with others. 

1) Scottsdale Sports Complex - Grab a group of friends for a game of soccer, lacrosse, football, or rugby. The 71-acre facility is a state of the art competitive sports field complex that also has a shaded playground, basketball court and multi-use paths. Reservations accepted March through December.

2) Scottsdale Civic Center Mall - Located near the center of Old Town it features a wonderful park like feeling with big waterfalls plus walking and biking options. Plus it’s surrounded by great restaurants, pubs, museums and shops.…/scottsdale-civic-center-mall

3) The McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is the most unique park of its kind in the country. Adults and kids can take a ride on the Paradise & Pacific Railroad. The 30-acre park also features shops, museums, playgrounds and a 1950-vintage Allan Herschell carousel. It’s considered one of Scottsdale’s most beautiful parks.

4) El Dorado Park is one of the nicer parks in Scottsdale. What sets this park apart from the other is that it has two lakes where you can fish. Plus the 60-acre park has other nice features like a community center & gym, greenbelt multi-use path, swimming pool, three lighted ball fields, a lighted sand volleyball court and a wedge skate park.

5) Chaparral Park also offers a lake with a fishing pier where you can both boat and fish. It also has a dog park along with a greenbelt multi-use path, 10-station exercise course, six ball fields and two sand volleyball courts and a he Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden at Chaparral Park is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat that features over 7,000 plants and 200 species. Fed by a vast underwater reservoir, the expansive 5.5-acre garden was established to protect and preserve regional plant species and provide an educational resource to raise awareness about local plant species and sustainable landscaping using reduced water usage.

Visitors to the garden can move around easily, following clear signage and an interactive plant guide that highlights the facts about the low-water-use plants and trees and water harvesting. The guide also gives excellent tips for caring for desert landscapes.

6) Vista Del Camino Park. This 71-acre park is located in south Scottsdale and also has a dog park plus amenities like disc golf grass and sand volleyball courts, two lakes for fishing along with three softball fields.

7) McDowell Mountain Ranch Park. Feel like a swim? This 35-acre park has a heated competition pool, leisure pool, lazy river, water slide and splash pad all within its Aquatic Center. The park also has a skate park, fitness center plus soccer and ball fields.…/mcdowell-mountain-ranch-park

Other parks in Scottsdale include - see below

McDowell Sonoran Preserve -

Cactus Park -

Pinnacle Peak Park -

Mountain View Park -

Horizon Park -

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 


Animal Specific Parks and Adventures.


Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center - rescues and rehabilitates injured wildlife and releases them back into the wild, and it provides a sanctuary for orphaned animals native to Arizona. The center also provides education on the importance of nature and wildlife, as well as the role they play in our world.

The center is home to a range of animals, including black bears, bobcats, coyotes, jaguars, mountain lions, Mexican grey wolves, and porcupines, among others. Visitors to the center can enjoy - Walk with Wildlife tours through the facility and learn more about these fascinating animals. The center hosts educational programs, including Walk with Wildlife, Sunrise Nature Tour, Full Moon Tour, and Discovery Day, as well as several community-based outreach programs like PAWS 27026 N. 156th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona, Phone: 480-471-9109

PHOENIX ZOO. World Renowned -The Phoenix Zoo opened in 1962 and is the largest privately owned, non-profit zoo in the United States. Located in Phoenix Arizona, the zoo was founded by Robert Maytag, a member of the Maytag family, and operates on 125 acres (51 ha) of land in the Papago Park area of Phoenix. The zoo has over 1,400 animals on display and contains 2.5 miles (4.0 km) of walking trails. It is divided into four main themed areas or trails: The Arizona Trail (American Southwest flora and fauna), the Africa Trail (animals from Africa), the Tropics Trail (residents of the rain forests), and the Children's Trail, which includes a petting zoo. 

 *General review*

“Great Day at the Zoo. We were looking for something to do with our teen on the weekend. Decided on the Zoo. Display of animals impressive, habits nicely done. Appears to be a lot of new things coming soon. So impressed we signed up for a years membership as we left for the day! “



Yes!! We have several lakes and plenty of boating activities near-by. Many within a one hour drive!

Check out this site.



PLEASE Google class opportunities closest to you with the highest review and ratings. The ideas below are simply to inspire you and remind you of nearby opportunities.


CYCLING CLASSES indoor– Fitness The Cycle bar – one reviewer said 

“- Each class comes with a free pair of cycle shoes you can rent, a towel, a Cyclebar 32 oz water bottle, a good time and work out”

GYMNASTICS CLASSES for adults and Children










IMPROV Theatre – Yes you can take improv and it’s fun.




DRESSAGE TRAINING – HORSEBACK RIDING Classes. Phoenix has some of the best schools in the world for Dressage and Horseback riding.

DANCE – BALLET JAZZ and more. Some of the best coaches in the world are in the 

Phoenix Scottsdale area and aspiring professionals travel from all over the world to study here.

and yes there are classes for the novice as well.



MUSIC LESSONS – ALL instruments


MUD RUN TRAINING- If you are ready for a physical challenge and not afraid of getting a little dust on your tuxedo this may be for you.





The weather is cooling off and friends from the frozen east will be visiting, that means golf is going to be more fun than ever. We have some beautiful courses in our own backyard. Here are the top picks by me and USA Today.



Troon North Golf Club is known as Scottsdale’s “crown jewel.” Pinnacle Peak overlooks the two 18-hole courses — Monument and Pinnacle — that wind through scenic foothills and natural ravines. The course is famous for its ambiance, natural terrain and beauty. The fairways are immaculately groomed.



Located on the eastern edge of Scottsdale, We-Ko-Pa has stunning mountain views in almost every direction. Players with all skill levels enjoy the club. Enjoy desert wildlife on the Cholla course. Golfweek Magazine ranks the Saguaro course as #67 in America’s top 100 modern courses. The two courses are also the #1 and #2 rated public access courses in Arizona.



You probably know this course as the one that’s home to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, one of the largest-attended golf tournaments in the world. TPC Scottsdale is a favorite course of some of the sport's top players and recreational golfers alike. The course is surrounded by the McDowell Mountains and features two championship courses: the famous Stadium Course and the iconic Champions Course.



Located at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, The Kierland Golf Club,is in the heart of "new" Scottsdale. It’s set against the picturesque mountain ranges of the Sonoran Desert. The three award-winning courses have won numerous distinctions, including being named one of the best courses in America by Golfweek and Best Golf Shop 2011 by GolfWorld.



This popular golf course in Scottsdale is on the site of an old orange grove. The course went green in recent years and is committed to reducing non-recyclable waste, water usage and for starting an active recycling program on the property. At the heart of the resort is the Parkland-style,18-hole USGA-rated championship golf course, a favorite with locals and tourists.



Formerly the Sanctuary Golf Course, the new McDowell Mountain Golf Club is built on the western slope of Scottsdale's McDowell Mountains. Changes to the course include wider corridors, waste bunker additions, additional teeing areas and reshaping some of the fairways.



Natural desert terrain surrounds each of the holes and wrap around the immaculate fairways. The South Course is the main attraction, featuring impeccable fairways that manage to stay green even at the height of summer.



Legend Trail Golf Club offers a beautifully manicured 72 course that backs up against the Sonoran Desert, offering players some of the best views in Scottsdale, including Pinnacle Peak.The course is listed as one of the top 100 facilities in the country by Golf Magazine, and is frequently ranked among Arizona's best golf courses.



One of Scottsdale's most popular golf destinations, The Phoenician is home to three courses: the Desert Nine, Oasis Nine, and Canyon Nine. The Desert Nine is the most popular course because of its unique layout, desert views and elevation changes. The Oasis Nine is a more traditional course, featuring tree-lined fairways and serene water features. The Canyon Nine is the most lush of the three courses.



