Scottsdale Area Top Ten Delicious and Fun Restaurants

You will notice some of Scottsdale's “name” restaurants are not on here.  Here's the rub...  if the restaurant is priced at $$$$$ and the food taste is really good but closer to 3.5 Stars than 5 Stars, it does not make the Top Ten List...Great Food with commensurate price gets a '10' ..... add in a little 'Fun factor' and we give the restaurant an 11. I have added added to the TOP TEN best restaurants in Scottsdale in last few months it's now Scottsdale's top 13 best restaurants and bars in Scottsdale.

Every day is an absolute GIFT. Enjoy!! 

Ruth Chris..., Hands down one of the best steakhouses in Scottsdale. Nice outdoor patio with a roaring fire. Great food and some of the friendliest staff in fine dining.

The Mission... Beautiful decor plus inspired south of the border flavors and lively bar make this restaurant a top pick for Scottsdale's best dining.

Citizen Public House... in Old Town, a great restaurant, bright decor even at night, with a refreshing menu and tasty fare. Plus favorite, an outdoor patio 

La Grande Orange... It’s not 5-star dining, the chef’s name is not Pierre but if you would like the best pizza in town and a fine glass of wine, this should definitely be on your list of Top Ten best restaurants.

Chelsea's Kitchen... Those who know me, know, it’s not just the food that makes a great restaurant,  it’s the atmosphere and a great staff that add points to make a restaurant a top ten pick. Chelsea’s Kitchen manages to have tasty food in a fun, inviting, cozy atmosphere with a charming outdoor patio and bar that opens to the outside. A good time... Sorry, no escargot but great burgers and other traditional fare.

Benihana’s Hibachi Restaurant. As full DISCLAIMER this was my favorite restaurant as a child, so I am biased! I loved going there and watching the hibachi masters slice and dice the food in front of my family. The tradition lives on.. and the restaurant continues to be a popular favorite in Scottsdale. Again good food and fun! A top ten restaurant in Scottsdale

Sapporo Restaurant and Sushi Roku at the W in Scottsdale  tie for  “ Best Sushi” restaurants in Scottsdale.  I have been to some of the biggest name sushi restaurants in Scottsdale.  My friends have said  “you have to go to Sushi whatever  ” and then I go and the food would be pleasant “ but not noteworthy”.  I lived in Japan for almost a year so my sushi palette may be a bit more discerning. Which brings me to Sapporo and Sushi Roku. Both of these fine restaurants in Scottsdale may be off a point or two from the “Best Sushi” in Scottsdale depending on the day, but add in a fun, lively crowd with a great atmosphere and they are both winners. Sapporo in the center of Scottsdale with those great fire pits outside and Sushi Roku in south Scottsdale, attached to the very fun W Hotel Bar and Club both win for best Sushi restaurants in Scottsdale!

Geisha a GO GO… what can I say,  like the name it’s a  fun place in the center of Scottsdale with an outdoor patio and an eclectic decor..The decor is a little Polynesian, a little Japanese, a little mid-century modern… heck…  have a Mai Tai. It will all make sense. In Old Town Scottsdale. Enjoy.  

Tommy Bahamas....  Most people here start with the drink menu...and from there decide on food before it’s too late. In the center of Scottsdale, a fun restaurant with good ‘restaurant’ quality food. Again atmosphere, pleasant food and great cocktails make this restaurant a top ten in Scottsdale.

The Vig in Arcadia    is #11 on my top ten list.. woops ... can we re-coin the phrase top 11. The Vig stands out simply because although the restaurant is a mix of bar and restaurant , I am constantly impressed that the meals come out tasting as if they were from a fine dining establishment yet the atmosphere is great with the occasional live band on the outdoor patio or a dj spinning cool tunes to be enjoyed in the dining area. The crowd is a cool neighborhood mix between 25 to those that are still young in their fifties.

Az88  in Old Town Scottsdale.. LOVE this restaurant.. it has changing art exhibits from local and international artist in a contemporary yet inviting interior. On my recent visit an New York artist was being exhibited.. and this is not your old style "oils " of cactus or a buffalo but true big city contemporary pieces. Az 88 is known for it's atmosphere and BEST Martini's in Scottsdale..maybe all of Phoenix that are big and delicious.. the menu ranges from sandwiches to entree items. For the palette the food is on par with other fine Scottsdale restaurants but add in atmosphere, art, setting and Martini's and it is one of Scottsdale best ten restaurants.

Monarch Cafe .. I have not met the person who has not absolutely loved the charm, appeal and service at this most romantic and charming restaurant. A Prix Fixe menu of some of the best prepared foods in Arizona. Located in the old town part of Scottsdale.

Element Restaurants at Sanctuary and The Jade Bar.  Simply put this is likely the most beautiful restaurant experience to be had in the Scottsdale area..Gorgeous views from this hilltop restaurant located in one of the most exquisite resorts in the city, the food is EXCELLENT but it is the scenery and setting that will transport you to making this dining experience a memorable one.... Only bring a date here if you want them to fall in love with you. 

Roka Akor -- WOOWSA... so good and truly an amazing combination of culinary and visual treats from the drinks that literally sparkle on request.... to how the food is served. Taste is beyond compare. Definitely in Top 15 if not in top 5 - Best Scottsdale restaurants.

Please share your delicious restaurant suggestions. 


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