It's no secret that homes for sale in Scottsdale and Phoenix are typically less than half the price of comparable homes in almost any city in California... but there are 8 more important reasons why living in Scottsdale and /or Phoenix is superior to living in any part of California....I wrote the letter below to a very nice gentleman who has joined this site who is considering Scottsdale as a place to buy a home.

"I moved from California myself about 14 years ago.. here is my top 8 reasons to move to either Scottsdale, Phoenix or Paradise Valley from California. 
1 Low Taxes.. property taxes are typically less than 1% of a homes value.
2. Cost of living is half..including gas is approx. 20% less here in Scottsdale
3. It is FUN to live here!  The lifestyle is vibrant and energetic for people ages 20 to 90
or if you want to be secluded... there are beautiful homes for sale is Scottsdale literally 20 minutes away from the center of the city on quiet dirt roads.
4. It's only 1.15 hours to the beach via Southwest Airlines... and Phoenix may someday be beachfront property.
Beaches can be reached by car to beautiful resort beaches in Mexico.... Essentially the same amount of time it take to get to Malibu Beach from most places in Los Angeles.
5. People are SUPER friendly in Scottsdale and Phoenix.. it's because most of the people who live here moved from states where you wave to everyone who drives by.
6. Winters are beautiful  summers are warm...but not humid and great for those people wanting to save on paying for a tanning booth.
7. The traffic is 80% less intense than in the large metropolitan cities in California especially Los Angeles.
8. Waiters in Scottsdale are waiters ... and/or students doing great jobs as waiters... not actors (as in Los Angeles) annoyed by your food order because they are really are supposed to be preparing for a acting scene. Sorry inside joke .. I am originally from Beverly Hills.
9. Scottsdale consistently ranks in the TOP TEN best places to live in the US ... and recently ranked in TOP TEN for Happiest cities in the US and By CNBC NEWS as having one of Top Ten Best Job markets in the entire US !!

If Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or Phoenix is your preferred home buying destinations... The most important person you can have in your corner is an honest, experienced and professional Realtor. There truly is a DIFFERENCE in real estate professionals. My 5 star reviews, numerous awards, and #1 Client ratings speak volumes. Please call me direct at 480-450-4632 to discuss your home buying goals.


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