Located just outside Scottsdale along the scenic McDowell Mountains in the community of Fountain Hills is the Eagle Mountain Golf Club. Players get to experience one of the most scenic corners of the Sonoran Desert. The layout of Eagle Mountain also affords some of the most picturesque views of the Valley.



While this great golf club didn't make USA Today's list, it should have. 

The Southwestern style Camelback Golf Resort on Mockingbird Ln offers two championship 18-hole courses and a 36,000-square-foot pueblo-style clubhouse.

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 




1. Scottsdale is #6 in working hardest in the nation? We need to get out and enjoy our local events a lot more! Keep balance Family, Friends, work and play.


A couple of weeks ago, someone asked 'How's dating life in Scottsdale?' Well, just in case you were wondering what the male vs. female population is, here are a few facts.

Scottsdale is 52% female with a median age of 47.9 and 48% men with a median age of 45.0 Scottsdale has an overall population of 227,471 including me. For more interesting statistical facts on Scottsdale, please continue to read my news post. Thank you. Michael Chaisson Realtor


I'm sure you already know that Scottsdale is a great place to live! But others think the same since the city ranks in the top 10 for Best Quality of Life.

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 


*Polo Play and Bentley’s  This is a blast every year in early November 

* Spring Training

* Barrett Jackson

* Scottsdale Film Festival

* Scottsdale Fashion Week

* And more - Google events Phoenix


ARIZONA Attractions

Waterfalls Beaver Falls

Though it may be quite a hike to get there, the astonishing beauty of Beaver Falls makes it worth the while. An 18-mile trek from the Havasu campground, the falls are filled with incredible pools and turquoise waters that cascade over limestone terraces. There are bolts, chains, and ladders to help you with your descent, and you’ll pass a beautiful historic burial site for the Havasupai people on your way there. Once you’re there, relax, take in the scenic view, and go for a refreshing swim in the refreshing pools. To visit Beaver Falls, you must already be camping at Havasu, which can be reserved with their tourism office.

Cibecue Falls visit to Cibecue Falls is a canyoneering adventure that lets you see a side of Arizona that can’t be found elsewhere. Visitors can drive all the way to the trailhead; the drive itself is an adventure that takes you through narrow roads, past sheer cliffs, and along the gorgeous Salt River – you’ll even have to drive over the running Cibecue Creek to get to the parking point. Come prepared to get your feet wet as you hike through banks and rocks to get to the 30-foot-high waterfall. It’s an extremely peaceful and serene part of the desert and is wonderful for overnight camping

Havasu Falls

Located within the historic Havasupai Indian Reservation, Havasu Falls is also popularly known as Havasupai Falls. Hikers, adventure-seekers, and nature lovers have been going there for years to witness its overwhelming beauty. The hike to the falls is 10 miles long one way, but once you’re there, the inviting blue-green waters make it worth your while. Go swimming in the paradise that is hidden amidst the Grand Canyon and have a rare, once-in-a-lifetime experience that will change your world. Prepare ahead as campground spaces must be reserved well in advance for a chance to visit the falls

Wolf Creek Falls

Often considered one of the area’s best-kept secrets, Wolf Creek Falls is a more private and hidden waterfall that plunges 90 feet over granite cliffs. Getting there is fairly easy on the one-mile, round trip journey on Wolf Creek Loop Trail 384. Once you reach the creek, it’s a short walk to the falls through easily-maneuverable boulders, small canyons, and fallen trees. On the way to the falls, you’ll be able to see breathtaking views of the mountains, a historic mining site, and stunning flora and fauna, including various bird species. Don’t forget to take your camera along as you’ll definitely want to capture the crystal-clear waters of Wolf Creek Falls

Out Of Africa – Wild Animal Park  -

Nestled against the beautiful Mingus Mountains in the Verde Valley sits a wildlife park entirely different than any typical zoo or animal park. Here, you'll experience the splendor of the animal kingdom closer than you ever thought possible, blending the spirit of Africa with the harmony of nature. Whether it's the exciting shows like Tiger Splash® and Predator Feed, or an immersive safari tour that will have you surrounded by free-roaming African plains animals, or whether it's a hands-on, close encounter with the wiliest critters, there's something for everyone here – all with the price of admission! If you're feeling a bit more daring, try the world-class Predator Zip Line tour and soar over the animals. Other options include the VIP Behind-the-Scenes tour, the SuperMog Safari Adventure, Sloth Encounters, and more. Giraffe kisses are free! Gift Shop and Food available. Located just 90 minutes north of Phoenix and 30 minutes south of Sedona, Out of Africa lets you experience Africa in the heart of Arizona. Your adventure awaits!

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 




Phoenix has one of the best airports in the world with local and international flights leaving every few minutes. Phoenix is less than 1.45 hours from San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco and only 3 hours to Chicago – 4 hours to New York. So if you feel like you need a little extra adventure or want to spend the day in Newport Beach can leave at 7am and  be on your way to breakfast in Newport Beach by 8:35 am.





There are dozens of Fantastic spas in the Scottsdale Phoenix area. TOO many to mention share all here in Scottsdale and Phoenix, however here are the top three most luxurious spas according to writer Katy C. For a particular Spa experience, please google “spa”  plus the services you are looking for.

The Top Three Most Luxurious Spas in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is a beautiful place to visit, especially during the pre- and post-summer months when the weather feels like summer but isn’t scorching hot. It’s a golfer’s paradise, with top-rated courses in every part of town, and with that there are also gorgeous hotels with spas you could spend days relaxing at. There are so many great spas to choose from in the Scottsdale area, many of which offer views of the nearby Camelback Mountain. Read on for three recommendations for the ultimate spa day.

Sanctuary Resort & Spa

The Sanctuary Resort & Spa, located in Scottsdale’s Paradise Valley, is an award-winning luxury resort set right within Camelback Mountain, with unbeatable views in every direction. Whether you are staying there or not, visiting the spa at the resort is a relaxing experience you won’t want to miss. There’s a lengthy menu of Asian-inspired treatments to choose from, including everything from signature treatments, massages, skin care and body treatments, fitness classes, outdoor adventures and Satori wellness retreats. The Sanctuary Spa has twelve indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, a movement studio, an outdoor Watsu pool and the Zen meditation garden – and with all of that, there’s no way you’ll leave with one bit of stress. Because this spa has so much to offer, you should plan on getting there before your treatments and sticking around to relax afterward.

Signature treatment to try: Luk Pra Kope, which means “to massage with medicinal herbs.” It begins with a foot scrub with Thai clay and fresh lime. Then your masseuse steams organic herbs and massages and presses them onto your body’s energy pathways. You’ll end up with soothed muscles, increased circulation and refreshed skin. If you’re visiting with friends, the Girlfriend Getaway package is the perfect option for a full day of relaxation. You’ll start with your choice of a 60-minute massage, then a 60-minute facial, and topped off with a mani-pedi, updo, blow dry and style for a night out on the town. And there are plenty of day packages with treatments for relaxation, rejuvenation, tranquility, motherhood, romance and more. And saving the best for last, the Satori Wellness Retreat, is a full journey with everything from fitness and spa services, to delicious meals and relaxation in your own casita.

The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North

Send your significant other off to gold at the Troon North Golf Club and take the day to yourself at the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale, located just down the street. Hidden within the beautiful landscape of this desert hotel, you’ll enter the spa, which offers services including massages, body wraps, hair, makeup and nails – everything needed for a day of me-time pampering. There are several different packages that combine different massages, facials and other treatments, some of which also include a spa lunch. The Couple’s Suite Indulgence is a must for honeymooners, and the Sweet Sixteen includes a makeup lesson that’s the perfect post-facial treat for a teenager. If you’re not staying at the Four Seasons, you can still get access to all of the resort’s picturesque pools before or after your 50-minute spa treatment. The pool staff are incredibly attentive and will take care of you for the day.

