Searching for homes for sale by zip code in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area is an extremely useful tool.


Let’s get right to it.  You can start your zip code home search on this web site. For example, if you are looking for homes for sale in Paradise Valley, the zip code for Paradise Valley homes is 85253. The 85253 zip code is as famous in Scottsdale as the 90210 Zip code is in Beverly Hills. 


Please note that although Paradise Valley is in a beautiful, highly desirable community, Paradise Valley has essentially 5 different sections; however, they are all in the same zip code. Portions of Paradise Valley are more lush, beautiful and potentially more desirable than others. 


For more information on homes for sale in Paradise Valley and specifics on the various sections of Paradise Valley, please call me, 480-450-4632. I specialize in Luxury Homes in Paradise Valley, Phoenix and in Scottsdale. 


Scottsdale is a city with an incredibly fun and vibrant lifestyle. Homes for sale in Scottsdale allow you the flexibility to enjoy whatever lifestyle you choose. For example, if you want a beautiful Scottsdale home with only the sound of chirping birds and total privacy, you can have it. Or do you prefer the “in town” lifestyle close to great restaurants, shopping galore and only a walking distance to a great gym? 


One of the nice things about Scottsdale is although it is technically a fairly large city it often feels like a homey community. A distinctive difference from Phoenix.  Let’s explore a bit of homes for sale in Scottsdale’s different zip codes. North Scottsdale Zip codes include, (see map at the bottom of this article) 85331, 85266, 85262, 85255, 85054. Two of the most popular zip codes for North Scottsdale are 85255 and 85262. 


Interested in Central Scottsdale? A popular zip code for homes for sale in Central Scottsdale is 85258. 


South Scottsdale is where it all began in the very popular “Old Town Scottsdale.” Don’t move here if you are shy. Everyone is friendly and they will say “hi.” Lots of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and minutes to the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. 



Interested in the Rockwellian community? It’s otherwise known as a VERY popular community in Phoenix called “Arcadia.” Arcadia is partially known for its charming ranch style homes but bring your checkbook. The charm of this Arcadia community comes at a price. Take a look at homes for sale in 85018. 


Feel like living in a beautiful community but not breaking the bank? Consider beautiful Gilbert, Arizona, 20 minutes from Scottsdale and truly a lovely community. Homes for sale in Gilbert can be found on the zip code search on this site in 85298 or 85297 and more. 


Another city that has some great values but not often mentioned is Litchfield Park. Homes for sale in Litchfield park can be found in zip code 85340. Chandler, Arizona is another awesome community in the Phoenix Metro area. Take a peak in 85249 and/or how about viewing Chandler homes for sale in 85286?  


Have you heard of Tempe, AZ? That is the home of Arizona State University (ASU). If you feel like dusting off your letterman jacket, you can look at homes for sale in Tempe in zip code 85284. 


There are so many interesting and diverse ways to search for a home in Phoenix. I am here to help you not just search but most importantly negotiate; provide counsel on multiple inspections and contract items; help with neighborhood value assessments, including values of homes based on location, site orientation, amenities, floor plans, lots, size, age; and review contract issues, escrow holdings and multiple other facets of the home purchase. 




I am an Award Winning Realtor because of my services. My clients range from top international celebrities, business executives and doctors to every home-buyer under the sun. One thing they have in common is, they have all given me 5-star reviews because I have humbly and honorably listened and served each of them as I will you.


Locals often refer to different portions of Phoenix as being in different parts of the valley. Below is an easy reference map.




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