Home Buying Tip #1 When relocating to Phoenix-Scottsdale


Homes for sale in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley rank as some of the most beautiful homes in the world and Scottsdale is ranked as of the Top Ten Cities in The United States to live.  So with endless home options and beautiful cities to choose from, including Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Phoenix many buyers forget the #1 most important consideration when searching for a home... Where are you and your loved ones going to be MOST comfortable?? Not just in terms of the home you choose, but where to live.  This simple but important home buying tip is not as carefully considered as you might think and COST home buyers THOUSANDS every year. 

So in order of Home Search Tips; The first #1 home buying tip is. “Search for a Scottsdale – Phoenix – Paradise Valley home near the lifestyle you are going to most enjoy. Seems obvious, however, I meet countless home buyers who bought a beautiful home in the farthest reaches of our beautiful city, who after only six months decided being further away with a nicer house was NOT worth the compromise to their life style.
At the time; these home buyers purchased the home, they fell in love with the nicer -newer- less expensive homes that are available further from shops, restaurants, entertainment and everyone else, including most of their friends or potential friends.  

So in summary Step #1 – Where to start your search?

If you are comfortable just enjoying a "Beautiful structure" …. and rarely go out…. or longer drives for milk… or to see friends will make you happy... than YES.. I can negotiate a better price on a nice home for you in the outer reaches of Scottsdale, Phoenix Gilbert or Chandler. However, if the mere joy of watching the rabbits run across your yard and admiring your newer counter tops is going to wear off in a short time; then you may consider a nice but likely slightly smaller home, closer the center of all the fun activities, events and new friends. AND to narrow it down more.. what neighborhoods are going to feel great to you ??   I am here to always discuss all aspects of finding and negotiating an amazing home for you.

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