Palo Verde Spa & Apothecary

The Andaz Scottsdale Resort – and Palo Verde Spa & Apothecary located within it – are brand new and are absolutely worth adding to your lists of destinations to check out in Scottsdale. The resort is a unique concept, with 200+ bungalow-style guestrooms and suites that make it feel like you’re in your own private oasis rather than a hotel. The resort has stunning views of Camelback Mountain and the Turquoise Pool is the perfect place for sunbathing. The Palo Verde Spa prides itself on offering personalized treatments based on your preferences, using botanicals and natural aromatics from the local desert region.

Signature treatment to try: Camelback Custom Massage. You’ll get to pick out an oil blend from the desert blending bar, such as wild chaparral or prickly pear, to be used during your 60- or 90-minute massage. The Citrus Splash is also a great option, as Arizona is known for citrus and this body scrub uses just that – a lemon body scrub, orange essence body souffle and a rosemary lime scalp massage. Can’t decide which treatment you want and have time to spare? Go with the Andaz Package Work of Art, which will give you 20 percent off a combination of three treatment
Spa Story by Katy Cirrone

REALTOR - Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty— To enjoy this lifestyle and view homes for sale near any of these fun activities offered in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix please call Michael Chaisson at 480-450-4632 

Nov. 16, 2018

Paradise Valley - About and the History of.

History of Paradise Valley

The earliest history of Paradise Valley is fascinating. Although this beautiful city has only truly taken shape in last 75 years. The earliest true residents came over 2,000 years ago when the area was inhabited by a large tribes of Native American farmers known as the Hohokam. They were the first settlers to the area locals now fondly referred to as “The Valley”.  The Hohokam's pioneered the use of complex canal networks to irrigate the arid lands of the region. The tribe occupied central Arizona, including the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale area, until around 1375 when it is believed erratic climate changes forced them to abandon most of their settlements.
By the early 1800s, European settlers had found their way west and were using the land around Paradise Valley for cattle grazing and farming. In the 1860tys US troops patrolled the area but growth was still minimal. In an effort to encourage economic development of the arid regions of the Western states, Congress passed the Desert Land Claim Act of 1877. This allowed individuals to apply for up to 640 acres of land to farm and cultivate.

History of Paradise Valley, "Paradise is named"

This, in turn, brought three surveyors for the Rio Verde Canal Company out west in 1889 to survey the land in the Paradise Valley area for agricultural opportunities. Struck by the immense beauty of the spring wildflowers growing across the valley, the surveyors dubbed the area “Paradise Valley.” At about this same time in late 1880ty’s Paradise valley’s neighbor Scottsdale was growing as a farming village was given the name “Scottsdale” in 1894 after its founder, U.S. Army Chaplain Winfield Scott.

History Of Paradise Valley -Early housing and Real Estate

Going back to the earliest history of Paradise Valley, there was no reliable sources of water other than seasonal rainfall so the land was cheap. Well into the 1920s, development in Paradise Valley consisted mainly of modest adobe homes and what many might consider shacks built on large plots of land. With just a very few stately properties built by wealthy individuals from the 'east' drawn to Paradise Valley by the beauty and idyllic weather. Even after the second World war most homes were small and modest and yet a typical lot size was not less than 5 acres. Larger homes, A few of the predecessors to the grand estates of today i.e early stately Paradise Valley residences and schools were turned into guest lodges beginning in 1930 (such as the Hermosa Lodge, El Chorro Lodge and the Schildman Residence)
A few Images seen below, show the History of Paradise Valley in Picture


It wasn’t until the late 1930s, the modern history of Paradise Valley takes shape. Settlement began in earnest. It was around this time, in 1928, when one of Paradise Valley’s most notable historical buildings (not to mention one of the state of Arizona’s oldest independent college preparatory schools), The Judson School, opened its doors with seven students—all boys. In 1945, Henry Wick, who had taught at the school since 1938, bought it from George Judson and began offering English as a Second Language. These classes brought students from all around the world, representing a total of 30 different countries. Girls were admitted to The Judson School starting in 1956. This historic campus stood until 1999 when the 55 acre property was sold to a home developer. Who then built one of the most prestigious communities in Arizona aptly named Judson Estates. Today, there is still a small structure on the property which stands as a memorial to 72 years of The Judson School’s history.

The history of Paradise Valley evolves richly through 1930ty’s as it was becoming renowned for its stunning beauty, wide open spaces, and beautiful weather.

About Paradise Valley history
Guest Paradise Valley 1930ty's

As a result of the beautiful weather and scenic setting, the entire Valley became a draw for a number of the country’s most upscale resorts and in 1936, the Camelback Inn resort opened in nearby Scottsdale. With special attention being paid to the culture and history of Paradise Valley. Each casita at the Camelback Inn was built with adobe bricks made on the property, decorated with Native American art, and given a name that reflected the local cacti.

History of Paradise Valley Camelback inn
Camelback Inn 1940ty's

Other resorts, such as the Montelucia and Hermosa Inn soon followed, as did guest ranches such as Sun ‘N Sage, Diamond Lazy K, and Desert Lark. By the end of the World War II, Paradise Valley’s resorts were a go-to destination for the affluent. Today Paradise Valley is still one of the most beautiful and affluent communities in the U.S.

About Paradise Valley – 1960tys to Modern Day

As the cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix grew around Paradise Valley, The early Paradise Valley residents became determined to maintain the beauty and scenic beauty that inspired the name 'Paradise Valley'. So faced with mounting pressure from the swelling populations of nearby Scottsdale and Phoenix, residents of Paradise Valley formed the Citizens’ Committee for the Incorporation of The Town of Paradise Valley, Arizona. The committee’s goal was to incorporate the town of Paradise Valley so that urban sprawl and its subdivisions and shopping centers did NOT overtake the rural lifestyle to which Paradise Valley residents were accustomed. In April 1961, the Citizens’ Committee presented their petition for incorporation to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and on May 24, 1961, it was granted. Paradise Valley, Arizona had been firmly established. April 1961, the Citizens’ Committee presented their petition for incorporation to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and on May 24, 1961, it was granted. Paradise Valley, Arizona had been firmly established. A testament to the strength of a small group of early visionary residences from all different social strata. Especially true because at the time, Paradise Valley was still in it’s infancy with only about 2000 residences. Some of the more modest homes of the era, many with 5 acres could be purchased for a price of below $25,000. The history of Paradise Valley would not be what it is without these early homeowners. We applaud their foresight and passion. Today 5 acres in Paradise Valley might cost between $6,000,000 and $8,000,000. Add a nice home on 5 acres the price could exceed $12,000,000. Some of the early dictates established by the early Paradise Valley Committees was NO commercial Development in town limits (resorts only exception)... and residential zoning that would NOT allow more than 1 home per acre, unless the home was a within a resort community. The net result is beautiful streets, gorgeous stately homes with lush surroundings. Almost without exception when I show homes in Paradise Valley to Home buyers, with budgets of 1.5 million and more , the overwhelming response is,  'Paradise Valley is beyond compare for those seeking a beautiful luxury home, in a beautiful area,  that almost feels secluded but is only minutes to some of the best dining, entertainment and activities in the World '. The cities to me that most resemble Paradise Valley in the western United States is Beverly Hills and Bel Air California.

