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There are so many behind the scene stories that happen in real estate transactions most buyers are never aware of... and if Home buyers knew how some Real Estate Agent handled themselves outside their presence (during the real estate transaction) many would be shocked. Many these critical behavior twist dramatically affect,  the buyer's purchase price,  the ability to see "exclusive" listings,  win inspection concessions, additional terms negotiations and all aspects of the transaction. Let me share with you just a few qualities of the Best Real estate agents in Scottsdale and why working a Realtor of my caliber is so important.

These are not in any order. As I think back, each of the qualities at different times may be essential tools in improving a buyer or seller position during the home purchase or home sale process.

#1 Honesty, Character and Integrity, is #1 most important quality of the Best Real Estate Agents, if you have heard of a real estate agent who, whispered,"pssst, I can get a deal on this house for you, because I am the listing agent and “I know the sellers are desperate to sell”,  you would be well advised NOT  to work with that agent (if they existed). Why??? because,  if such a Real Estate Agent existed and they are willing to undermine the promise they made to the seller, both personally and in a written contract, chances are you are next to get thrown under the bus. Always look for the Best Real Estate Agents in Scottsdale, those that demonstrate, act and talk with integrity regarding all aspects of their business and clientele.


#2 . Number 2 MOST important is really a tie with number #1 Advocacy and good old fashion hard work... More and more I am hearing from consumers their last real estate agent did not "advocate" "push for them" , "work hard in their best interest" . Make sure the agent you hire is going to work for YOU ! support you.   The goal and intent of every Real estate agent is first and foremost, " your highest good in the real estate transaction".  If you ever feel " a commission check" is more important than your home goals , find an agent whose most important goal is your happiness.  If you are in Scottsdale/Phoenix or relocating here please call me and I will outline how I work with both buyers and sellers to provide unparalleled service. My cell 480-450-4632 .

#3 The Best Real Estate agents have a good reputation and are respected among their peers; They have a reputation that their word can be trusted , that goes a long way when you are negotiating for your client. It also goes a long way if you fall in love with an expensive home that has some drawbacks that really should be pointed out to you by your experienced , honest, professional Realtor. I can promise you, there is nothing worse in real estate than buying a home that you love but very few other people will. Re-sale is a nightmare!

Following is another example of “character matters”  I was showing a luxury Scottsdale home recently and the listing agent attempted to solicit my client, while my client simply tried to preview the home for sale. It made my client and myself very uncomfortable. My client was as nice as could be to the other agent while inside the house but once outside, my client, who is a very decent, honorable person, said, “Michael , I do not want to see any other homes listed by that agent, this one is off our list”. My client essentially did not want to do business with her.   Do you think that showing agents actions will affect the saleability of that home and other homes she may represent ?.  You betcha, Character Matters!

  Just as an FYI , never equate a Real Estate agent who sells "millions and millions" as having the qualities of  the Scottsdale Best Real Estate Agents. There are restaurants that have served billions and billions; They are fast , quick and cheap but not necessarily the best quality food out there. Is that who you want selling your house.... or working with to buy a house ???


#4. Agents with Genuine Kindness and Consideration, with an emphasis on 'genuine' are the most effective agents for their clients. Please note, I have never met a Realtor who was not kind and thoughtful around their clients; However, If buyers could hear how some of those same agents talk to other Real estate agents during the home search and pre-negotiations they would be quite surprised. I am amazed at how many Real estate agents feel being unprofessional, or being rude towards other agents helps their client. It never does help. In every aspect of real estate, a Scottsdale real estate agent will get further with a professional demeanor leading with kindness. This does not mean they are a “push-over” quite the contrary. The most successful agents in Arizona, myself included are able to get you into exclusive -pre market listings and negotiate the very best deal for you with an approach of respect and kindness.  Please note most agents are truly as kind as can be, but if you notice your agent saying anything derogatory about another agent.  Hint-Hint. That’s going to affect you.

#5 Lack of Ego.   A great agent never lets his/her ego get in the way of helping their client. I have seen agents take actions that undermine their clients' position in order to retaliate against another agent because of some perceived injustice or snipe.This is not effective in accomplishing the client's goal. The Best Scottsdale Real Estate agent focused on making sure they stay focused on helping their clients and leave the ego out of negotiations.

#6. Talent. One of the greatest assets of the best Scottsdale Realtor has for a home seller is. " a talent that involves all-encompassing understanding of how to prepare a home a for sale that allows the seller(s) to realize the highest profit in the shortest period of time ". more on the qualities of a great Scottsdale listing agent in weeks to come.



Look forward to hearing from you soon. I hope to have the honor of serving you.

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