The Top 35 TIPS for Selling a Home in Paradise Valley - Scottsdale or Arcadia.... and yes.. I include, How to do it.

First, Let's Consider, what may have motivated you to read this Real Estate article. If you have... or had a home for sale in Paradise Valley and it didn't Sell...   There are a few reasons that may be slowing it's sale.  Therefore, Let's get your home sold!! The answer to selling your home soon is in the tips that Follow.  Read carefully, even one of these could be blocking the sale.

Selling a Home is Paradise Valley - Pricing

1. You hinted, what price you wanted to your home for to your Real Estate agent and they, with a bit of back and forth discussion agreed... Or the agent may have even suggested a higher price.  Why would you hire a Real Estate Agent and pay a commission for their expertise. If you alluded to, hinted at, or suggested, how they should do their job, including how to price your home for sale? This is called “buying a listing".  The agent accepts your inflated price or proposes a higher price, knowing that at a later point when your home hasn’t sold, they’ll simply recommend a price reduction, due to your home not selling. You should be able to trust the Agent you hire. knowing that they’re advising you honestly and not keeping any dirty secrets in hopes that it benefits themselves. Chasing in the market in Paradise Valley routinely results in a lower ultimate selling price.

Understanding the Steps and Tips in the Sales Process

2. You weren’t educated about the home selling process.  Who likes surprises? Unless it’s a surprise birthday party and even then, plenty of us don’t like even birthday surprises. So you certainly aren’t going to like surprises when selling a home. Knowing what to expect during the entire home selling process is priceless in maintaining your sanity. You should be well aware of the home selling process so you can anticipate as you go along. Surprises are often unsettling and are best to be avoided.  Your Real Estate Agent needs to advise you of this process. BTW.. that would be the job I am applying for and sharing the top 35 tips for selling a home in Paradise Valley.

Home Presentation is more than just important - It is Key

3. Every article you read of mine, referring to -"selling a home",  you will read, "presentation " is how you achieve the HIGHEST sale price and how to sell a home in the shortest time. If your hasn't sold, You may not have fully prepared your home to sell – Making the necessary preparations that include such things as Landscape enhancement, Painting, de-cluttering, repairs and staging.

4. You took shortcuts in making home repairs – Now that you’ve decided to sell your home doesn’t mean that it's time to cut corners. In fact now is the time to make any repairs than professional home repairs or incomplete repairs will be visible to Buyers and their inspectors. Don’t give Buyers the opportunity to request a price reduction. Better to make any repairs in advance, rather than wait for Buyer to request those repairs at a higher cost

Timelines - Don't be Late for that Date

5. Issue - deadlines/time frames were not adhered to. – In contract and prior to contract
acceptance paperwork is always required by certain date(s) time. It is essential, in almost all cases - it is completed in a timely manner . Let me explain why. Buyers are sensitive like you and me. Buying a home is a highly emotional experience.. Let's just say, all parties are highly sensitized. So consider this, have you very been late picking up a date for very important engagement or your wife/husband for their awards dinner. Ok..then, it's kinda like that. Therefore, keeping to timelines; the transaction stays together and it progresses far more smoothly. In addition,  not adhering to/performing according to the contract for a home sale can cause either buyer or seller to be in breach of contract with endless serious legal ramifications. And still... of paramount importance is "consideration".  It is not unheard for a buyer to cancel a sale if they feel they are not being respected. And for seller to not give in on a negotiated issue, that they normally would have, had they just been approached in a different manner.

FOUR Million Dollar Home Sale!!!  Yay !!... OR  That is "inconvenient"  so NO !

6. Ooh the good life - and Ooooh... this is such a good selling tip...The, "you don’t want to be inconvenienced tip".
It is true, selling a home is not usually fun.  I make it as enjoyable as possible for my
clients with lots of support and a complete review of sales steps. However, even with excellent preparation and support, it can be challenging. Especially having to be prepared for Home Buyers coming through your home every day.  All requesting, different times of the day, to say nothing of the fact... ALL of these buyers are extremely successful, whether pro athletes or Fortune 500 executives.  So keeping your home  “show ready” for those accustomed to the finest is important albeit not usually "fun" unless, you are one of those, who LOVES cleaning and sings while you do so.  Furthermore, home buyers can sometimes be late or cancel... and yet you still have to be available for questions.