History of Paradise Valley Today. Facts and Stats

Today, Paradise Valley is a thriving luxury community of 13,000 people spanning across 16.5 square miles, with an elevation of 1,421 feet. Water is amply supplied by the Colorado river and natural resources. Residential taxes are some of the lowest in the nation, typically less than or equal to 1% of the homes market value. Strict zoning ordinances have kept commercial endeavors to a minimum so the community consists mostly of multi-million dollar homes set typically on lots of at least one acre each,  in a rare cases between 39,000 and 43,000 square feet.  In fact, local zoning ordinances have taken the town’s commitment to preserving individual privacy and space even further by restricting where a builder can place a home on a plot of land. The exact restriction is based on the height of the home’s exterior roof; for example, a home with an exterior roof height of 16 feet cannot be placed closer than 20 feet from the property line and a home with a 20-foot-high exterior roof cannot be closer than 40 feet to the property line. A home with 20 foot high roof line home must be 40 feet from property line and Paradise Valley homes with a maximum height of 24 must be 60 feet from the property line. This is referred to as the “Wedding Cake” rule and is intended to ensure each home has privacy and a view.
Paradise Valley has risen so far from its humble agrarian beginnings that it is now one of THE most affluent communities in America. And since we know you’re probably wondering what that means in actual dollars, consider this: a “fixer upper” starts around $1 million dollars and the most expensive luxury home ever sold in the state of Arizona (which sold for $35 million) is located here. (But don’t worry…with a range of $1.5 million to $25 million dollars, there are plenty of homes for everyone’s taste!) Some of the more prominent architects who have made their marks on the luxury homes found in Paradise Valley are Frank Lloyd Wright, Paolo, Soleri, Bennie Gonzales, Ralph Haver, and Blaine Drake, to name merely a few. Today Paradise Valley continues to attract leading architects form around the world. To learn more about the designs and architects currently influencing and building Paradise Valley, Please call me. I would be happy to assist you.

History of Paradise Valley and demographics.

Residents include CEOs, physicians, small business owners, lawyers, software moguls, and plenty of other, famous and not-so-famous, names and faces make up the populous of the town of Paradise Valley. Some of Paradise Valley’s most high profile residents included, a who's who of art, Hollywood and politics. All of these residents contributed to and share in Paradise Valley’s natural treasures including: Niki Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac , Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals Robert Mitchum, tough guy actor owned a home on Mockingbird Lane. For many years Robert enjoyed attending Arabian horse events. Horses are quite a big part of the history of Paradise Valley. Even today, there are luxury estates with full horse facilities to train Arabian and Thoroughbred horses. One such Paradise Valley estate sold recently for 5.2 million. Dick Cheney, former Vice President of the United States so popular here he has a community named after him "Cheney Estates". Alice Cooper, guitar-slaying rock star and modern day Rock-n-Roll Disc Jockey! Who still shares his DJ skills with hosting a local radio show. You can tune while in Paradise Valley. Those are just a few of the notables.

Today Paradise Valley continues to be a mecca for the sporting elite, a-list celebrities, fashion moguls and more. The amazing weather is undoubtedly a contributing factor to their attraction to this beautiful town. The factors that make the weather so perfect; As part of the Sonoran region, the Town of Paradise Valley is in an “arid zone” Paradise Valley only receives an average of eight inches of rainfall per year. (Also, missing from local weather? Snow! yes. NO snow.) And with summer temperatures averaging between 90 and 105 degrees and winter temperatures averaging between the mid 60tys to high 70ty’s, outside activities are abundant and available year-round. In addition to world-class golf courses, tennis courts, and playing fields for you to use for your outdoor pleasure, hiking, biking, and nature trails abound nearby in Paradise Valley such as world renowned Camelback Mountain with a popular 1.2 mile trail, where over 300,000 nature enthusiast visit each year.. and of course the well known Mummy Mountain. (However, before setting out on a hiking journey it is highly recommended that you speak with someone experienced in hiking the local trails and familiar with the area. Please feel free to call me, Michael Chaisson at RL Sotheby’s Realty for suggestions and tips 480-450-4632.)
If indoor activities are more your style, rest assured that Paradise Valley also has you covered. While the city’s Planning Committee has continued to honor its predecessor’s legacy of preserving the natural, rural, residential feel of the community, you still have plenty of options for fine dining, retail therapy, entertainment, and more. Examples include The Phoenician Resort (built by Charles Keating at a cost of $300 million) and the new five-star rated Ritz Carlton Resort. But rest assured, if you can’t find it in Paradise Valley, it’s a only a short drive to nearby Scottsdale—where you can experience all of the urban sprawl--that is, 5 star dining, music venues, dancing, play activity, and all the social and cultural events one could wish for!

Moving to Paradise Valley

There are so many more details about this stunningly beautiful, charming, and affluent community that would make anyone want to call it home. One of the most notable is besides it's beauty, in comparison to other cities and Towns offering the amenities and benefits of living here; luxury home pricing is actually low in comparison. A beautiful, stately home for sale in Paradise Valley may sell for For example 2.5 million the same home in Beverly Hills California would exceed 8 to 10 million. Let's look at some of the other wins.

  • First-class schools-Highly rated schools-Paradise Valley
  • High per capital income
  • Crime rates well below the national average - Paradise Valley also has it's own police force.
  • A vibrant artist community

But let’s be honest: this article can only give you words. So come to Paradise Valley--take in the sights, feel the air, meet some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and explore the community. Minutes to Scottsdale, 9 miles from downtown Phoenix ..And while you’re here, take a home tour with me—Michael Chaisson, Realtor, RL Sotheby’s International Realty—for a personal introduction into the luxury lifestyle offered  in Paradise Valley.

Realtor -Specializing in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix

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Please feel free to browse this site for information on activities in Scottsdale, Arcadia and Paradise Valley (see resources Tab) and recommendations for the best restaurants and service providers in the community. I also encourage your recommendations.

Oct. 30, 2018

Home Buying Tip #1 When relocating to Phoenix - Scottsdale

Home Buying Tip #1 When relocating to Phoenix-Scottsdale


Homes for sale in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley rank as some of the most beautiful homes in the world and Scottsdale is ranked as of the Top Ten Cities in The United States to live.  So with endless home options and beautiful cities to choose from, including Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Phoenix many buyers forget the #1 most important consideration when searching for a home... Where are you and your loved ones going to be MOST comfortable?? Not just in terms of the home you choose, but where to live.  This simple but important home buying tip is not as carefully considered as you might think and COST home buyers THOUSANDS every year. 

So in order of Home Search Tips; The first #1 home buying tip is. “Search for a Scottsdale – Phoenix – Paradise Valley home near the lifestyle you are going to most enjoy. Seems obvious, however, I meet countless home buyers who bought a beautiful home in the farthest reaches of our beautiful city, who after only six months decided being further away with a nicer house was NOT worth the compromise to their life style.
At the time; these home buyers purchased the home, they fell in love with the nicer -newer- less expensive homes that are available further from shops, restaurants, entertainment and everyone else, including most of their friends or potential friends.  

So in summary Step #1 – Where to start your search?

If you are comfortable just enjoying a "Beautiful structure" …. and rarely go out…. or longer drives for milk… or to see friends will make you happy... than YES.. I can negotiate a better price on a nice home for you in the outer reaches of Scottsdale, Phoenix Gilbert or Chandler. However, if the mere joy of watching the rabbits run across your yard and admiring your newer counter tops is going to wear off in a short time; then you may consider a nice but likely slightly smaller home, closer the center of all the fun activities, events and new friends. AND to narrow it down more.. what neighborhoods are going to feel great to you ??   I am here to always discuss all aspects of finding and negotiating an amazing home for you.

For the very best in professional real estate services in buying or selling a home in Scottsdale, Phoenix or Paradise Valley,  Arcadia AZ , Please feel free to call me direct at 480-450-4632

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Oct. 10, 2018

Complete GUIDE to Phoenix Golf Courses

You asked for it, so here you go! Half of my clients looking for homes for sale in Scottsdale or homes for sale in Paradise Valley are 100% Golf lovers. So, for you my friends, here is your guide to over 30 of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix's top golf courses, complete with Golf Course ratings and Scale Guidelines. We scoured over 25 publications and sites to bring you the fool TEE. 

