Buying a home is usually an educational and evolving process. Finding a Scottsdale home for sale involves research into real estate values, home design, financing, neighborhoods and surrounding communities, to make sure all elements are a perfect fit for you. 

If you are considering buying a home in Scottsdale while out of the state or out of the country. Since dream homes can sometimes be as hard to find as Snowflake in summer, you might be tempted to make an offer on a Scottsdale home for sale before even seeing the property. Most home buyers are motivated by the desire to secure the real estate before another buyer makes a buying decision, this was especially the case in 2021 and 2022. 

Buying a Scottsdale home for sale without seeing it first, is risky. Primarily due to the fact, It’s truly hard to determine through photos and a written description whether it’s the perfect home for you. And yet,  a number of home-buyers do take the risk. A July 2023 survey found, of 2,000 out of state home-buyers, over 35%, put in an offer on a home of at least $800,000 - sight unseen. 

Most Realtors recommend not making an offer sight unseen unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you do make an offer without seeing the property my office, recommends, ' proceed with caution and write in the contract ample exit options", so you don’t end up with buyer remorse. 


Work with us, as a trusted agent

When making an offer on a Scottsdale home for sale without being able to see it in person, I hope you will choose to consult with myself and my team.  I live by a standard of honesty and integrity, qualities that are of paramount importance in any real estate transaction but especially when you are looking for a home in Arizona, from out of state.  You want an agent who will be honest and upfront with you... and truly be your advocate. Noting, Technology is a valuable tool. I will use FaceTime and/or record videos to show you any Paradise Valley or Scottsdale homes for sale.  Those are only two of the many tools I employ to assist you in making a decision, prior to flying out or considering an offer. 

Only buy sight unseen only if it’s your only option  

It’s always a good idea to see a Scottsdale home for sale in person. Otherwise, as noted above, it could lead to a number of issues down-the-road. If it is simply not feasible for you or your partner to see the home, you may consider sending another family member. However there is no substitute for a personal viewing by you. 

Don’t take photos at face value

If you see photos of a Scottsdale home for sale, don’t always take them at face value. If there’s anything the homeowner doesn’t want you to see, it can easily be covered up in photos. That’s why it’s important to do FaceTime or video so you can see what a home looks like without any touch-ups.

Include contingencies in the contract

*If you do want to make an offer on a Scottsdale home for sale sight unseen, we will include contingencies that protect you.  In the event of unexpected issues you are protected and can cancel the contract... 

Make sure you get an inspection... or five. 

*After you make an offer on a home through my team, we will make sure to assist in scheduling a number of vigorous inspections. In this way you’ll know if any repairs need to be made to the home (there always are) and we will review each item to determine,; whether you’ll ask the seller to take care of them or if at the right price is right you would be willing to do them yourself or hire a licensed contractor of your choosing.

*If you make an offer sight unseen, see the property as soon as possible after contract acceptance. At least see it while there’s still time to consider the option to proceed to close or cancel. There is so much more but... those we can discuss in person or over the phone. 

My goal is to be of service to you. I say it often but it cannot be said enough, "in real estate, there is a difference in Real estate professionals.” For more tips on a 'best home buy" Please call me now at 480-450-4632.

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