Bottom line is, selling a home can be a challenge, I so, so sympathize. The good news is... the quicker you get it ready, the sooner you will sell your home at a record breaking price and can uncork the champagne.  Afterwards, you don’t have to worry about leaving your bed unmade. Go ahead, leave it, maybe even get a little crazy and leave a dish or two in the sink... as nobody will see it, unless of course, your spouse is a OCD clean and arrives home from work before you do! Yikes !.. then haha.. maybe you need to make expensive dinner plans.

Top 35 TIPS for Selling a Home in Paradise Valley - Demonstrated

Of the top 35 tips for Selling a Home in Paradise Valley tips I share. I have truly seen the consequences of the seller not doing one or more these tips play out to the tune of significant financial loses in every case. Usually I see it unfold with other agents but I did have one personal example to share... Without going into too great a detail, I had a client who said, "they had to sell their 4 million dollar home quickly". Essentially I said great!, AND "If you do follow these two simple tips, I can get you that number within 30 days plus $500,000.00".  Now... For those who have been following along, I am going to give you ONE guess what they said, to the 'tips to earn an extra $500,000.00'... and Bingo!. .. You guessed it. They said..." Oh,  but that would be inconvenient".  And I promise you, it was a minor inconvenience ... I tried with all my heart to help them.. In any case, their decision to NOT be slightly inconvenienced cost them approximately $500,000.00 USD on the home s.. After sale they, thanked me whole heartily for doing an incredible job... and recognized their error.
Moral of the story.. is, ' the decision is always yours". A great Realtor will always provide excellent counsel but after doing so, him/her will respect the clients wishes, regardless of his/her opinion of outcome.

Home Presentation Tip - Better be better than a Box of Chocolate

8. Your home wasn’t presented well – A home’s presentation will always be key. This begins from how well you prepare your home, how well your Real Estate Agent photographs and videos your home and how well your home was blasted across the internet. When this isn’t covered well you can expect a longer than expected time frame to sell your home along with a lower selling price. It’s that simple. Noting. ** At Launch, It is a certainty for my clients receive worldwide exposure by one of the most respected Realtors in Scottsdale , Paradise Valley and Arcadia and the most honored brands in Luxury Real Estate.

9. Your home wasn’t seen by Buyers– Buyers search for their perfect home to buy over the internet, in fact, over 90% do! If your home isn’t picked up by a Buyer’s radar, your chances for a quick sale are severely diminished. You must get your home seen and your Real Estate Agent should be well equipped to do just that.

10.Your Real Estate Agent didn’t communicate well with you– Your Real Estate Agent was a charmer during the “list discussion and signing of your home ” and then once you liked him/her and hired them to sell your home, you were lucky if they returned your call by the next day. Check your Real Estate Listing Agreement and nicely let them go if they’re not communicating with you or doing everything that was promised. I hear about this all the time. Selling a home is often a marathon not a sprint.. its 36 holes not nine. The agent has to be as hardworking on day 1 as he/she is day 90.

11.  Should you stay or should you go ? It is a good idea to leave your home for showings – Staying around for home showings sets you up to be quizzed by Buyers and their Real Estate Agents and does not allow the buyers to truly be find their comfort zone in the home. Along those lines; In the luxury market , sellers often insist their agents be there for showings. I can promise you.. I cannot think of a single instance in years of selling luxury real estate when having the listing agent do more than open the door has been an advantage to sellers. Your listing agent is often trying to solicit the buyers agents clients and /or walking them around the house, giving a tour to brilliant buyers and explaining "that is a Sub Zero" is really uncomfortable for intelligent luxury buyers. A good agent should open the door.. offer any highlights of home that is not already listed in the marketing remarks on the MLS sheet and excuse themselves,... so buyers can look at home in comfort at their own pace. Oddly enough.. sellers often want their agent there to answer questions.. I can tell you from experience 90% of the time a buyer client of mine has asked a question from example how many A/C there were?  or where the lot line was?  the listing agent was not able to even answer that simple question. And recently, a client had forgotten the year I told them the home was built and they asked the sellers agent.. and they didn't know.
* If sellers only knew..
If It didn't Sell.. here are a few issues to consider..what happened?

