Market Observations

Nov. 20, 2019

Home Value - Remodeled versus Un-Remodeled


Looking for a remodeled home for sale in Paradise Valley or Scottsdale.. and wondering how much value is added to a remodeled home versus a non remodeled home?  The values are vastly different and there is almost no comparison in pricing. I recently educated another real estate agent ...

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Sept. 22, 2019

Scottsdale Luxury Home Prices VS. Other US Cities

Scottsdale Luxury Home Prices VS. Other US Cities.


If you have wondered how real estate markets across the US are doing in comparison to home prices in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley; you will find the following graphs quite interesting .

To review homes prices, real estate trends, luxury design; please ...

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Aug. 21, 2019

2019 - The future of the Housing market in near future

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Aug. 3, 2019

Newest Changes in Homes Prices City Wide.

Attached are graphs showing market activity in the Phoenix area with am emphasis on Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.
Please call with any questions. My pleasure to review them with you. In addition to the graphs,  let's review current "home supply" as it relates to demand.
After home supply ...
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July 30, 2019

Scottsdale -Big Home Technology Trends Ahead

Tesla Powerwall: the complete battery review

Reprinted - Credited to

Last updated 5/23/2019

Back in 2015, automaker Tesla Motors set its sights on the home energy storage market and announced the launch of its home battery product, the Tesla Powerwall.

In the past, Tesla Motors has been ...

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May 10, 2019

Arizonas Top 15 Most Expensive Zip Codes

Arizona's Top 15 Most expensive Zip Codes are not surprisingly are almost all in one the most beautiful cities in Arizona and one of the most desirable. If you are looking for homes for sale in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley Arizona... you have excellent taste. Both those cities ranked ...

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Feb. 18, 2019

Why Californians are choosing Scottsdale to buy a home

It's no secret that homes for sale in Scottsdale and Phoenix are typically less than half the price of comparable homes in almost any city in California... but there are 8 more important reasons why living in Scottsdale and /or Phoenix is superior to living in any part of ...

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Jan. 3, 2019

Home Prices First Part of 2019 -Phoenix

Interested in homes prices in the Phoenix - Scottsdale area for the first quarter of 2019 -

Below is a graph of where we start the year- Based on ' price per square foot home sale prices" across the Phoenix Metro area. Dec- 2018 to Jan 2019

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Aug. 17, 2018

Relocating to Phoenix


Phoenix and the “Valley of the Sun” as the locals call it is a great place for a new beginning and great living. It’s not only the largest city in Arizona but it’s also the state’s capital and one of the beautiful and fun cities in Arizona.


As ...

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April 20, 2017

Phoenix Home Prices last 100 years

In the last 10-15 years, home buyers have gotten far more diligent and informed in their pursuit of the perfect dream home. From the early 1900's to the late 60's, homes for middle America were typically very basic. The average home had simple kitchens, small rooms, even smaller ...

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