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The Casa Blanca Community is a gated community with a rich history. Originally the community began as a resort with earliest it's history dating back to the early 1920tys. In the 1980tys the Moroccan themed resort grew into residential homes and townhomes for 'snow birds' looking for a get away from the east and mid west bitter cold. Learn more about Homes for sale in Casa Blanca and it's rich history below. 
Casa Blanca and it's history - Michael Chaisson - Luxury Realtor Paradise Valley -Scottsdale - Homes for sale in Casa Blanca.

Casa Blanca was one one of Paradise Valley's Arizona first resorts often frequented by Hollywood's elite. I've been told Marilyn Monroe frequented the Casa Blanca Inn, complete with its own landing strip for private aircraft, movie stars could easily slip in and back out. That's according to Jody Smith who used to live right across the street from the Casa Blanca Airport,  "We used to watch the planes land with famous people (movie stars & such) that were staying at the Casa Blanca. That was in the early 1950s.”

The original ranch structures complete with barn and horse corral were designed and built in the 1920s by architect R.T. Bob Evans (Bob Evan is also known for designing the Jokake Inn). Mr. Evan designed the first original structures located on what is now known as Casa Blanca for Donald Kellogg, heir to a Buffalo New York manufacturing company.
Donald's original home was 8,000 square feet and constructed of Adobe and Mexican tile. Originally, Donald Kellog, the forefather of the Casa Blanca Inn had 63 acres at the base of Camelback Mountain. Donald passed away shortly after the construction of his beautiful home...  and the ranch, home and outbuildings, eventually was sold to the Charles W. Borg family of Illinois in 1944. George Borg, (son of Charles Borg) inventor of the automatic transmission, used the home as a winter retreat for family and employees of the Borg-Warner Corporation. Mr. Borg was the first to name the property Casa Blanca in 1944. Coincidentally, the 1942 movie classic Casa Blanca starring Humphrey Bogart had just been released two years earlier. 
Borg had an extra wing constructed onto the home in the shape of a Moroccan-style dome. Folklore has it that George was such a boisterous drinker that he was thrown out of all the bars in nearby Scottsdale. So he built his own bar with an onion shaped-domed roof. This addition, complete with an onion-shaped dome, later became a Sultan's Table restaurant at the Casa Blanca Inn. The dome would also serve as a landmark for Mrs. Borg who was an avid pilot. In 1946-1947, Mr. Borg had a 2,600' dirt airstrip constructed that stretched diagonally across the property from the corner of what is now Chaparral Road and 68th Street to the corner of Casa Blanca Drive and Jackrabbit Road. Mrs. Borg would fly her personal plane in from Wisconsin. The Borg's were the first of many snowbirds from Wisconsin - midwest to enjoy the great winter weather in Paradise Valley-Scottsdale. 
Brian Baker recalled “A Phoenix strip called "Casa Blanca"... It was in Scottsdale just east of Camelback Mountain and served the Casa Blanca Resort Hotel. I went in there with a guy in an Ercoupe (airplane) about 1957 or 1958, and we just barely got out of there with two of us in it. It closed soon afterward.”
By 1953, The Borg's Hacienda had developed into a guest ranch and the Borg's hired friend Royal Treadway to be the general manager.  Five years later, The Borg's sold the property in the mid-1950s to Mr. Royal Treadway and investors -contractors James Phillips and Samuel Kitchell.  Royal Treadway intent was to establish a first class desert resort. This was the 'grander' beginning of the Casa Blanca Inn, a five-star property that operated continuously for the next 30 years, advertising  "Charm, Diversity of Amusement and Perfection of Appointments".  The iconic onion shape domed and space created by Mr. Borg became The Sultan's Table restaurant and cocktail lounge in 1962.  During the same period, 1961- 1962, the Casa Blanca resort was expanded to accommodate 130 lucky guests. The goal of the Casa Blanca Inn was always having the highest quality of service regardless of expense; at the Sultans table restaurant "every necessary device and appliance was installed to enable the chefs to achieve the highest standards of the culinary arts. By 1967, Royal Treadway had decided to sell the property to Bernard McDonough, who was a private hotelier. Bernard ran the resort for four years before selling the Casa Blanca Inn to Ramada Inns Hotel Group, who extensively remodeled the property and added the current tennis courts and turned the Sultans Table into 'La Jardin Restaurant. However, although Casa Blanca was a great and beloved success, the economics of the 1980s and the opening of several new Scottsdale resorts were to cause the demise of the Casa Blanca Inn as it was so fondly known.
The property was sold to Great Western development in the early 1980s and turned into for the first time a residential community, with lead architect George Christensen - Miller; thus establishing the current residential incarnation of the Casa Blanca Inn under the ownership of the Great Western Development Group who converted approximately 37 of the old buildings and restaurant around the Rose Garden into condominiums (Phase I). Those units that were converted,  were originally built in and around 1969.  Then, in the mid-1980's, Developer- John Gardiner with architects/ master builder, George Christensen and Miller were commissioned again to continue the expansion with the design and build of Phase II of Casa Blanca. Phase II - of Casa Blanca is a collection of 38  single and tri-level homes with The Cactus Garden as it's centerpiece.  With these homes for sale in Casa Blanca, you will typically see a construction date of 1985. The third phase of development took place in early the 1990's with home construction dates typically of 1991 and 1992. Phase III  added 39 single level detached homes with garages on the of the northern end of the property with primary builder being named as Casa Blanca Building Company headed by Builder Mr. Backman. Mr. Backman is quoted as saying at the time - circa 1990  "We saw the market as requiring a totally detached home". Some of the most desired homes for sale in Casa Blanca are these phase three homes.
You may be wondering what those new two bedrooms plus dens sold for in 1991- 1992. Well, you would have been a happy owner in 1991 for between $212,000 and $230,000.  Today those same homes for sale in Casa Blanca will cost you between $800,000 and $1,000,000. 
Today the Casa Blanca community and it's three phases of development occupy approximately 19 acres with 2 acres of famed rose gardens, three pools and two tennis courts. Hoa dues in the community are in the $460.00 to $495.00 per month range. This includes 24 guard gate, community landscape, pool, tennis court and more.
This famed resort enjoyed a rich history entertaining celebrities and politicians from around the world. Buildings may change but memories are a gift of a lifetime. Many fond memories were made at Casa Blanca Inn. One of my dearest clients fondly remembers relaxing in his room at the Casa Blanca Inn circa 1978 watching the Muhammed Ali vs. Leon Spinks fight. Today the memories belong to happy homeowners who now live on the grounds of the famed Casa Blanca Inn. To learn more about the history of Casa Blanca and to view homes for sale in Casa Blanca in Paradise Valley, please call me. Scottsdale -Paradise Valley Realtor Michael Chaisson; I look forward to meeting with you.

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