1.      Level of Difficulty: 1-10: 1 = Easiest / 10 Hardest

2.      Awe Factor: 1-10: 1 = Dud / 10 Amazing

3.      Value/Bang for your Buck: 1 = Lowest Value / 10 Amazing Bargain!!

4.      Course Layout: 1-10: 1 = Dud / 10 Amazing

5.      Service: 1-10: 1 = Terrible / 10 Amazing

6.      Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 1-5: 1 = Boondocks – 1hr+, 2 = Outskirts – 45+ min,3 = City fringe – 30+ mins, 4 = Sweet spot – 20+ mins, 5 = Stumble home!

# 1 - Troon North Golf Club
10320 E Dynamite Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ  85262 
Level of Difficulty: 8
Awe Factor: 9.5
Value/Bang for your Buck: 6.5
Course Layout: 9.5
Service: 9
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 2

Known as Scottsdale's "crown jewel," Troon North Golf Club offers players an unrivaled Scottsdale desert golf experience. The two 18-hole courses wind through scenic foothills and natural ravines in the cool shadows of Pinnacle Peak. The rugged landscape of Arizona's Sonoran Desert creates an iconic golf experience that remains unmatched in the Southwest. The course is famous for its ambiance, challenging natural terrain, and visual beauty. The fairways are immaculately groomed, featuring bent grass greens and impeccable customer service. The Monument and Pinnacle courses consistently rank as some of the best in the country and are at the top of many golfers’ must-play list.

What they say – “Still the king of the Scottsdale public “must-plays” thanks to a pair of courses that dish out cacti, arroyos, rock outcroppings and stunning vistas of Pinnacle Peak and the surrounding mountains. The Monument course is the more scenic of the two, but Pinnacle is the more cohesive test and is walkable, a rarity among modern real estate-oriented desert courses. A revitalized Dynamite Grille, with a new menu and bar, is now a highly regarded post-round option in the clubhouse.”  DG

#2 - SunRidge Canyon Golf Club
13100 Sunridge Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Level of Difficulty: 8
Awe Factor: 9.5
Value/Bang for your Buck: 8.5
Course Layout: 8.5
Service: 9.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 4

SunRidge Canyon is a hidden gem located just outside of Scottsdale. SunRidge Canyon has the best vistas, golf property and design of any public golf course in the state. At SunRidge Canyon, each hole has a feel of its own and moves with the land, canyon and terrain. The front nine runs down through a dramatic canyon, slowly dropping 200 feet over a 9-hole span. The back nine slowly runs back up the canyon, ending with the notorious “Wicked Six”. Just about every hole on the back nine belongs in some advertisement for desert golf.  The holes are that good! The course is awesome, but the Wicked Six restaurant is second to none; offering a breathtaking patio that overlooks the Verde Valley, huge fire pit, live entertainment and an open-air kitchen. Truly one of the best facilities and environment you find at any course. SunRidge Canyon’s location is very convenient for people staying in the Scottsdale area- only 20 minutes from the heart of Scottsdale.

# 3 - We-Ko-Pa Golf Club
18200 East Toh Vee Circle, Fountain Hills, AZ 85264
Level of Difficulty: 7
Awe Factor: 8.5
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7
Course Layout: 8
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 3
Sister courses are Cholla, Saguaro & Walking Saguaro.  

The We-Ko-Pa Golf Club is located on the eastern edge of Scottsdale, blessed with stunning mountain vistas in nearly every direction. The Club offers players of all skill levels access to many great amenities, including a 21,000 square foot clubhouse featuring a full-service restaurant, bar and expansive patio. It's no surprise that Golf week magazine ranks the Saguaro course #67 in America's top 100 modern courses. The two courses are also the #1 and #2 rated public access courses in Arizona. The We-Ko-Pa's combination of beauty and accessibility is incomparable and unbeatable. Play the Cholla course to get a glimpse of desert wildlife.

What they say - “The two layouts on tribal land owned by the Fort McDowell Yavapai nation just east of Scottsdale equal any in the area. The Cholla course, a Scott Miller design, has incomparable scenery and holes that zigzag artfully through canyons, over ridges and down mountain slopes. The Saguaro course, a 2006 Bill Coore/Ben Crenshaw design, is wide enough that a spray hitter will still find his tee shot. There are few forced carries, so a golfer who struggles to get it airborne can also enjoy. Strong players will bask in the challenge of strategic bunkers, superb risk/reward decisions and cleverly contoured greens. Add elevation changes, mountain vistas and a forest of cacti to the mix and you’ve got an unbeatable combination.” RC

# 4 - The Boulders Golf Club
34631 N. Tom Darlington Drive, Carefree, AZ 85377
Level of Difficulty: 6
Awe Factor: 9 
Value/Bang for your Buck: 6
Course Layout: 8
Service: 8
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 2

If you want to get away from it all, this is the place for you. The desert wildlife and breathtaking scenery make this one of the most relaxing resorts in the US. As for the golf, there is a good chance you will encounter the natural desert terrain, as it surrounds each of these holes and finds its way into several of these immaculate fairways. Accurate placement of your tee shots is desired if you want the best chance to hit these greens. The South Course is the main attraction here, featuring impeccable fairways that manage to stay green even at the height of summer.

What they say - “Jay Morrish sculpted two superb courses from the prehistoric rocks that define this property in the charmingly named town of Carefree. The North course is the stronger, better balanced of the two, but the South has the more spectacular holes, including the par-4 opener and the par-5 sixth, with green sites tucked into six-story high boulder complexes.” AK

# 5 - Quintero Golf Club
16752 West State Route 74, Peoria, AZ 85383 
Level of Difficulty: 8
Awe Factor: 9.5 
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7
Course Layout: 8 
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 0

For a world-class golfing experience in the tradition of the world’s most celebrated golf courses, Quintero Golf Club near Phoenix offers players the opportunity for a pure game on a magnificent, secluded, Rees Jones-designed course. Quintero is known for having the finest playing surfaces, and the best multi-level bent grass greens of any golf course in Phoenix-Scottsdale area, or any course in the Southwest. Quintero Golf Club is located approx. 60 miles west of Scottsdale located on some of the best Sonoran Desert terrain a person will find anywhere in the world. Elevation, elevation, elevation! The changes in elevation are breathtaking and consistent through all 18 holes. All 18 holes move upward or downward, with only 3-4 holes on flatter terrain. This promotes spectacular views of the box canyon the course is located in. Course conditions are always top notch and scenery is probably the best of all valley courses. If not for the lengthy drive, proximity to Scottsdale and 1-2 quirky holes, Quintero might have moved up a few notches on this ranking to 1 or 2. Located just 20 miles from Wickenburg and in the middle of the Sonoran Desert allows a visiting golfer to experience the unspoiled west.

#6 - Grayhawk Golf Club
8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Level of Difficulty: 7
Awe Factor: 7 
Value/Bang for your Buck: 4
Course Layout: 7
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 4

Grayhawk Golf Club is world renowned and one of the first public, desert golf courses built in the world. Following shortly behind Troon North’s entrance on the desert golf world, Grayhawk built a gem in the North Scottsdale desert. Boasting 36 holes and the best clubhouse in the Phoenix area, Grayhawk fulfills every golfer’s desires. The course designs and terrain are very good, but depending on opinions, might not be in the top 10 in the valley. The star is the clubhouse, practice facility and restaurants! The course offers 4 restaurants, 2 practice facilities, numerous putting greens and landscape that rivals many 5-star resorts. Grayhawk’s location is nicely located 20-25 minutes from the Scottsdale hot spots.

