For Your Home Search Success.
In previous blogs,  I have shared numerous tips for successful negotiations and how to get your dream home below market value and YET... the number #1 MOST valuable tip, to purchase the BEST home - not just a nice home...Is a tip almost no home-buyer factors in or attributes adequate weight. The #1 Tip, irregardless of what web site you search homes or where you are moving from is;  Hire the most experienced, talented, hard working, honest Realtor you can find. If you are moving to Phoenix, Paradise Valley or Scottsdale - Add me to your phone contacts now.

Please add my contact to your phone as,
Realtor - Michael Chaisson
Notes   - Realtor w/ integrity, care and expertise"

#1 The last two homes, a client of mine made an offer on and received an acceptance on.. and then later cancelled-
sold shortly thereafter to home-buyers represented by different Realtors for $50,000 and $100,000 more . In other words I saved my clients that amount.

#2 In another example, last week a client of mine closed sale on a 1.6 acre, gated estate with park like grounds in Paradise Valley AZ with tennis court, pool, spa, gym, 16 foot ceilings, views... an absolutely gorgeous, one of a kind estate! This home was an exclusive off market sale, only available to my client and was purchased by them at almost $500,000 below market value.

#3 How it makes a difference; A Realtor is essentially a "Real Estate Advisor" Every component of "advising"  is based on experience and integrity, including negotiations, area, construction quality, subtleties of home value, home inspections, contract pitfalls, legal and title issues, accessing off market homes. None of this learned in the six week real estate course or 99% of current real estate licensees.
What other profession provides a license in less time?... and allows the "professional", to practice as they go"?   Lawyer 4 years - Doctor 8 years - Hairstylist - 1 to 2 years then an internship,  "real estate professional 6 weeks"


When I share these tips... it is for your benefit. I believe you deserve the very best. I am passionate about helping you achieve your housing goals. Your family sincerely deserve the very best representation!
Please feel free to call me anytime, for an honest evaluation of any home you see on our Sotheby's Realty site OR any web site.  I will gladly, freely share my expertise. Always my honor to help.
Please add my contact to your phone as,
Realtor - Michael Chaisson
Notes   - Realtor w/ integrity, care and expertise"

The OFFICIAL Realtor MLS site I am sending homes from IS A DIRECT feed from the OFFICIAL Realtor MLS, “The massive national search sites do not have full time direct feeds from the official AZ Realtor MLS site so often times their information is less than accurate and they do NOT have all the homes in their search that are actually listed. Don't miss out Log in..


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