12. Ahhh Negotiations... Your Real Estate Agent didn’t know how to negotiate – Real Estate involves the ability to negotiate as you have Buyers wanting to get a deal of a lifetime and you, want a huge profit from the sale of your home. The only way for you see maximum return is to have an Agent that is competent in negotiations. This one is huge ... and unfortunately many sellers have no idea how bad their agents are at negotiating and/or making a deal come together. If they could hear their agent on the phone with buyers agent many would be shocked! Right now the market is so hot even some of the least competent agents are able to close a transactions but if you want top dollar just making it to the finish line is not a prize event.

13. Let us in on that little repair issue..The more we know about your home the better we can advise you.

14. Contract Issues- Your Real Estate Agent is not gifted with Real Estate Contracts, clauses, options based on different purchase - selling scenarios – Understanding terms, conditions, timelines and creating protecting language and clause options for Real Estate purchase contract are critical in order to guide you. Being inexperienced or not talented at this, can land you in a heap of trouble. Do not confuse this with providing legal advice as only a Real Estate Attorney can do this. To be good at these and effectively represent you takes years and years of experience
and yes talent.

15. You like to WIN – Selling a home isn’t an all out, beat down the other party event. It’s more about playing hard but fair and nice. There is strength in both those.

16. You hired a “yes maam/sir” Real Estate Agent – You should expect direction and expertise from your Real Estate Agent. An Agent agreeing with everything you say isn’t showing you any value. Now is not the time to have a “yes maam/sir” on your side. Sure you need someone fighting for you but it must come with Real Estate expertise to guide you, otherwise, why do you need them?! A good Realtor in Scottsdale, Phoenix , Paradise Valley is an "advisor" essentially.

17. You didn’t declutter your home– Decluttering a home means to remove the excess, the overflowing and the things that take away from the beautiful bones of your home. This means bare Kitchen and Bathroom counter tops. In the Kitchen we could see a Coffee or Tea pot. If you’re a morning toast person, you can keep the Toaster out, otherwise hide it away.  In your Bathrooms, remove all toiletries and keep out only a few decorative items. Overstuffed closets is a no-no too.  Pack and put in storage if you have to, in order to free up space in your home. No Buyer wants to see a home that’s stuffed to the brim, as it clearly screams that it wouldn’t accommodate their belongings.

18. You didn't do what ??!!!  You didn’t stage your home ?? – This alone is tied for #1 most important thing to do
and is a book in itself. Call me and we can discuss how to add extra $$$$ to you bottom line.

19. Your home wasn’t priced right– This is usually the #1 mistake made in selling a home. The price was wrong. Price your home right and you’ll find Buyers lining up at the front door to get in to see your home.  Noting a wise sage once said.. "There is NO amount of marketing that will sell an over-priced home" Either presentation goes up or price must go down"

20. This is favorite of mine ... You listened to your neighbors, friends and family about how you should price, sell, stage , prep your home for sale – Would you visit the same neighbor to consult on your heart palpitations? You may even have to visit a Cardiologist for stress after listening to your neighbors, friends and family about how to pricing your home for sale. Instead seek the advice of a trusted Real Estate professional, always.

21 and 21A.    Sight and Scent.. You didn’t keep your home clean, neat and smelling wonderful – It’s time to bring out the neat and clean freak in you- when selling a home.  Keeping your home neat, orderly and smelling nice speaks volumes to Buyers as they wander through your home.  It tells them that you care for your home and a
'well cared"  for home brings in top dollars from Buyers. Adding the sense of smell with vanilla or another calming scent is always a nice addition.  Have a pet..make 100% sure there is zero odor..

