Lately I have been seeing more and more issues for the Scottsdale and Paradise Luxury home buyer to be aware of. As a Realtor specializing in high value Luxury Homes in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, I work with many high profile individuals. Very successful men and women who through excellence in their business or profession have created substantial success.

So lately in addition to helping these professionals find and negotiate the best price on a Paradise Valley or Scottsdale home for sale;  I am also finding myself sharing a lot of tips on "saving money" on everything from home insurance to landscaping. What I find is that with high net worth home buyers EVERYONE from their friendly insurance guy to the painter offering quotes is charging a substantial PREMIUM to do provide the service or home services. For Example today , a client of mine was getting a quote for home insurance from his long time insurance carrier.. nice fella  .. been doing business with my clients for years on all their luxury homes. So quite the comfortable arrangement. As a courtesy to my client I just suggested , why not just in case get a quote from another AAA plus rated company for comparison. The quote came back and the savings on just one of his homes was $7,000.00 per year. My clients who are one of the nicest couples you will ever meet were very happy! This is just one example of the surcharges I see for buyers of Homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Az. I see surcharges on almost all 'contracting items' as well.  Laying tile or painting a wall has the relatively same level of difficulty whether a vendor is doing tile for a home in a gated community in North Scottsdale  or a Phoenix home, as a matter of fact, because of quality of the luxury homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley,  it is likely easier, yet when one receives a quote from the same painter for work on a home listed for sale in Paradise Valley Az  VS  one in west Phoenix,  you might find entirely different numbers for the same scope and quality of work. Another interesting pricing phenomenon is... I have also found the "friend of friend discount" typically comes with a 20% surcharge; over the years I have come to assume, the 20% surcharge, is because if they're a friend... or a friend of a friend,  than naturally you will want to pay them a little more.  How I came to notice these various pricing differences... is as a Scottsdale-Paradise Valley Realtor hearing quotes for various things hundreds of times a year, you tend to start noticing the issues mentioned above. Only sharing these observations for your discernment from my Scottsdale "home buying tips" file.

My goal is always to be of service to my clients and those interested in buying a home in this amazing city. The more you know, the better you are able to make decisions to improve your quality of life. 


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