What they say  - “This facility didn’t invent the “country club for a day,” theme, but it may have perfected it in the 1990s when Phil’s Grill (named for Phil Mickelson) was a beehive for tour pros. Lefty has moved back to his native San Diego, but the ‘Hawk still brims with ambiance, excellent service, above-average dining options and classic rock tunes piped to the practice range via faux-rock speakers. The Tom Fazio-designed Raptor course has hosted most of the big events, including the PGA Tour’s Open (2007-2009), but the David Graham/Gary Panks-crafted Talon course offers more drama, notably at the par-3 11th, where golfers traverse a swinging bridge to reach the back tee, and at the island-green, par-3 17th that’s rimmed with colorful flowers.” BD

#7 - Verde River Golf & Social Club
29005 N. Verde River Way, Rio Verde, AZ 85263
Level of Difficulty: 7
Awe Factor: 8.5
Value/Bang for your Buck: 8
Course Layout: 7.5
Service: 7.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 2

Hidden gem and value! Verde River Golf & Social Club is perched just outside of the Tonto National Forrest and offers the best vistas in the Phoenix area, bar none! It is a reasonably new development, so there are very few houses or structures on the property, which enhances the golfer’s experience. The layout is very good, but again the views and vistas take the show here. Turf conditions consistently rival the best courses in the valley. Value, Value, Value! Verde River Golf & Social Club offers value second only to Sunridge Canyon. You can enjoy Verde River Golf & Social Club for 2/3 the cost of many other valley courses while enjoying the same quality conditions and views of a Troon North or Grayhawk. If not for the proximity to Phoenix and Scottsdale, Verde River Golf & Social Club might be a bit higher on this list.

#8 – Verrado Golf Club
4242 North Golf Drive, Buckeye, AZ 85396
Level of Difficulty: 7
Awe Factor: 8
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7
Course Layout: 8
Service: 8
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 0

Simply put, The Verrado Golf Club is Grayhawk on steroids without the clubhouse. The Verrado Golf Club offers a spectacular course layout and great Sonoran Desert terrain. The course is always in immaculate condition and clubhouse is awesome. If not for the proximity to Scottsdale and Phoenix hotels and other courses, The Verrado Golf Club is a must play!

# 9 - Southern Dunes
48456 AZ-238, Maricopa, AZ 85139
Level of Difficulty: 5
Awe Factor: 5.5
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7.5
Course Layout: 7
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 0

Southern Dunes started out as a private facility in the southernmost tip of the Phoenix area. This private feel is still in Southern Dunes bones and provides a very cool atmosphere for golfers vacationing in the Phoenix Area. It is hard to put a finger on what makes this course so alluring.  Course condition is fantastic, the clubhouse is intimate and is decked out in dark wood accents throughout the building and the practice facility makes you feel like you’re at a private club on the east coast. The course layout is very solid but offers little in the way of views and elevation changes. With that being said, the course hosts many professional tournaments throughout the year and holds up against the very best in the valley. Proximity is the key to Southern Dunes not ranking a bit higher, as this course is 1+ hour drive from central Scottsdale.

What they say - “Located in Maricopa, 25 minutes south of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport, Southern Dunes is a big, bold, 7,300-yard layout and possibly the very best work that Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley have done (Fred Couples consulting). Broad, fescue-framed fairways, artfully contoured bunkers and masterfully crafted undulating greens are framed by unobstructed mountain and desert vistas. Add a green fee that’s less than half of some of Scottsdale’s trophy courses and you have one of Arizona’s best values.” MC

#10 – TPC Scottsdale Stadium
17020 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Level of Difficulty: 6
Awe Factor: 5
Value/Bang for your Buck: 2
Course Layout: 8
Service: 9
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 4.5

Host to the largest tour event in the world! TPC Scottsdale is a tough course to leave out of a golfer’s bucket list when traveling to Phoenix area. Pristine conditions, great course layout, newly remodeled clubhouse and wonderful practice facilities. All of the aforementioned coupled with a great location right in the heart of north Scottsdale allows TPC Scottsdale Stadium course to make our top 10.

What they say - “Home to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the best-attended (and rowdiest) stop on the PGA Tour, the TPC Scottsdale Stadium course is nobody’s idea of a beauty queen, but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in thrills. The island-green, par-5 15th and drivable par-4 17th are two water-tinged, risk/reward greats. For trivia fans, note that the latter is the site of the only ace on a par-4 in PGA Tour history (Andrew Magee, 2001), while the loudest hole in golf, the par-3 16th, reached its zenith in 1997 when Tiger Woods carded a memorable hole-in-one.” AM

#11 – Legend Trail Golf Club
9462 E. Legendary Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Level of Difficulty: 6
Awe Factor: 7
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7
Course Layout: 7
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 2.5

Legend Trail is set 2,500 feet above sea level, which keeps the temperature very nice even in the shoulder months. This elevation also is set in the true Sonoran Desert which gets more rain and has a better climate than many courses in the valley. The front nine is a high quality nine, however, offers very little dramatic views or holes. Conversely, the back nine is one of the best public nines in the valley. The back nine offers sweeping views of the valley, ravines and many elevation changes.

#12 -Wildfire Golf Club
5350 E. Marriott Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85054
Level of Difficulty: 6
Awe Factor: 6
Value/Bang for your Buck: 3
Course Layout: 7.5
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 4

36 holes of great golf located in the middle of a JW Marriott resort and next to “City North” complex. The two golf courses differ a bit, as one is a desert layout and the other has more of links feel to it. Both courses are immaculately maintained, and both layouts are highly regarded – Really a cool location and lots to do before and after golf within a couple miles.

#13 – Eagle Mountain Golf Club
14915 E. Eagle Mountain Parkway, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Level of Difficulty: 5
Awe Factor: 7
Value/Bang for your Buck: 5
Course Layout: 6.5
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 4

Eagle Mountain offers 18 holes of great golf and dramatic views of the Phoenix skyline. Eagle Mountain is the only course in the valley that truly offers a panoramic view of the Scottsdale and Phoenix cityscape. The course is a rugged desert layout with much elevation change, which keeps golfers guessing on each shot. Mounding effects throughout the course provide gentle bounces and kicks back into play, rather than out of play. This distinct factor makes Eagle Mountain one of the most playable desert courses in the valley.

#14 - Whirlwind Golf Club
5692 W North Loop Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226
Level of Difficulty: 5
Awe Factor: 5
Value/Bang for your Buck: 4
Course Layout: 7
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 2.5

Whirlwind Golf Club offers 36 holes of pristine golf. Pristine conditions are the predominant feature at Whirlwind, as they are consistently in the top 3-4 courses in the valley. The course layouts are very solid, however, offer very little elevation change or dramatic character seen on many dessert courses. As stated the clubhouse and turf conditions make up for dramatic features. Close to Sheraton Wild Horse Casino and only 20 minutes from Tempe, allows golfers plenty of nearby attractions.

#15 – Talking Stick Golf Course
9998 Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Level of Difficulty: 5
Awe Factor: 5
Value/Bang for your Buck: 3
Course Layout: 6
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 5

Talking Stick offers 36 holes of pristine golf located on Indian Reservation in the heart of Scottsdale. The course is always in impeccable condition, and design is above average on a flat piece of property. One of the courses is a resort/Parkland layout and the other is a links-style course. A beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, unobstructed by any buildings or homes, makes for an enjoyable experience for any range of golfer. With all of the aforementioned, the star of this course is the location and the best Casino (Talking Stick) in the valley.

