There are several tips to winning in Real Estate negotiations. Especially now with current world events. Below are just a few simple tips to keep in mind while searching and before buying.

1. Know the market, look at as many homes and areas as you are comfortable viewing. (Compare)

2. Ask me questions, about the neighborhood and the sales in the immediate area. Are homes trending up or down and at what percentage (Data)

3. Make a list of the plus and minus of any home you are considering. Let's discuss how those factors effects market value. Use the minus feature to get substantial savings.  (Negotiate)

4. If you are interested in home you are viewing in person, before exclaiming, "Eureka, Honey this is our dream home" ..make sure there are no hidden cameras. Yes, I had a client do this... and the seller did have hidden cameras.. It makes negotiation far more difficult.  (Reserve Interest)

5.  Never work with or speak with the agent who is representing the seller. For obvious reasons. No matter how big their smile on the sign.  (Quality Representation)

6. Be prepared but patient. The best comes to those that wait.   (Selective)

7. If financing, shop lenders a few days before you start searching in earnest. Please feel free to call me for a list of lenders all competing to earn your business.  (Preparedness)


"We have worked with the biggest name Realtors in the business and Michael Chaisson was by far the most committed, dedicated and talented Realtor we have ever worked with.”
 Rod & Karen
"He is patient, knowledgeable, personable at the risk of sounding redundant, the hardest and most honest Realtor we’ve ever met.” Carol & Harry   
"We can’t thank you enough for the incredible job you did in getting us our dream home, your patience and insight was a gift.”  Richard & Ann
"You far exceeded any of our expectations, absolutely the best Realtor we’ve ever worked with.” Christine & Rick  




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