How to Sell Your Scottsdale Home for 10-percent More and 50-percent Faster. 

If you want to sell your home in the shortest possible time frame and earn top dollar, especially in Scottsdale, Top Realtors suggest, “hiring a professional home stager is an absolute essential “

“There’s not a home at any price point that is not benefited by staging,” said luxury Realtor, Michael Chaisson with RL- Sotheby’s International Realty in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Office.

“However, in the Scottsdale real estate market, staging and the elements involved in staging is especially important because you’re dealing with primarily higher price point home and more sophisticated and selective homebuyers. Every detail is scrutinized to a greater degree than homes selling at a lower price. There are selective buyers in every price range but with years of experience as a Realtor, the luxury buyer is by far the more discriminating client.”

 Homeowners in Scottsdale own some of the most valuable homes in  Arizona. “As of November 2018, the average per square foot sale price of properties in Scottsdale was $253.29, the second highest per square foot city selling price in the Phoenix metropolitan area, said Sotheby’s Realtor Michael Chaisson.

Mr. Chaisson said when you’re dealing with high-end buyers, all of the detail in the house has to appeal to a more sophisticated clientele, to that end…

“In Scottsdale, I work with stagers who use more expensive, designer and contemporary furniture, art and décor items,” I personally work with the stagers to hand select more expensive items that are distinctive pieces and/or notable for the quality, design and the comfort they project;  to appeal to a more sophisticated buyer.”

Many of these homebuyers want to be in Scottsdale because of the amazing lifestyle and culture according to Chaisson who says, “Scottsdale is clearly one of the ten best cities in the world for quality of living and that is the draw to those all over the world looking to relocate or to have a second home here”

 In order to appeal to home buyers, who are more in touch with design trends and savvier to what’s happening In the luxury market,

 Chaisson will also often times work with a staging team including color consultants and have clients repaint the house to a more contemporary color, corresponding to the style of the home and neighborhood, something he doesn’t always do in all communities. It’s also not unusual to request the home seller to enhance curtains, blinds. flooring and more, all within reason and in direct relation to goal sale price of home.

“The #1 most important thing a seller can do to sell their home faster and for more money is to create the most visually appealing product possible,” said Chaisson.  This is marketing #101, “This will allow the home to stand out.”  The better, the product appears, the faster it moves and the more it sells for! “

 Trends are also changing.

 “One of the biggest new trends in staging is 'virtual staging' where a home buyer searching the internet can see the home empty and on the next image of the same room, the home has been staged, virtually,” said Chaisson.

He said, virtual staging is an interesting concept and a useful tool for home sellers who simply can’t afford to properly stage the home. However, virtual staging does not qualify as a substitute for staging.

 “Most importantly because the sale of a home happens when the home buyer sees the home and is actually in the home,” explained Chaisson.

“I think one of the other trends I am seeing from more home sellers is the understanding of the value of home staging and the creatively talented home sellers are taking staging to the next level and doing more than furniture, art and painting. They’re also changing cabinets and countertops, for example, to maximize the profit on the home.” I am seeing some Scottsdale home buyers making over a quarter million dollars and more by taking home staging to the next level.

“It’s been well documented that doing certain home decor improvements can have a substantial improvement on price,” added Chaisson.

“However, I strongly caution. Home sellers alone should not make the creative decisions. Always call an experienced professional before doing any of these improvements.”

There is no one formula that works ideally for every home. Recently, Chaisson sold a home another agent was not able to sell. By doing additional home staging enhancing the look of the home and strategic painting, the home sold in 45 days for an additional $50,000.

“Staged homes absolutely sell faster and for more money than equally un-staged homes,” said Chaisson. Statistics are well documented. “According to a survey from The National Association of Realtors, almost 30% of buyer's agent indicated staged homes sold for between 5% and 20% over equally non-staged homes. In my experience, properly, well-staged homes typically sell for between 4% and 10% over equally non-staged homes depending on the price point. In addition, according to the survey by the NAR, almost 40% of seller’s agents surveyed said staging a home greatly decreases time on the market.”

“For example, given two equal homes, both priced similarly with one staged and the other not staged, the staged home 95% of the time sells for a higher dollar amount and in a shorter time,” Chaisson added. 

The cost of home staging usually depends on the number of rooms staged and to what degree the home will be staged. Some home buyers will elect to only do staging in the living room and master bedroom with light staging in the rest of the home but will not do any painting or freshening up.

“Staging in Scottsdale for a small townhome at 1,400 square feet, starts at about $1,200,” said Chaisson. “The stager will provide all of the items and home sellers are not required to buy any furniture. On occasion, if the sellers or seller’s agent feels something is necessary outside the scope of the stager than they will likely charge an additional fee. Some home stagers will also offer color consultations for a fee and even design tips on lighting fixtures or design sources may be employed.”

As far as things you can do yourself, Chaisson says especially in Scottsdale, less is more and the old rule of de-cluttering is as apparent today as when home selling began. It’s also important to have the home look fresh, clean and bright.

“For example, clean the windows, clean tile grout, carpets, leave the curtains open, when showing, open the blinds, turn on the lights, bright homes sell” said Chaisson. “If you are handy with a brush, a new fresh color of a light neutral color can add thousands to the value of a home.” Keep the front of the home clean, racked and trees trimmed.

Case study #2,

Chaisson gives an example of a former client who was insistent on keeping old furniture and was not open to painting any rooms in the house. Five Realtors later, Chaisson persuaded the client into making a few changes. The seller spent $3,500 painting the interior and did proper staging and the home sold for $65,000 more within 60 days.

“There are certain items you need a professional for that are relatively inexpensive but can add thousands to the resale value,” said Chaisson.

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