What they say - “Though their flat fairways provide less drama than many Valley courses, you won’t find a more artfully crafted set of bunkers in town than at Talking Stick, which sports a pair of Bill Coore/Ben Crenshaw-designed tracks on tribal land, complete with mountain views but thankfully no houses. The North is the more strategic of the two, but the South features more trees, making it a better summer course.” KL

#16 – Gold Canyon Golf Club
6100S. Kings Ranch Rd, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118
Level of Difficulty: 7
Awe Factor: 9
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7
Course Layout: 7
Service: 7.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 1

Gold Canyon offers 36 holes of true desert golf. The Sidewinder course is quirky and unimpressive, but still a nice course for individuals looking for a quality rate. The star is the Dinosaur course, which is one of the best and most dramatic desert courses in the valley. With towering saguaros, deep ravines and vistas of The Superstition Mountains, the Dinosaur course is on one of the best pieces of land in the Phoenix area. Furthermore, the Dinosaur course would certainly rank higher if not for the 1 hour plus drive from Phoenix or Scottsdale.

What they say - “Forty-five minutes east of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport is Gold Canyon Golf Resort’s Dinosaur Mountain course, a Ken Kavanaugh design that should be mentioned in any discussion of Scottsdale’s best layouts. Home construction in the last decade has detracted from the aesthetics, but the elevation changes, the sheer variety of holes and in-your-face encounters with the Superstition Mountains make this worth the drive, no matter where you’re staying in town.” HK

#17 – Estrella Mountain Ranch Golf Club
11800 S. Golf Club Dr., Goodyear, AZ 85338
Level of Difficulty: 7
Awe Factor: 9
Value/Bang for your Buck: 8
Course Layout: 7
Service: 7.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 0

Mountain is a wonderful Jack Nicklaus Jr. designed golf course set in the foothills of South Phoenix. The design is superb, and the course views are very, very impressive. If not for the 1 hour plus drive from the Scottsdale area, this course would’ve ranked higher on this list.

#18 – Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia
12575 W. Golf Club Dr., Peoria, AZ 85383
Level of Difficulty: 6
Awe Factor: 6
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7
Course Layout: 6
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 2

Trilogy at Vistancia is an 18-hole links style golf course located on the outer edge of the Phoenix area. This location allows for a nice piece of property, set in a beautiful desert surrounding. The golf course is very solid and will test all types of golfers. The clubhouse is elegant and very well equipped for groups and couples alike. The only downside to Trilogy at Vistancia is the location is about 50 minutes from the Scottsdale area and can make for a long drive to and from the course. Conversely, if you are staying near Cardinal stadium or Coyotes stadium, then this course is only a 15-20 drive.

#19 – The Raven Golf Club at South Mountain
3636 E. Baseline Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85042
Level of Difficulty: 5
Awe Factor: 4
Value/Bang for your Buck: 6
Course Layout: 7.5
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 2.5

The Raven is an interesting property lined with pine tree and pine straw, which harkens a golfer back to the East coast. The property the course sits on is flat and unimpressive, however, the architect and builders did a great job of mounding and designing the course. The course is superbly designed, without any bad/quirky holes. The course is located about 10 minutes from Sky Harbor airport which makes for a great first or last round for travelers leaving or arriving on their day of play.

#20 – Legacy Golf Resort
7205 South 24
th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Level of Difficulty: 4
Awe Factor: 4
Value/Bang for your Buck: 6
Course Layout: 6.5
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 2.5

The Legacy is located right across the street from The Raven and has a very similar feel. The course is maintained better than The Raven but doesn’t quite offer the layout The Raven offers. The Legacy has a large, beautiful clubhouse and is one of the best-maintained courses in the valley. The course is located about 10 minutes from Sky Harbor airport which makes for a great first or last round for travelers leaving or arriving on their day of play.

#21 – Las Sendas Golf Course
7555 East Eagle Crest Drive, Mesa, AZ 85207
Level of Difficulty: 10
Awe Factor: 7
Value/Bang for your Buck: 6
Course Layout: 7
Service: 7
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 2

Let us start by stating Las Sendas is a golfer’s course! It is by far, the toughest course in the valley, which makes for a tricky rating on this ranking chart. Design wise, the course only has a few quirky holes, but is pretty solid. It seems Robert Trent Jones got a bit over his skis on this one, which makes you scratch your head on a few holes and has you licking your wounds after the round. The setting is superb and is set overlooking the West Valley and is a great spot at sunset and at night. Conditions at this course always very good!

#22 – Camelback Golf Course
7847 N. Mockingbird Lane, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
Level of Difficulty: 6
Awe Factor: 6
Value/Bang for your Buck: 4
Course Layout: 8
Service: 9
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 1

Camelback has 18 holes of resort golf (Padre) and 18 holes of links-style golf. This rating is all about the new course Ambience! This course is set on an unimpressive piece of land; however, the builders and designers did amazing work to transform this course into a real gem. If this was only 18 holes, the overall ranking would’ve been higher as this course is brilliant.  A must see in the springtime when the native wildflowers are blooming.

#23 – McCormick Ranch Golf Club
7505 E. McCormick Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Level of Difficulty: 7.5
Awe Factor: 3
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7
Course Layout: 9
Service: 7
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 10

McCormick Ranch has 36 holes of championship golf, set right in the middle of everything. Both courses are superbly designed and have zero bad holes. Both courses are also very challenging but fair and are the local golfers' favorite spot. The clubhouse is a bit dated and the course offers travelers not much in the way of the true desert golf experience (saguaros, canyons or vistas). But, if you are looking for a great tree lined/parkland course, with a design second to none, then this is your course.

#24 – Dove Valley Golf Club
7505 E. McCormick Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Level of Difficulty: 6
Awe Factor: 4
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7.5
Course Layout: 8
Service: 8
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 1.5

Dove Valley is another course set in the Sonoran Desert on the fringes of the Phoenix Area. A Robert Trent Jones design enhances this course’s appeal. The course design is very, very good (especially the back nine) and the conditions are always very good. This course would be rated higher on this scale if not for the location and proximity to homes and other obstructions visible from the course.

#25 - Kierland Golf Club 
15636 Club Gate Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 
Level of Difficulty: 4
Awe Factor: 4
Value/Bang for your Buck: 3
Course Layout: 6
Service: 9
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 5

The Kierland Golf Club, located at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, is the perfect place to savor the essence of championship-level golf in the desert. Located in the heart of "new" Scottsdale, Kierland Golf Club is set against the dramatic skies and picturesque mountain ranges of Arizona's beautiful Sonoran Desert, making this a must-play course for lovers of rugged outdoor play. This is one of the country's most luxurious resort destinations, and the three award-winning courses have won numerous distinctions, including being named one of the best courses in America by Golf week and Best Golf Shop 2011 by Golf World.

# 26 - The Pointe Golf Club at Lookout Mountain Golf Club
11111 N 7th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85020
Level of Difficulty: 6.5
Awe Factor: 7
Value/Bang for your Buck: 5
Course Layout: 5
Service: 8.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 4

The Lookout Mountain Golf Club is part of the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, which has helped the resort become one of Phoenix's most popular golfing destinations. It is consistently ranked as one of Arizona's top 25 golf courses and it is a favorite of local golfers who are in the know. Adjacent to the Phoenix Mountain Reserve, the course tumbles across a rugged landscape that offers plenty of changes in elevation. Many holes play from elevated tees that offer both a challenge and a stunning view of the surrounding Sonoran Desert and Piestewa Peak. A great amount of variety is incorporated into the design, which is most clearly seen in the fairways that range from wide and open to narrow and tree lined.

# 27 -  ASU Karsten Golf Course
1125 West 1
st Street, Tempe, AZ 85281
Level of Difficulty: 7.5
Awe Factor: 3
Value/Bang for your Buck: 5
Course Layout: 7
Service: 7
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 4

ASU Karsten Golf Course is the birthplace of Phil Mickelson, so there is some history here that cannot be duplicated. Proximity to Central Scottsdale and 2 minutes from Tempe makes for a perfect location. The course itself is a Pete Dye course with some incredibly tough holes. If you like Pete Dye courses and the tricks he plays, this is the course for you. The scenery is spotted with a few power lines and buildings which take a bit away from the course and its offerings.

