Over 1,500 grocery clerks, car mechanics, fitness trainers, unemployed persons, cooks and just lots of friendly people take the online course to get their real estate license each month and many, many more with licenses with little true knowledge and detailed experience . Is this the person you want negotiating and advising for you??? In other words, is your real estate agent, The Best Realtor in Phoenix? Think about it. Of course, he/she is really nice and responsive whenever you call. That's great! BUT, are you getting the very BEST information about buying a home in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Paradise Valley? Is your real estate agent an experienced, honest, professional with YEARS of real estate experience? .... allowing them to provide you with excellent real estate counsel. The one you chose will be handling contract negotiations, on one of the most expensive investments of your lifetime?

Did you hire your agent because they just seem like a good match for your personality or because they are a highly qualified Phoenix/Scottsdale Realtor?
True Scottsdale Real Estate Story #1 I have a client who just made an offer on a home
that was sold just three years ago. Since the home was purchased by the current owner the real estate market in the community the home is in, has gone UP approximately  11.3%. The home was improved by the current owners. The current owners purchased the home for 3.2 million dollars, after nearly a year on the market the home is (as of this writing) listed for 2.7 million.

So, even though the current owners improved the property and the market has gone up, they have already lost almost $600,000 with ask price and commissions... and in the end
these very nice sellers will likely lose close to $800,000!! Do you think a better Real estate agent would have either warned them they were buying a home way over value??..OR maybe their real estate agent, as professional sounding as he/she was simply did
not know how to calculate value in a truly educated manner. I see this ALL the time.
True Phoenix real estate story #2 The other day, I followed up with a home buyer I had spoken to previously about buying a home. I called just to see how she was doing. She excitedly told me, " she just bought a home". After I congratulated her, I asked her why she hadn't called me, and she replied, "oh this other agent was always calling me and sending me listings."  Long story short, I looked up the property she purchased and saw that, "she paid a very high number" for the home based on the sale comps. The real estate agent the buyer used was a retired school teacher, who had recently completed real estate school. 
Now, I love school teachers and I have the HIGHEST regard for the profession. I also have a high respect for nurses and doctors and a great auto mechanic but I don't want any of those professions learning real estate on the job with any of my friends or family members!  Experience matters. This real estate agent likely cost the home buyer over $25,000.00
True Scottsdale real estate story #3
A real estate investor recently visited my colleague's open house. The investor came in with his real estate agent and was considering buying the home as an investment (the agent was with the investor, with a mere two months experience, very confidently started showing the investor sales sheets that showed the house as a "good investment". My colleague, a truly experienced, professional, Scottsdale Realtor politely let the inexperienced agent share the less than accurate data. It would have been a violation for the experienced agent to interject. Could this investor lose hundreds of thousands on this new agents advice?  What do you think?  Experience and Integrity matter.
True Scottsdale Real estate story #4
One of the most personable, engaging Realtors I have ever met asked me to look at how she had priced a home for a seller in Paradise Valley Az. I looked at all of the details of the home, the sales in the neighborhood and a number of variables that affect the value of the home on the plus and minus side and shared with her. After a very careful analysis of the home, I found that she had priced the home about $700,000 OVER market. She screeched in despair!!!
But wait, she said, "I also had one of the top producers (agents) in Paradise Valley look it over" and he helped me come up with the listing number". The fact was, the Top Real estate agent she consulted with, was selling LOTS of homes and was doing great "selling"!  He previously owned his own company and was the lead salesperson and he is also a very  charismatic, engaging person.  This engaging Real estate agent 'sounds great' when he speaks ...and if you didn't know better, you would think he was sharing real estate gospel. The only issue was, he has a great delivery but at the time had limited factual knowledge. 
So, are you wondering how much the home sold for after over a year on the market and several price drops- after two inexperienced agents came up with a number? The sellers of the Paradise Valley home eventually dropped the price $600,000!!! and after over 7 months still couldn't sell the home so they took it off the market. How do you think that seller felt paying to maintain the pool, paying the taxes, the landscape, etc. on an empty home because the list price was less than accurate?  Experience and integrity matter.
True Paradise Valley Real Estate story #5
I was at the bar of a very nice restaurant the other day in Paradise Valley and as usual, I end up meeting some really very nice people and coincidentally they live close by and we start talking about social things and life and they tell me they are looking to buy a smaller home in Paradise Valley. They want to sell their big home in Paradise Valley and buy a smaller home in Paradise Valley "without a pool and less maintenance". We all have a "kumbaya moment" agreeing a 7,000 square foot home on an acre is a big home for two people. So I ask, "who are you working with" and they gleefully shared, "a friend of ours is working in real estate."  I asked them what area did their agent specialize in and they replied that they had no idea!.. "Interesting" I thought.  Experience and integrity matter.
True Scottsdale Real Estate story #6
I have dozens of such stories. How about the true story about the real estate agent, who was not going to tell her clients (who loved her like a daughter and thought she felt the same way about them) that the house they were in the process of buying had a major repair issue because she was afraid they would cancel and she wouldn't get a much-desired check!? 
Experience and integrity matter.
I have seen it all. 
Hire an experienced, honest, real estate professional. If you meet a really nice real estate agent you love or really like who does not have at least 5 years of experience than, take them on family outings, take him/her to lunch, name your favorite pet after them... but hire an experienced, honest Realtor to represent you in the business of buying or selling a home. I would like to apply for the job of your Realtor, please call me to discuss professional representation in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix.
Warning sign your Real estate agent may not be the very best real estate agent.
1. You ask how long it might take them to find you a good fit in a home and they say "a few days to a month" .
Noting* Typically finding a great home takes several weeks to several months. Yes.. sometimes that perfect home shows up in first few days but in fifteen years I have only seen that twice.
2. You asked how long they have been a real estate agent and they answer "Oh I just got my license and already sold two homes"  Or I have been licensed for 6 years or less..
Noting* It takes several years to experience and learn only half the ends and outs of homes and how to find and negotiate the best one.
3. You're on your forth week of looking and your agent starts to get impatient and asking you , If you are serious about finding a home'
Noting* It should be any real estate honor to make sure they take the time to work with you to find you and yours the very best home.
4. You are ready to make an offer on a home and he/she really suggest a number close to the asking price when you are hoping to negotiate a little more.
Noting* It is very rare that I am not able to negotiate the sales price down SUBSTANTIALLY from ask.  There are times when near ask is the best response... but it is rare.
5. During the inspection period, there are repair items that are a real concern to you and he/she explains that is not important really and seller probably won't fix that or your agent has so little knowledge of homes that they are not sure how to address the issue with confidence.
Noting* Although real estate agent are not expected to be home inspectors. Every real estate should have a very strong understanding of residential construction... and always
support and viable repair /replacement request
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