22.Important, keep your home light and bright–Home buyers in Scottsdale, Paradise Valle and Arcadia LOVE Light and bright! It makes everything look so much better. Blinds drawn, lights not turned on and light bulbs burnt out do not elicit welcoming thoughts and may even cause concern for home buyers about electrical issues. Also... those energy saving 50% darkening tints on the windows that never get much direct sunlight.. They are saving you $2.00  a month but will cost you thousands when selling your home in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley.
I inherited a listing recently when another agent kept asking for price drops.  When I took the listing, I insisted the darkening material be taken off all the non essential windows.. I requested a few other minor modifications which were done .. and then we put the home back on the market for $50,000 MORE and sold it in 15 days !

23. The ever famous... de-personalize..You didn’t remove the “You” from your home – Seeing “You” when Buyers walk into your home make it difficult for them to see themselves living in your home. It’s a gift to be able to see beyond the “You” and most Buyers do not possess that gift.  Make it easy for buyers to see themselves enjoying the home you're interested in selling and keep the personal photos to 1% that way , you will always know you are in the right house and buyers will too.

24.Your Real Estate Agent didn’t take high quality Photos of your home– Dark lit photos, toilet lids up, pets running through the photo, you in the photo are the extreme examples of bad photos but in the Paradise Valley -Scottsdale Market "bad photos"  can be extremely well produced photographs but that do NOT make the home look stunning. Contrary to what you may think "buyers first use photos to eliminate homes" Less than stunning photos dampen buyer interest and they are on to the next... They’ll skip over your home and keep hunting for the home with the most "appealing look" and that's the home they will buy....that's why I have a team of not just photographers but color coordinators, retouchers and videographers who are extremely talented on my team.

25.Look and Compare.. does/did your home look as nice as it could be.. does your neighbors home for sale look way better in pictures.. shouldn't yours? Even without you asking, your Real Estate Agent should show you the finished product of your home’s online presentation. So many of the photos that I come across when I’m searching for homes for sale for my Buyers in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Arcadia, are inferior.. and I truly feel bad for the sellers because they have no idea of how poorly their home looks vs.. what it could look look, otherwise, I'd hope they would let their less than ideal Agent go.  Your home should look so good that you almost second guess your decision to sell, as you’ll want to buy your home all over again.

26. You were stubborn – stubborn and difficult, which can be a trait that comes up when selling..however, when you’re selling your home it cannot be about your way or the highway. Your Realtor if truly talented is giving you great advise.. Agreement will be the manner in which great results can be achieved. Give a little, take a little... Or .. you can be stubborn and let it cost you sooooooo much income which could be used for all sorts of fun things.

27.. Did the home DFT ? (Deal fall through ) Is it possible your agent didn’t make sure prospective Buyers were well qualified financially to buy your home – When considering a Buyer’s offer to purchase your home, you’ll want to scrutinize their financing qualifications, if financing. Ensure that their credit, income and assets have been reviewed. Ask your Real Estate Agent, as they should be making sure this occurs with each Buyer’s offer. This is not done enough.

28. Speaking of personal....You didn’t neutralize those bold, bright colors in your home – Some may love bright and bold colors, however the masses are attracted to neutrals and whites, knowing they can add their own pizazz, if desired.  Finding Buyers who have the exact same bold tastes as you will be very limited. Why would you ever want to limit the number of Buyers drawn to your home???  Don’t.  I have had buyers say,  well Michael " I like it " , again please remember, once you put the home on the market to be "sold" it is a a "consumer product" a very expensive one at that.... Do you see Mercedes Benz printing brochures with pink interiors??.. No... and that very successful automotive giant pays marketing experts millions to make sure they don't. Listen to the experts, don't let that bold color ( you will never see again)  cost you thousands.

29.  You thought the correct selling price for your home was as per Z estimate– Oh, the age old Z - estimate. If I had a dollar for every time someone referenced what Z (or other computer generated opinions)  says about prices, I’d be along side the riches of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  computers will never replace the skilled Real Estate Agent who knows how to price homes. It involves so much more than a computer program to get it right. Please remember, These computer programs have never been to your home... and they all use the Maricopa county tax assessors records to determine their guesstimates. Look at it for fun, like any other game of chance,  it's going to be close sometimes.

