Over the last 20 years negotiating purchases of some of the most beautiful homes in the world I have learned a number of invaluable tips that I will share with you. These tips will help you find not only the best home for you and your family but best long term investment.
1. When relocating - Before you start with the tips below.. Guide Tip #1 Explore and explore some more..
Often time homebuyers relocating from a new city will call a Realtor and because that Realtor lives in... or likes a certain area they will suggest and promote that area. I have met many home buyers dismayed after buying in the Realtors preferred city or community;  they discover a new area they love that unfortunately was never introduced to them . I always offer my clients tours of various cities and communities. The more you know, the better your home buying experience.
Once you discover the city that feels good to you.  You can start with the search tips below.. but like finding "love" sometimes you will find perfect home outside the tips as outlined.
1. Whether you have a luxury budget or first time home buyer budget. Guide tip #1 Find the best, most expensive community, then neighborhood within the community you can afford comfortably.  Or if you are younger or older with an adventurous spirit who enjoys seeing change and growth and the "vibe of trending areas", look for areas having significant signs of transformation with large influxes of capital. Otherwise, Rule #1 Best Area, then the best street in the best area, then the best house !!  All Three !
2. Familiarize yourself with the areas of interest once you've narrowed it down. When start your search, See as many homes as you can view that are even close to your goals.  Even homes that are not a match will help you determine and secure the best home.
3. Home shopping can be like any other shopping.. For example,  I wanted to buy a new Black BMW... As basic as that sounds, it took 4 months to get the exact one I wanted... and I called every dealer in California and Arizona.  Point being, You may look at every new listing that comes on the market and it may take months or even a year to find the perfect one especially if you are looking between 1.5 and 10 million.
Never settle.. if you are not "excited" it's not the one.
4. BEST KEPT SECRET . One of the very best and least used tools for finding the very best home for sale... and an "Exclusive Service"  I offer every client is to search "Exclusive Off Market Homes " . These are the "best of the best homes" that may never reach market before selling. Your perfect home may ... or may not be in this shadow inventory...but search here too!  You never know where your jewel home will show up. Call me at 480-450-4632 and let me send you my EXCLUSIVES/Off Market Homes.
5.  SEARCH site tip.. My clients sometimes look at dozens of sites looking for homes. ALL listed homes on ALL sites come from one source The MLS.  My site is a direct feed from the Realtors MLS . You have the access to every home listed within a hundred of miles of Phoenix. Are all sites the same ? No... for example some of the national sites ..they have filters that actually prevent listings from showing up.  It is not uncommon for Phoenix and Scottsdale home listings NOT to show up on the national web sites. However, Scottsdale-Homesforsale.com  and  ParadiseValleyHomes-forsale.com are exclusive, direct Realtor feeds and have no filters and every listing from every real estate broker in the State of Arizona is on the Scottsdale-Homesforsale.com site. 
6. How about " Homes for sale by owner " or "Make me an offer- homes for sale" or Craigslist homes for sale?  These are ALL additional viable searches; It does not hurt to search all of these, However BEWARE,
Often times you will be dealing directly with the seller and his idea of a fair price or the "sellers agent" .. The person hired to make sure the seller wins. One of the many details home buyers do not place enough emphasis on, is, What is the 'for sale by owners' home really worth??? For Example... I just got off the phone with a home seller who is going to be putting his on the market as a "for sale by owner" in 2 months.. he was 100% cocky and confident his home was worth 2.2 million, when the actual "True Market Value" is about 1.9 million. So without an honest real estate agent representing you..will you know this??? Or another big item, the home inspection.. Only the very best , most experienced Realtors are qualified to guide you through that process. and there dozens more contractual items to contend with . Always have an experienced 100% honest Real Estate Agent. My number is 480-450-4632
7. Tip  # 7 ..How to acquire the very best NEW construction homes for sale. For access to all the new construction homes available in Phoenix - Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Please call me . I could write a book on this home search tip alone. I will be happy to discuss all the options and available inventory with you.

My real estate goal is to be of service to you. I say it often but it cannot be said enough, "in real estate, there is a difference in Real Estate Professionals." For more tips on a 'best home buy" Call me now at 480.450.4632.

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