When considering buying a home in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Paradise Valley, one of the factors you will likely be interested in is... How much will your closing cost be, in the City of Scottsdale, Town Of Paradise Valley or any of the over 20 cities that make up the Phoenix metropolitan area?  In terms of the "cost of buying a home", there are five main cost, 1. Purchase Price ( I always recommend buying well within your budget, stretches are only good for the body) 2. Taxes - Maricopa County, has not only one of the lowest residential property taxes in the US but also some of the lowest property taxes in the State of Arizona  3. Closing Cost ( Fees for title transfer,  title Insurance and associated fees) 4. Hoa Fee (if any - fees associated with monthly, quarterly, semi annual or annual fees set by the Homeowners Association when applicable) 5. Property Maintenance and renewal (Homes in Arizona typically have less repair and maintenance than homes back east. The weather, as nice as it is to live in.... is also a joy to the homes here. Meaning roofs, walls, floors everything stay in better shape longer.  Below is a link to one of my favorite title companies, with a closing cost calculator. Very easy to arrive at a close estimate of 'closing cost' needed to purchase a home in your price range. I am always here to answer question and provide helpful information.


When filling this out, please note county is 'Maricopa'  unless you are an "investor" select not applicable when it ask about "Investor"



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