30. No sale? possibility 30 . maybe you didn’t trust your Real Estate Agent – Never can you have a solid relationship without trust. You must have complete trust and faith in your Real Estate Agent, if you’re going to have any kind of success in getting your home sold. And please beware of the well intentioned neighbor .. As mentioned earlier, I make it a practice to only get medical advice from a real doctor.. same with Real estate ..get it from an experienced professional .. and not your neighbors wife who lives in the neighborhood and just got her real estate license. You can ...and very likely .. I have seen this a lot... for some odd reason, she will 100% speak with authority.

31. Keep it tidy.. You forgot to clean up the dishes in the Kitchen before you left for work – Can’t do it. Selling a home involves a bit more work in keeping your home neat.  If it involves having to get up 10 minutes early each day in order to allow extra time to care for your breakfast dishes before leaving for work, then you have to get up earlier. The one day you leave the dishes in the sink will be the day that 3 Buyers will want to visit your home.  A messy home can signal to a Buyer that you don’t care about your home, which results in no offer or a reduced offering price as they anticipate possible underlying issues. Is there an exception?? yes ! Often times buyers that have flown in to look at homes in Scottsdale , Arcadia or Paradise Valley will add a home to a list at the last minute and need to see it before they fly out.. in those cases, rather than lose a showing or a sale.. even if dishes are in sink .. let the buyers agent know you had a group of A - list celebrities over at the house.. and just didn't have time to clean or??

32. Get started-  have a plan for moving – From the moment you decide it’s time to move and sell your home, you must have a well thought out plan so you know what to do after each step has been completed; from the home preparation to the last box packed. You must be moved out of your home by the day of closing...The tip, I give a lot of sellers,  sometimes to their surprise is, early on; when prepping the home.. de-clutter get a dumpster.. yep when you de-clutter often times you will find the old furniture is not worth moving and neither is the volumes of stuff you haven't seen in years.. unless your great grandmother gave it to you... save yourself thousands moving it to another home so it can be hidden for another 20 years.  Get a dumpster and have fun..

33.  You didn’t have a family discussion with the children about your move – It's a family affair. Discuss the move with them and involve them in the planning and preparation make it fun!  Will they LOVE keeping their room clean.. of course!.... okay, maybe not.. just smile through it.

34. You didn’t think positively – “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will” – Zig Ziglar. Think positively,  approach the process with enthusiasm and watch the reward.. As mentioned earlier, there will be some sadness when selling a home.. your home has been like family to you, so yes even though it is timber and tile it is still going to be a little sad saying go bye. It's a common feeling.

35.  You were too emotionally attached to selling your home– Deciding to sell a home can certainly be emotionally charged.  Your home is packed full of memories; memories that last a lifetime, I understand.  However, once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, you must set aside your emotions. If not, you’ll be making decisions based upon your emotions instead of tried and tested home selling methods. Emotional decision making always steers you in the wrong direction resulting in you not selling your home or selling it for less money in the end.

Bonus tip- What else could have happened.. You didn’t hire a Real Estate Agent who loves to sell homes – This is one of the best ways to avoid those 35 home selling mistakes.  When you hire a Real Estate Agent who loves what they’ll do, they’ll find great satisfaction in making the home selling process a great experience for you and they know how to avoid common mistakes. Ask your Agent how they feel about selling homes.

**Your Real Estate Agent has no Social Media presence – Having a social media presence here in 2020 and the years ahead  is 1% bonus .. Google me and you'll see, I get it.

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Now that’s quite a list, isn’t it?! In my years of selling homes as respected Realtor in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Arcadia and Phoenix,  I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve seen such mistakes being made when they could have been completely avoided.  And honestly it's sad..because again often times sellers have no idea what they are missing. So please call me to learn more.. I would love to help , sincerely...Now you know what mistakes to avoid in order to have a happier, peaceful and more fruitful home sale due to lessons learned or avoided altogether due to reviewing these 35 issues.  Use this list to guide you in avoiding these home selling mistakes that are stopping you from selling your home.  There’s no excuse for next time as you can print this, save it to your computer, pin it to your home selling board  or even print it to put it on your refrigerator. Remember, however, if you put it on your refrigerator be sure to remove it before you sell your home, as a clean refrigerator with nothing pasted all over it, is also a must when it’s time to sell!

The inspiration for this article was a great agent in Florida.. if moving to Florida, please call me for her contact