# 28 – Arizona Biltmore Golf Club
2400 E. Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Level of Difficulty: 5
Awe Factor: 5
Value/Bang for your Buck: 3
Course Layout: 6
Service: 8
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 4

Arizona Biltmore Golf Club has 36 holes of resort-style golf. Both courses have tree-lined and generous fairways. Centrally located and only 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix, this course is a great site for groups heading to D-Backs or Suns games. Furthermore, there are many world-class restaurants near the resort (Camelback corridor). Both of the 18 holes are very unassuming, but very playable and fun courses. The Links course has more character, but a touch more difficult than the Adobe course.

# 29- Arizona Grand Golf Course
8000 South Arizona Grand Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85044
Level of Difficulty: 6
Awe Factor: 8
Value/Bang for your Buck: 7
Course Layout: 6
Service: 9.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 3.5

The Arizona Grand Golf Course has 18 holes of desert/resort style golf. The course is a combination of easy fun holes, coupled with nice desert holes and scenery. There are a few quirky holes and dramatic elevations, which make the course tight in spots and sometimes tough to find good aiming spots. Arizona Grand is located 20 minutes from downtown Phoenix and 5 minutes to Tempe provides quick access to some of the best bars in town. The Staff at AZ Grand is second to none in the valley.

# 30 - The Phoenician Golf Club
6000 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 
Level of Difficulty: 6
Awe Factor: 7
Value/Bang for your Buck: 3
Course Layout: 5
Service: 9.5
Proximity to Prime Hotels, Restaurants and Activities: 5

The Phoenician Golf Course is one of Scottsdale's most popular golf destinations. The Phoenician is home to three courses: The Desert Nine, Oasis Nine, and Canyon Nine. The Desert Nine is the most popular course because of its unique layout, awesome desert views, and dramatic elevation changes. The Oasis Nine is a more traditional course, featuring tree-lined fairways and serene water features. The Canyon Nine is the lushest of the three courses. It’s located on the southern slope of Camelback Mountain, offering amazing views of the city and desert-landscaped terrain. Afterward, players can enjoy a post-round bite or meal at one of the resort's award-winning restaurants.

Other Great Golf Courses:

The Estancia Golf Club
27998 N 99th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Opened in 1995, Estancia is nestled on 640 acres of the northern slope of Scottsdale's famed landmark
Pinnacle Peak in a private, gated community. Honored internationally, the Tom Fazio designed 18-hole championship golf course offers 7,314 yards of superb golf, bent grass greens, and breathtaking views. Ease of play is impressive at 17,000 annual rounds and enhanced by an active caddy program. Estancia is a private club, owned and operated by its members.  Supporting a legacy of ambiance and friendship, a wide array of social-based activities presents numerous options for Estancia members and their guests. Our clubhouse amenities include dining, fitness center, tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, swimming pool, steam room, jacuzzi and massage therapy. Groups meet often for hiking, book club and bridge games.

Whisper Rock Golf Course
32002 N Old Bridge Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Whisper Rock Golf Club provides its members with a pure golf environment. It is not a country club in the traditional sense. Rather, it is a private members’ facility focused solely on providing players with the finest traditional golf experience possible and a great ‘hang.’

Membership in Whisper Rock Golf Club is based solely upon sponsorship and invitation and is not tied to property ownership in any way. This allows residents to enjoy the cachet and ambiance of living in a private golf community without the financial commitment generally required to do so while also creating and protecting the core golf experience of the golf club.  The Lower Course, designed by PGA Tour player Phil Mickelson and architect Gary Stephenson, opened in February 2001. It features an exceptional design that emphasizes the “down in the desert” beauty of Whisper Rock’s lush natural washes and rolling desert topography. The Upper Course, created by celebrated designer Tom Fazio, opened for member play in January of 2005. This course highlights the stunning beauty of Whisper Rock’s numerous rock outcroppings and dramatic “uplands.” 

Whisper Rock’s membership is limited to 580 golf memberships for the 36-hole facility. This allows the focus to be on ensuring members the best possible access to their golf course while offering a large enough membership that individual members do not have to “bring their own game.”  Whisper Rock is committed to providing a golf experience and environment that has the chance to stand the test of time.


Desert Mountain Golf Course
37700 Desert Mountain Parkway, Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Situated on 8,000 acres in the high Sonoran Desert. Tucked into the rolling hills and dramatic scenery of north Scottsdale, Arizona, Desert Mountain is among the finest private golf and recreational communities in the world and is consistently ranked among the top private clubs in the nation. It is the only private community worldwide with six Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses, each one designed to offer an individual playing experience at all skill levels. But great golf is just the beginning. A wide variety of amenities, activities and events for every member of the family makes the Desert Mountain lifestyle like no other. Always evolving with new opportunities and experiences, this legendary community defines the ultimate in high desert living.

Mirabel Golf Club
37100 N Mirabel Club Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85262

This stunning Tom Fazio 7,147-yard, par-71 course is an exceptional example of the outstanding quality, craftsmanship and beauty that are the hallmarks of Mr. Fazio’s global reputation. Above all, he designs to create a unique golf experience for each player that is challenging, enjoyable, and memorable.  Tee boxes, fairways and greens that reveal a dramatic expanse of lush Sonoran Desert and majestic mountain vistas.  Thoughtful design that includes generous landing areas and forward tee positions for golfers from pros to beginners.  The age-old tradition of a caddie program, which places Mirabel among the most prestigious of golf clubs anywhere.  Highly qualified staff ensure a memorable Mirabel Experience every round.  On-Course Chef & Comfort Stations keeping golfers refreshed with complimentary snacks, cold beverages, home-made Mirabel treats and more!


Silverleaf Club
18701 N Silverleaf Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

At Silverleaf, golf returns to the golden age of its origins. Tom Weiskopf has crafted a signature course like no other for members of the private Silverleaf Club, where play is steeped in the game’s most anointed traditions of challenge and reward. With the par-72 championship golf course winding along 7,322 yards of inspiring terrain, it’s golf as it was meant to be played−rounds hard-fought and won in the spirit of competitive camaraderie.  Its breadth and spaciousness, splendid views and reliance on natural contours result in play that neatly balances the Weiskopf signatures of exciting risk and ample reward.  The par 72 course presents a degree of challenge that all players will applaud. Playability for every skill level is key. Multiple tees offer panoramic views along a course where, at every turn, the dramatic scenery inspires. Members just don’t play the course, they experience it.

Wigwam Golf Course
451 N Old Litchfield Rd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

With three golf courses and multiple dining options from which to choose, The Wigwam is the ideal location for your next charity golf tournament, corporate golf outing or special event.  Are your tournament participants hardcore golfers? Then an outing on our “tough-as-nails” Gold Course would be a great challenge for them.  Or, are your tournament participants new to the game? If that’s the case, we suggest playing your tournament on our shorter, more user-friendly Blue Course.  Or, if you have a mix of new players and seasoned golfers, then our Red Course, with its wide fairways and generously-sized greens, is the perfect course for mixed groups.  In addition to golf tournament planning, The Wigwam offers a full assortment of catering options. Our team of catering experts can work with you and your budget to deliver the product that’s right for you.

The Club at DC Ranch
9290 E Thompson Peak Pkwy #1, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Designed by Tom Lehman and John Fought, The Country Club at DC Ranch is a wonderful private course at the base of the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, Arizona. Spectacular views frame all 18 holes making the course one of the most prime locations in the entire valley. The Country Club at DC Ranch was designed for all levels of golfers. Kids and beginning players can comfortably develop their games, while the more accomplished players can certainly be challenged by the course's length, its deep bunkers and the subtle breaks on the greens. Our members call The Country Club at DC Ranch home. The community, the friendships and the course make this private gem a wonderful experience all around. 


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